Skyrim PC mods as DLC on PS3/Xbox 360

It’s well known that the PC version of Skyrim has a few benefits, which include the command console to unlock extras and also the creation of mods that give Skyrim PC players a new lease of life after playing for many months, or getting stuck on certain quests.

Not all Skyrim PC players take advantage of these extras, although it’s nice to have them there, which is something Xbox 360 and PS3 players do not have the luxury of. Would you like mods on the console version of Skyrim?

We’ve seen a few interesting Skyrim Mods since the games release, and some you may know include modifying the game so you can kill children, texture enhancements, Kinect innovation and the ability to take all clothes off NPCs. If you have a mod you love using, feel free to share details in the comments and what makes it so great.

While we’re sure that many Skyrim players would rather Bethesda focus on perfecting the game, especially PS3 owners, some console owners would welcome the addition of mods, although how could this be added? One option that could work would be DLC, which means less red tape and content that could be free or charged for to enhance the game. This might not be as fun considering it’s free already on PCs, although we’d gladly pay for a really good texture improvement or some of the other mods we’ve seen.

Issues arise at how these mods were created in the first place, and if they create additional problems with Skyrim once downloaded and installed. The PS3 and Xbox 360 have more limitations than newer personal computers, especially when you consider the age of console hardware, which could mean certain mods would cause more damage than good.

Skyrim PS3/Xbox 360 owners: Would you prefer mods as DLC or Bethesda to focus on current game issues?

Back in April of this year the gaming community had a glimpse of what could be possible for mods and game consoles, with Todd Howard explaining that content made in the Creation Kit will work on the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of Skyrim. While they’ve talked with Sony and Microsoft about this possibility, there hasn’t been an option created right now but the opportunity is there, which could be taken up with DLC in the near future.

  • Dr. SkaCtopus

    I would love to see mods released as DLC, it would extend the lives of games even more for us console gamers, and give us more incentive to possibly buy a game if we know it will have a large community of people creating mods. Run on sentences rule!

    • Max

      That guy basically calls you all losers  then rages over something that wouldnt effect him in the least, WHAT A TURD BURGULAR. 

  • Jungfrau

    Allow mods to be downloaded to consoles so a ps3 player can find a fix to the lag themselves.

  • Fallenlords69

    Most of the mods are ‘fluff’, texture packs and stuff.  If I was concerned about those sorts of things I would be playing the game on a PC.  To my mind leave the mods to the PC gaming community it has very little going for it at the moment.  

    • Mombasa69

      You obviously haven’t experienced Skyrim on a top-end PC, with texture mods and ambient occlusion shadowing, my girlfriends son plays Skyrim on an xbox, It’s like comparing a Ferrari to a Reliant Robin lol.

      • Fallenlords69

        I really don’t care to be honest, all the PC gaming issues I have had over the years drove me to consoles.  I have no regrets, things just work – even Skyrim (albeit latest patch added a few minor issues). That’s all I care about, I don’t get off on graphics at all.  I get off on a decent game with decent game-play.  And as most games are now targeted specifically at the console market it’s normally only through mods that you can get the games to look a lot better.  Not worth the trouble in my eyes, only a game at the end of the day.

        • Ssfong

          You’re wrong. The mods can improve more than just graphics, anything you can imagine can be add into the game if you play on PC. 

  • Hobodealer

    This would be good, I imagine in time there will be some great mods coming out just like there were in Oblivion. Mods coming to consoles in DLC is a fantastic idea 😀

  • Matt

    Screw the mods,  let the developers give us DLC.  This isn’t Little Big Planet.

    • Bilbo Baggins

      Well as an xbox gamer and after seeing what the modding community can do most of it is as good as the developers work and the make little things that are missing like melting weapons and armor down to raw materials and adding extra types of dragons and its not all stupid stuff like most think.

      • Cpher

        And all of these things can be implemented through DLC, don’t screw the console versions of games over with mods too.

        • Meanie

          DLC, lol. You’re a funny guy.

