Countdown to Xbox 720: More rumors

When it comes to rumors and speculation regarding the countdown to the Xbox 720, any news no matter where it is from will be soaked up like a sponge. We have some news from a variety of sources that you may find interesting.

The new Microsoft addition will be without the brand and design leadership of Don Coyner as an article on CNET reports that Emma Williams, who helped guide the just-launched redesign of the Xbox Live interface, replaced the veteran Xbox design boss and two sources that work for Microsoft say Coyner is no longer leading the design. Microsoft declined to confirm or deny the organization changes stating that they do not comment on personnel issues. Coyner joined Microsoft from Nintendo in 1995 and worked with the Xbox team when the company began working on the video game console in 1999.

Tom’s GUIDE has more on the rumors surrounding the new Xbox being scheduled for a late 2013 release from a source within the Xbox team. Apparently the Windows 8-based Xbox console, 760 or the many other names touted was rumored to be expected before September of 2012 but they say that their source on the actual Xbox team has confirmed the 2013 timeframe although Microsoft prime has decline to comment.

Trusted Reviews has gone over what they expect to happen as they inform us on what we need to know about the 720. The 360 has just posted its best week of sales ever, selling just under 1 million units in the US alone, so it looks like the console is still getting a decent reception as it is coming up to 7 years old. This could mean that Microsoft may hold off on announcing its next console until 2013 or 2014 instead of the rumored launch at E3 next June.

The 720 will have more power probably using an AMD chip of some kind and more Kinect integration is expected although the controller will always still have the precision required. A Blu-ray or Flash drive could be included with the option to do away with discs and use Flash or Steam drives. It also seems likely that Windows 8 could have some integration on the Xbox 720.

What do you expect from the next Xbox console? A built in Kinect and backward compatibility with previous consoles could be just a minor expectation.

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    It would be more logical that it’s called Xbox 1080 instead of 720 as to not confuse people in thinking that it only displays in 720p resolution.  It will probably be more digital distribution friendly and they might even offer two skus.  One with an optical drive and one without.  I also really hope they put in an SSD as that will significantly help with loading and streaming performance. They should also include a large amount of memory, say 16gb, as it’s so cheap these days why not?  I’m sure developers could use it.  Then just throw in the fastest processor you can design and price it around $500 and I’ll buy two.  I just really hope they’ve go all out on the emulation for 360 titles and don’t repeat the 360’s mistakes there.