Norad Santa Tracker features Elf Toss: Update

We reported some details about Norad Santa Tracker the moment we entered December, which featured the first game going live for the Norad website, although 2011 has a lot more to offer mobile phone users.

Android and iOS are far reaching with millions of users, and while it wasn’t long ago when there weren’t any apps for Norad Santa Tracker, this year is very different. Both Android (found here) and iPhone/iPad users (on iTunes) can use the official NORAD Tracks Santa app, which includes a countdown to the tracker going live and a game to keep you occupied until that time.

The latest update for iOS devices (v 1.0.4) came last week, and this is needed for “accurate tracking” of Santa Claus on Christmas Eve. Now you can keep informed of where Santa is while you’re on the move, which is great for small children with an iPod touch as well.

Visionbox Inc is the company behind the apps development, and you can read a little about that company and some feedback from their technical director in this article. It’s a great project for the company and good exposure, considering 2010 saw over 15 million people visit the Santa tracking website.

Let us know what you think of the apps, and if you plan to use them when tracking Santa’s position?

Update: Santa Tracker has now gone live, which you can see for yourself here.