  • Cphoper

    Yes. PC mods coming out as DLC on consoles is a great idea and I would deffinately pay for a good texture enhancement.

  • Hilmikeleszade

    I would like the idea of mods on the xbox but why should we pay per mod? We should just just pay one off and be allowed to mod thats it

  • Terry Menosky

    Fix my damn game, that’s what I want.

  • Corrok7

    Skyrim Mods on consoles please Bethesda!!!

    • vegan_zombie

      Agreed! Aleast a proper command console like the PC users

      • Zxthemacgamerxz

        A command console needs to be added and with pc mods on xbox, they already work if you have a devkit(you just add the modded files) but the retail xbox doesn’t allow you to add custom files to games so they need to be added through DLC

  • John Doe

    Why not both? A few really popular ones from fans for free, if possible, would be okay. I’m more interested in bug fixes right now, though. DLC can wait.

  • Guest

    Skyrim Mods on Playstation would be great. or make it so that you can link your account like they did with portal 2 and play on either

  • Jrblack83

    Maybe a “Creation Kit LITE”… It could work like the Far Cry 2 map editor, but with simplified NPC scripting and stuff. A dungeon designer could work a bit like Halo’s Forge editing tool. Worth a try anyway.

  • woksta

    NO mods on consoles please. If they want mods, they should have forked out a little extra for a decent PC in the first place.

    • bigbobby

      Your an idiot

      • Smithy

        You’re*. At least try to spell properly when insulting someone’s intelligence — makes your comment seem that much more useless. Although I’m not saying I agree with woksta’s opinion, and I’m a PC gamer myself.

        • Ghettooscar

          Thank You!

    • Fallenlords69

      No point most of the games are developed for consoles.  Unless you are seriously into fawning over graphics, which I find wears off in about five minutes.  You might as well play the game on a console. There is no real significant benefit, apart from looks, to playing the majority of these games on a PC.  Apart that is from the obvious one, which is the ease at which games can be pirated.

      • Ssfong

        lol You don’t know console game can be pirated too? 
        I’m glad the mod save my eye from the blocky face. Also there something more than just graphics, mods can give you new quest, new armor/weapon/item, new model (monster/npc…etc), new texture, new dungeon, new game play, new skills, everything can be create almost, each new mods I downloaded won’t even wears off in months, which made the game totally worth it. Console, seriously?

    • Zxthemacgamerxz

      Dude lets say someone doesn’t like windows or can’t afford it but has a xbox 360/ps3 then your saying that because they can’t afford a hugely expensive computer they don’t deserve mods

      Well if thats how you feel your a horrible person

  • bigbobby


  • PaPanda

    The modding community does continue to impress me. It’d be great to have mods and console commands on the PS3. Just fix the lagging issue and show some respect for your fans.

  • Quiknkold

    I came up with this idea earlier. Bethesda creating a software program and a disc you can get that would allow you to install mods onto a XBOX or PS3(Or a DL Program).

    simply convert said mod via a program on the pc, and put it on a usb flash drive. plug the drive into your gaming console and activate the console program(via disc or dl program) and it would install it into a proper skyrim DLC addon. this could allow mods on PS3 and the XBOX360

    • toast

      this was possible on oblivion without any new programs for your console. all that was needed was a program on your pc to convert your saves to be modded. the process is  altogether too complex in my opinion, but can be done.

  • karz y’all

    The 360 will NEVER get full modding support…Microsoft don’t like people messing around with their consoles. The PS3 did however, have full mod support with UT3, so I’m expecting someone to make it possible using the creation kit (or bethesda themselves)

    • guest

      Actually Xbox 360 has mods on alot of their games including cod 4-8

      • Anonymous

        He said “full modding support.” There is no “support” for any mods on the xbox. It is against the terms of service/EULA.

  • fjsgjhh

    I think there main concern is bugs the game still has many and sometime becomes unresponsive dlc are great but better with a smooth running game

  • Ryan Cromer

    they need to add a modding system just to fix the massive amount of dumb glitches with items disappearing / items being needed and not being able to finish a quest line. i.e. Nahkriin  not appearing, Skeleton key disappearing out of your inventory, and selling the thieves guild armor and getting screwed out of that quest line. 

