Day one GTA 5 release for iPad

It’s great news that Grand Theft Auto 3 has been released onto the iPad, and with it bringing a much better 3D game, although considering the age of this version, most of us want to see better support in the future and especially with the GTA 5 release.

We’ll have to give Rockstar a little credit considering GTA III first released over 10 years ago, and for a device like the iPad playing the game in such detail, well we just have to take our hat off to you Rockstar. The gameplay is pretty smooth and we played for well over 3 hours without any problems on an iPad 2.

Some users have reported issues and some experience crashing, although our hands-on was smooth we did notice a massive graphics drop on the iPad 1 when compared to the second generation tablet. Have you installed the 3D GTA for iOS, and if so how is it playing for you?

The iPad, iPod touch and iPhone are in millions of hands and this number will increase further in 2012, so Rockstar need to plan ahead with GTA 5. We want to see a day one release for the iOS and Android versions, and not another 10 years before we see GTA 5 hit mobile devices. It’s fair to say that a long wait like that will never happen again, but a day one release on all major platforms will be much better in our opinion.

If Rockstar feel this is too much at once, then we should at least see the releases all in the same year. You can also expect to see iPad 3 before Grand Theft Auto V, so this will only enhance what will be possible in graphics terms.

Would you like to see an iOS/Android version of GTA 5 on day one?

  • Kenny Cole


  • SteveC

    Not going to happen. Ridiculous article.

  • FussyCuckold

    touchpad  and tablets aren’t supposed to be used as a gaming computer, they’re not optimized for that. Beloved Rockstar would lose money trying to develop a fluid, intuitive program that 3% of the gaming population would use right now, and we would waste time waiting for it. Maybe write this article again in 30 years, after technology makes another jaw dropping turn…that is, if we don’t have video game chips planted in our brains by then, in which case the last thing you’ll have on your mind is an ipad

  • Sergiododa

    I seriously doubt gta v will be released on andriods and such. releasing gta III is one thing but releasing a game such as gta v on iphones and ipads is unlikely because of the highly advanced graphics, androids won’t be able to withstand the power. Rockstar released a quote saying that ‘This is going to be their most largest and most ambitious game Rockstar has yet created and will push both PS3 and Xbox 360 consoles to the limit. As you can see from the quote i don’t think androids will be a able to handle it.

  • Vilfrardd

    if i does it will obveously have way lower graphics than the console and pc versions.

  • LickBeaverz4Life

    i forgot my iphone was a ps3…-__-

  • Guesterish

    this guy is seriously overestimating the powers of mobile game development…

  • James

    Every time I search for the latest GTA 5 news, this useless site with ridiculous articles is top of the list. Google, why are you punishing me?

  • Sam

    It’s nothing short of a miracle GTA 3 was able to be released on something as low end as an iPad. It will take at least another 10 years for mobile gaming to catch up with the high end gaming equipment we have today!

  • Marcus Val


  • Christopher_byrd

    Effing idiot. Why does google send me these ridiculous articles from this site? They are written by 9 year olds. One title is “we are ready for a “maturer” GTA. Dear god.

  • Deez Nutz

    GTA V on the iPad??? Your mother should have swallowed you. Or better yet, she should have taken you up the @$$! Holy $hit! These idiots are out breeding in the wild! 

  • Luke Joyce

    Really? REALLY!? GTA III is pushing the iOS and Android devices to their limit! do you really think GTA V might be released on them? my god this sites articles are ridiculous, please stop with all the articles so i can find something worth reading on google.

  • Roberto Oscuro

    OK, but what if, I mean what if Apple is going the whole Cloud Gaming route like OnLive (which IS now tablet supported)? I mean Apple just steals other companies tech and then distributes it to DU’ MASSES.

  • Deez Nutz

    Stupid article! This guys just selling advertising

    • Paul

      While the article is not so much news and more on what would be good for mobile gaming, to say the website is just selling ads is crazy talk. Try visiting 20 other gaming websites with big sq Google ads above posts and those nasty in-text ads, this site does none of that. Keep up the good work In Entertainment.

  • joey

    it wud be gud if its on all console to anyfing from xbox wii ds psp ps3 windows and so on and a lot more i just wish the games wernt 2 dear in england coz rip off britin is rip off britin u get the game cheaper in the usa than ib england sum of the games hear r dear than the games console

  • Abys080syba

    Hmmm, because a crappy little phone or tablet has equal processing powers as a PS3 or Xbox

  • tomn_92

    Haha, GTA 5 for Iphone. That’ll be the day. 

  • Wiggy

    This is one of the worst blogs I have ever seen.
    All the posts about grand theft auto 5 are irrelevant and useless.
    “grand theft auto 5 needs to do this with it’s story!”
    “grand theft auto 5 needs to be on the next ipad even thought it’s impossible!”
    How about some ACTUAL info, and not just your fanboy wishlist.

    This seems like a trap for ad revenue.

  • joey the gangsta

    i hud di a lot more anagrae wiggy it shud be a gud story like cj had but be agutsy storyu and be abel to do a lot more stuf i just hpe the is a prisson there like gta 4 like ether u get out or escape to stary the storie off

  • Alexanderbean

    Would you like to see an iOS/Android version of GTA 5 on day one?
    No, that’s practically impossible….

  • ashish pareek

    karan so exiting game i am waiting for this game but the released in 2013

  • Johnny2Balls

    The most annoying thing is that when you search “GTA 5 News”, this trash comes up. When you see a headline that says: “Day 1 GTA 5 release for iPad” you think maybe R* has come out with some new info. But no. It’s this site. Once again based in no reality at all.

  • Agnew

    There’s no way they could have the game primed for release on consoles and on Ipads etc for the same day. Heck, they are struggling to get Vice City and San Andreas converted to Ipad so how will they manage a top notch game like GTA V straight away?

  • Anonymous

    Damn, sorry Peter but this isn’t remotely a possibility. Seriously.

  • JR

    I want a day one release of GTA5 for the NES!!

  • Jaydalealderman

    i would love to now how old you are ps i bet you get As

  • Zacrshades

    I bet it’ll be on Onlive. But a phone/tablet can’t process these kinds of graphics by themselves.