Men vs Women: Reviews point to Social Empires comparison



Men vs Women is a battle of the sexes strategy social game that has many similarities to Social Empires and with a few reviews we aim to get a roundup on the shared opinions of this game.

In an article by Gamezebo, they mention that one of the downsides to this game is the fact that it is near enough the same as Social Empires (other than the modern setting). The good points included a good strategy with a satisfying feel to the progress made involving long sessions. Viewing this as a bit of an odd concept it is also a fun game that got a user rating of 5 stars and their rating of 4 stars are due to it not really being a new game.

BBGSite has also regarded the Facebook game as a weird concept with the somewhat strange idea especially when a group of women is seen to be shooting men and vice-versa. There are many actions to perform that include building a military base with houses, training grounds, weapons and much more. The social features are vast with everything from receiving and sending gifts to adding friends and boasting your talents. With an overall score of 5, there wasn’t a lot in the way of criticism here, mainly similarities in objectives to Social Empires.


Epinions felt that the battle for the sexes is fun for about an hour, which had some amusing gender stereotyping that some may see as annoyingly sexist. Fun was found in the trivia of figuring out which questions would confuse each gender along with typical comments on each side. Overall this got an over OK rating of three and half stars out of five, and although it was fun there was no reason to play a second time around.

Do you find the idea of Men vs Women adds an original fun style to a game? This seems like it could be a fun game for a group of friends to play pitting against their partners.