  • Dark Dezzick

    Didn’t they have a working mod community on the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of Unreal Tournament III?

    • Alex Crawford

      No.  We have nothing.  PC has more benifits than X-box and PS3.  Which in my opinion is really stupid.

      • Thedieversion

        Not true. Unreal Tournament 3 DID have a working mod community.

      • Shadowofmyblood

        how is stupid? we pc user spent more than $1000 on our computer, ofcoz we have more possibility. If consoles could install the real good mods will only increase your lag which not worth it

  • Anon

    You cannot mention the words, elder scrolls, mods, and console on the same page.  This is a rule of the internet.  Are you even partially aware of what the modding community did in oblivion?  let me scratch the surface for you.  Japanese programmers made a mod where the female pc and npc, while fighting, have their armor progressively damaged and broken, and then their attacker, be it human or whatever, has their  way with them.  This just scratches the surface, I assure you.  Remove this page before someone sees it.

    • Rassilon

      Yes… Because wanting a few mods to balance the game a bit better or get higher quality textures means we’ll also get all of the japanimation hentaitentaclerape mods as well… Besides, what makes you think that all of the mods would even be added? Howard just said the mods would work on console versions, not that they would all be added.

      • Ssfong

        Lol the mods is optional, if you don’t like those crazy stuff just don’t download it. This world full with crazy things too is that mean you should go live on another planet?

  • Shmeggy-boy

    I want that so much!!! I’m tired of the fact I have the console versions and can’t do stuff outside of the limitations of the game like the PC gamers can. Blowing up people with hundreds of mines in Fallout was only good for a few hours. I would pay for it if they brought it in DLC just for the hours of entertainment I’d get.

  • Ampstar24

    Why not just add some really hard dungeons with mega dungeon lords to fight? For me that would be great. Plus an addition of some more “random” encounters in the wilderness like hostile war parties of very high level enemies or an army of drougr deathlords. I’m only bored because its kind of easy once you’re leveled even on master difficulty.

  • The truth

    If I purchase any game that’s available on xbox ps3 or pc I expect it to have all the same benefits unlike us ps3/xbox users of skyrim why should a pc version be allowed to type in cheats when ps3 and xbox can’t? Fair enough a pc costs alot more but a pc has allot more other benefits that a ps3/xbox doesn’t have which is why there much cheaper than a pc!

  • vegan_zombie

    I want a mod with more of a romantic aspect, you should be able to kiss your wife and so on. I also definately want the command console to fix bugs that keep popping up

  • Souless2233

    honestly with the way wemons outfits are in skyrim its kinda like ur playing a male all the time, and i know alot of mods for the pc version make it  alot better to play as a woman.. its not always  necessary to have the nudity but the romantic feel theat vegan said is always moor fun cuz it allows moor indepth game play.. in many peoples oopinion its wat made dragon age really worth playing a second or third time .. also if microsoft and sony dont  allow the intergration of mods to the consoles i know alot of players that  will convert to playing purely pc ..i know i am curently thinking of switching to pc as we speak , cuz  of said issues above..

  • Str1genz

    I don’t understand all this adversity to mods being consoles as well as PCs. PC gamers receive no detriment, and console gamers only benefit, if one doesn’t want to use mods, one doesn’t have to, and if you do, then the option is there. I don’t see why anyone, PC gamer or console gamer, has a problem with this.

    • Anonymous

      PC gamers receive no detriment.” Are you kidding me? The entire game was programmed to run on an xbox then ported over to PC and PS3. If the game was optimized for PC it would take a MUCH LESS powerful PC in order to be able to run it. As far as mods for xbox/PS3 as DLC, I dont see the problem. Given, a lot of texture mods won’t work and some mods will require more mods that may/may not make it onto consoles, thus putting out some mods that would make it as DLC.

