Best Skyrim mods with Christmas inspiration

Now that Christmas day has past and we’re about to enter the New Year celebrations, and it’s time to look back at enhancements brought to games in the theme of Christmas, which includes Skyrim mods.

The best Skyrim mods under this theme have been listed in this article, which showcases some extremely festive makeovers. While we’re sure they are fun over the holiday season, it has to be pretty cool to try these any time of the year.

Modifications to the PC version of Skyrim include weapons and Jester armor, all in red and white Christmas colors. What’s Christmas without a little snow? This is possible with the nice snowflakes mod, and if you want to dress the part you can modify the Fine clothes, which then creates a suit just like Santa Claus would wear.

Other mods include changes to the food, ingredients and trees, although Skyrim players should understand that changing the game in this way could cause problems, especially if the mods include bugs. Let us know if you’ve installed any mods on your PC version of Skyrim, and which are your favorite?

Last week we looked at the possibility for Skyrim mods on the PS3 and Xbox 360, which saw many of our readers share the same views. It’s obvious there is a demand here that also included some great ideas on how this could be possible, which can be seen via our earlier article.

Did you install any Christmas inspired Skyrim mods, and would you like an option brought to the PS3 and Xbox 360?

  • Branchasi

    Hellz yeah we need modding for ps3/360, although the pc users wiill still be in control of creating the mods where as consoles cannot do so. Being a major gamer I use pc and consoles and have a few things to cover,. I know that pc gamers are kinda gettin they’re panties all bunched up because they think that modding is a priveledge handed only to them,  and in the past this is true and I can see the frustration on they’re part However without pc gamers this would not be possible so pc gamers should feel more important knowing that without them the console gamers would not have any mods. Also anything that brings the console and pc community together is a giant leap forward. (any comments or ideas can be sent via email to me at

  • Xtrem

    ROFLZ xD 

    now what , santa riding a dragon ?