Small update for Skyrim 1.4 patch

With Patch 1.3 for Skyrim almost two weeks old now we thought it was about time that we saw how Bethesda were progressing with the next one. We can now tell you that it will just be a small update for Skyrim 1.4 patch, but it’s about quality not quantity here. We should expect to see this go live in January, and from what we are told things are going very well indeed.

The developer had hoped to have the issue for the PS3 resolved by now, but we all know that this was not the case. Although we should give the team the benefit of the doubt here, it’s a little hard to be forgiving when you have put a lot of hours into a game that just acts a little like freeze frame on an old VHS.

Thankfully Bethesda have listened to the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim users and now know what they need to fix the problem, we just hope they can deliver, as things could turn ugly quick if not. However, they do say on their Forum that they have worked tireless on the framerate/lag issue and now say that they have a fix for it – so they must now be in the testing stage.

We cannot help but feel a little upset over this, as many fans of the series have received Skyrim as a gift for Christmas, but now face a dilemma, do they install the game and learn to live with the issue for a few weeks, or should they just wait and enjoy the game knowing that the they will not run into the same problem as many of you have?

There will also be a few updates to other version of Skyrim, but it looks as though the PC will get the best of these, such as the integration of the Creation Kit and Steam Workshop. More on this can be found here.

  • FuRiuS_AnOnImUse

    i dont think ill be playing the game this xmas!! if the problems are two unplayable!

    • Cameron

      Having finished the game on Xbox360 and PC. I found no major bugs or lags. To see if i got “lucky” I played the mainquest again. Still no issues. Although the second time was a lower memory save. PS3 is known to have problems with their memory setups. IE Fallout3 and LA Noire. While the memory setup for PS3 should not be a problem. History with other games says it is a problem.

  • Optional Zero

    Most of the issues are minor. But after multiple fast travels, or speeding up time by “waiting”, or just long runs of in and out buildings while crafting, or playing for long periods, the games begin to lag terribly at times. It feels like playing it on an old PC that just can’t quite handle everything. I think it may be worse for people that have logged many hours and as your saved game file size increases. (It’s as though it has to start taking many more variables and items into account as it renders the world.)

  • Michael Summers

    The lag is to be expected. The PlayStation 3 (and XBox 360 for that matter) has very low memory even by the standards of the time when they were being made. Most people I know now have at least 4GB and a good chunk of gamers I know are at 8GB or 16GB. Compare that to the PS3’s 256MB.

    The game is simply too complex for such an outdated console. Just look at all the components it uses. The PS3 uses a modified GeForce 7. If you convert the numbers NVIDIA is currently using into their old scheme, then you come out with current NVIDIA cards being GeForce 14 (500 series) and their GeForce 15 (600 series) is just around the corner.

    • Sean O’connor

      Well first off you are right , the playstation has not enough ram. But I would not say the PS3 is not outdated. The inner workings of the PS3 are still new more mid-ranged components. It can run the game on “normal”  settings PC wise , so It can’t be that out dated. It may have less ram than the Xbox 360 with its 512mb, but it is more up to speed and has more high tec systems such as the blue ray player allowing more space to be stored on one single CD as to having the same amount spread out on 3-4 CD’s. But in the end you are right about the ram , the PS3 needs much more to cope with the ever evolving games   

      • Michael Summers

        First, I suspect the game was primarily developed on the consoles and then ported to the PC. Microsoft makes this very easy to do so I suspect most of it  was done on the XBox 360. The XBox 360, and PS3 for that matter, are both really only on par with DirectX 9.0c which is from 2004. So it is natural that they look roughly the same as normal settings in the PC version.

        As for storage discs, games can be installed to the console’s internal drive (Skyrim requires it for PS3) thus large capacity discs really only amount to reducing the need to swap discs during install. Even more evidence for the disc capacity not being a big deal is that the XBox 360 originally had a high-capacity format that ended up being discontinued and Microsoft never bothered to find a replacement.