      • Meanie

        As a DLC? That is if PC modders will agree to make their work as a DLC but I doubt it.

  • Orangutan

    Id like to see the console users get things like open cities [i.e no loading screens], being able to see out of windows, new lands, new ui, darker nights and dungeons, gold thats droppable and has weight [as well as its name changed to septims], being able to throw any weapon, new armour and weapons, new loading screens and maps, keychains, clocks, underwater homes as well as unofficial patches to fix any bugs.

    Personally Im looking forward in skyrim to open cities, true first person view where you can see your body [including feet] and maybe some capes [and more cloth clothes] that don’t pass through armour.

  • DJ Lil’ NuttSakk

    Really it’s just the lack of mouse/keyboard that kills it. Yes, you can still input the same stuff via an onscreen keyboard and so on, but it’s just a much slower/tedious workflow.

    • Iluvpichu

      Ah, but you can plug in a keyboard. Or even Bluetooth keyboard. ALOT of people do that.

  • Christopher

    Let me say the majority of gamers and skyrim players are on xbox 360 and Ps3 so that leaves the majority of gamers without mods and the minority of gamers pc gamers with mods. I would gladly pay for mods but we probaly wont see mods hitting consoles until the xbox 720 and Ps4 are released next year!!!!!!!!

  • Anon

    It’s… A… VIDEO… GAME.

    If you want fake romance, try Second Life. Or better yet, alpha up and go to a bar… sheesh

    Also, the reason “X-Box modding” pisses PC guys off is as follows:

    We work hard to do these things, and it gives us a snobbish sense of superiority when our gameplay experience is about nine thousand times better than yours, even with the shitty FPS rate many of us suffer with. And we really don’t want console scrubs taking advantage of our hard work. It sounds completely dickish, selfish, yeah. It is. But getting called nerds (by you) for the time we pour in to this, and then watching you squirm with your inferior, shitty excuse for Skyrim, gives us some measure of satisfaction.

    A PC.

    • Anon

      Also, props to the guys over at Nexus for making dragons awesome again.. Did you know that I have like 20 different types of dragons in my game? Dragon fights won’t get easy until well past level 65 for me.  

      also, a ton of new spells, better HUD, better menus, f’in awesome new items, bug fixes…. Better textures, new content, blah blah blah, console is for scrubs. Thanks! ^.^
      *SLAP!* Could’ve had a PC.

      • Anon

        damn bro you need to get some friends I have Skyrim for console and I could care less about your mods

      • anon

        Dude, as someone who plays pc and xbox games, F*** off. Not everyone can afford a skyrim worthy pc to play on. Also, with the way you insult console gamers, is it really a surprise that they don’t like you either?

        Someone more enlightened than you.

      • LL

        Wow, you two really need to take a step back and re-examine your lives.

    • Meanie

      Xbox modding is not modding but rather a simple save hack –> LOL

  • New Gamer

    There is no good reason to not make the mods available to PS3 and Xbox, is there? I know people run entire businesses on modding games. Wouldn’t it be in their best interest to have a broader customer base? Also, wouldn’t there be the potential for new skyrim customers, since there would be a small percentage of late adopters who would get the game just to see what mods they can get for it (like the everybody naked mod). 

  • Meanie

    Well you forgot to mention that even if Sony and Microsoft approves mods as DLC on their consoles, still, PC modders will not agree on this even if you pay.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, I doubt Microsoft will ever approve of modding for the xbox. Then there is the copyright thing, if PC modders don’t want their work to go to consoles, it doesn’t have to go. In the end, it’s not Bethesda’s call if consoles get mods or not. It’s mostly Microsoft. Start petitioning them if you want mods, not rage on an article that is not even on Beth’s blog. Or anything really, just some random UK news website.

  • Spartan8091


  • WalkingBlind

    I am a PS3 user and mods should definitely come to it. IT WOULD BE AMAZING!!!!!! The game play on consoles is much funner I think but missing out on the mods just sucks.

  • leviroc69

    damn theres a lot of rage in here
    truthfully i think both issues could be taken care of at the same time i mean if theres like 50 or so people working on the same thing atleast some could start on the DLC for XBox and PS3 it shouldnt be that big of a problem

    and for those of you who might care im a PC and  console

    • leviroc69

      not to mention Microsoft and Sony could ask the creater of whatever mod if they could use it and if not then leave it out of the DLC

      • Killer_greens

        My problem is still Microsoft and Sony would charge you for everything you wanted to add to Skyrim.  I’m not paying for something that is free to PC users, I started Skyrim on 360 and have since upgraded to PC, not looking back!

  • Bob

    Focus on mods. Because although there are many glitches. they are easy to work around, as long as you have well spaced saves and access to the uesp skyrim wiki. ive finished most content on skyrim, and i wish i could experience mods on my 360. please focus on mods.

  • jack

    while I have nothing against mods, if it is used as dlc then sony or microsoft would charge for it. if it was for free, as in free dlc, then yes it could work. I would like to see free mods on consoles or the ability of next generation consoles to create their own mods.

  • Nobody

    I would like it such that there is an IN-GAME content system such as Steam Workshop.

  • Lysander Mora

    I agree with jack if the mods are classified as DLC and are charging them I would prefer to go and buy a Computer version of the game rather than pay for whats free too some. but haveing the ability to mod or even create on a game consol would be amazing. 

  • Haru Totetsu

    If they do make mods accessible on PS3 all I want is the Kill Children one…don’t get me wrong, I love children, but those…things in Skyrim aren’t children. I’ll take Alduin winning any day over listening to those moaning buggers

  • Darcy

    so were would i start if i wanted to petition ps3 and microsoft for mods ?

  • Johnny

    I wanna make nude NPCs on my xbox….

  • Jm14167

    Crimson Tide mod!!

  • Jm14167

    I have skyrim for the 360 and I really think they should at least install the crimson tide mod and make it as a option to turn it on and off in the gameplay settings. I’m so envious of the owners of the pc version cuz I really think the mod provides a realistic element to the game..i mean come mean to tell me slashing at a enemy with a sword as tall as my character isn’t gonna leave a visible mark or a pool of blood from an open wound.

  • Tom

    on fallout3, New Vegas, and oblivion there was an interface mod enabling the player to reset quests if there was a bug or if they just wanted to play it over again and i think that should be a no brainier for console

  • Falcon D. Stormvoice

    Some pretty obvious things here that people have missed. There would really be very few mods that could be allowed for console. Nothing too special, really. Skyrim already pushes the consoles to their limit; and anyone who has played with mods on PC will tell you that the more mods you have running, the more slow and unstable your system gets. And again, that’s on PC, which can be several times more powerful than an XBOX 360. Anything that taxes system performance is instantly out — yeah, I’m talking to you, guy who asked for better textures. And you guys who asked for individual wounds to be rendered — that will really tax the system.

    I’m just saying; think before you post. That’s a “no brainier”.

  • Guest

    Yeah Falco is right i have seen it happen on pc my buddy had so many mods his pc crashed but it would be nice to have a couple of mods on the xbox right they should do a vote on the mods and put a couple on xbox and ps3 i would like oslo the bear and the saber cat mount but crimson tide mod beast

  • Jonathan

    I don’t see why the pc developers wouldn’t want there work on mods to reach the majority of the people who play Skyrim…the console players! If I spent time and made the effort to change the fabric of a game then I would want anyone to be able to use it. I don’t understand the frustration the pc gamers have that we want to enjoy a game as much as they do.



  • musicman0917

    Why can’t they just add an option to let you type in your Steam account username and password and let you browse all the mods on there and let you choose out the mods you want to download yourself???

  • Steiner McHitler

    Mods on consoles?
    Oh wow ahaah that’s a good one.

  • Wijo

    skyrim mods as DLC…..hell no….i dont know what kind of mods will the game producers will supply us as DLC and we as console players have no freedom to get what we want….

  • k

    I play on ps3, but I love the Dovabear mod on pc :) *hints ^-^ *