        • Ender21

          I’m just curious if you actually looked at real specs on HD dvd VS Blu-Ray. Blu-Ray was always a better format except for read speed which we now have.

    • KL

      PS3 has 512MB of RAM, not 256MB. Why do people think this?

    • Hard4me2do

      there is no lag on the 360 version its just for the PS3. this is because of the way the PS3 ram is setup and used.
      ram means much much much less on console then on PC.
      the game looks about the same on PC vs 360, and the 360 version for the most part looks better then PS3 ( its hardly noticeable though)
      console power has been pretty much max and next gen hopefully the ram amount will be over 2gb on next gen consoles.

      • Alex

        The game doesn’t look “about” the same between the PC and 360, me and my brother play it on PC and Xbox respectively, and we both noticed how it was much crisper, and more importantly, faster, on my computer — the graphics are superior on the PC.

  • Kaden101

    But is the patch going to stop my game constantly crashing. Is it going to stop me having to uninstall the game & the patch once a week as well as having to restore the system files on the PS3 at the same time, just so it doesn’t crash every 10 minutes (tops)

  • JohnSSF

    I hope it fixes scripting glicthes to. (Lydia Marriage dialog ,other dialog etc.)

  • hook

    Well i’m sick of framerate on ps3, more and more i quit game and restart agian when hit by framerate bugs and sometimes i force ps3 to restart cuz game is freezed, skyrim best rpg game i have ever play in this gen but with these bugs i think even fans.may hate it.

  • Gabriel

    I think consoles aren’t outdated yet…well the game was developed 5 years before wich is the same age with consoles.I would say its outdated when skyrim is in this year be developed I can say yes it is outdated console. (sorry my english)

  • Brock

    gabriel I have no clue what you just said…

  • Kaden101


    I have no idea what you contributed to this thread.

  • Anonymous

    The lag – framerate issue – the textures, etc are not an issue for me – my game freezes once an hour and i have to power off (PS buttom wont take me to MXB) – then I have to wait for the re-boot, the check for corrupted files etc etc….  will a patch fix that. I wish I knew if it was a bad disc, the type of PS3 one has or what! Whyy does this effect some Ps# players and not all…

  • Krzyspmac

    PS3 has 2×256 MB. 256 is for textures (standard ram) and 256 for data which runs at the speed of the main FSB. That’s 3GHz. It’s not slow. If Bethesda cannot make it work on the ps3 it’s their inability to code. Valve had the same issue – so they hired a guy from Nauthy Dog. Portal 2 on ps3 has no problems as far I’m concerened, and I’ve finished the game 3 times already.

  • matchbox

    except a few minor slow downs. my game has run great.  im 75 hours in, and not a problem

  • Browns1971

    Wait until you get closer to 85 hrs and above, then tell me how great this game works.

  • matchbox

    if i dont have problems at 75 hours, what makes ya think 85 will make me have problems?  the game isnt set up to be crappy at a certain amount of hours.  i have never experienced any problems people have been complainin about on the elder scrolls forum or the playstation forum.  im finding “little tricks” that might be helping….. clear all your messages, sent and recieved…..have less than 30 save files for skyrim….never use continue, always load a save file.   dont know if its whats working, but i havent had a problem.

    • Zenmasterjulian

      Dude, I have 210+ hours and 14MB. Just wait. All the people who are barely far at all into the game, just wait. It may start at different times for some people, but trust me. It’s not about the hours, it’s about the MB. My game has frozen at least 30+ times, and I haven’t played it in a week. You’ll all realize how wrong you were soon enough.

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  • adam

    yea im pretty far into the game and now my main character cant fast travel because im constantly being pursude by gaurds so im not playing until this patch fixes it. i hope. i play on 360 and the more stuff i do the worse the glitches get

  • Spelling

    The author of this post should work to update their grammar a bit! 

    and now know what they need to fix the problem” ????

    • Anonymous

      We’re all human after all, aren’t we? Jackass?