Next BF3 patch for PS3’s input lag and VoIP issues

Battlefield 3 is without a doubt the best competition to Modern Warfare 3 yet, and while the latter game continues to be the favorite among console FPS gamers, BF3 has shown to be the better game, according to a growing number of players moving from MW3.

The game is not without problems and it seems that PS3 owners are suffering the most, if blog chatter is anything to go by. DICE is working on the next BF3 patch for PS3 and Xbox 360, although there has been no confirmation about a fix for input lag and VoIP issues PS3 players are experiencing.

Development teams will always be on the lookout for new bugs and issues, so it’s good to keep giving feedback, in fact at the time of writing we see the Xbox 360 servers showing low ping and joining problems, which the official Twitter account for Battlefield responded within minutes, saying “We are aware of this and we are working on fixing it ASAP”. The same account also confirmed problems with PS3’s VoIP and that they’re looking for the “root cause”.

Most issues are being fixed with each update, and we’re likely to see fixes for the spawning without weapons that seems to affect the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3, although the real frustration comes with problems that don’t get fixed after an update. With this in-mind, we’ve seen some PS3 users claiming they would trade in the BF3 if they cannot talk with their friends soon, and only ask for DICE to “hurry” with a fix for that particular issue.

Some people might say “be patient”, although the growing number of PS3 users feeling the game “is a joke” and threatening to “move to another platform” only shows the frustration these issues are causing. In most cases the gamer will just cool off and stick by DICE, although we wonder if everyone will feel this way if the issues are not fixed soon?

Do you feel the current batch of games like MW3 and BF3 are rushed into production, or is it inevitable that all FPS games will experience this level of problems after release?

  • Thehood11

    I’ll tell you this, the PC version is an absolute disaster. The disconnects to ea servers is just beyond anything I have seen before in a multiplayer FPS. And many of us have tried everything under the sun to try and fix it. It’s server side, an EA issue only. Had to uninstall. What a shame. It’s going on 3 months, and the disconnects just get worse. This game was released 12 months to soon.

  • Barends83

    I already traded back in BF3- I did this on DEC. 1, as the game Really is pure crap to play on ps3.

    I ONLY play multiplayer games, reason being, so that I can chat up my buddies as I game. Any game that doesn’t allow it, isn’t worth my time. BF3/dice had 1.5 months to fix the chat issues, and chose instead to update the smallest, most pointless things.

    On top of that, the input lag is severely crippling. I looked for an email address to use to contact dice or ea, and found out that just after the release of BF3, that dice/ea pulled all contact info except for pay-by-the-minute phone numbers- any company that pulls contact info because they don’t want to provide support except for paid support, is purely in it for the profit, and doesn’t actually care about the product.

    I feel sorry for everyone still holding a copy of the game. It’s trash, the company treats you like trash, it’s trade-in value is already down to 25$, get rid of it. They aren’t fixing or even addressing publicly the issues.

    A twitter response??? Please, my little brother has a twitter account. Grow some ba**s and admit the issues ALL over the Internet. Only then, will I ever consider another ea/dice game.


    Any company that gets

  • Marioachavezjr

    The game is amazing honestly. I read all the reviews that’s said campaign was crap but in my honest opinion it was awesome, especially on hard; cut scenes were great. Ive played the MW series and it feels more like an arcade game compared to this one.
    BF3 Multiplayer is the absolute best I’ve played since I can remember, I thought killzone was pretty entertaining but this is honestly addicting. I’m sure an unbelievable amout of people are playing online which is contributing to the lag. It’s practically to be expected. Sort of like DC universe when that came out free a bit back.
    All in all, a complete success especially when they patch up the lag.
    Good luck getting sleep!!!!

  • Thehood11

    Disconnects to be expected…!!!! Come on man. You clearly are not one of the many dealing with this issue. Unexceptable , and unplayable on PC right now for many. Comparing to free DC universe. Prop Up EA a little more. 3 months this bullshit has been going on, and EA will not even make an announcement that there is an issue, or inform if they are working on a fix. I was thinking of trying on PS3, but then read this article. Not a god damn chance now. Plus a lot of us don’t give a rats ass about the campaign. Bought this game for MP, and MP only, and its broken. That is all

  • Ragotag

    The PS3 version remains a complete joke as of Jan 4.  All of the major issues have yet to be addressed (broken VoIP, control input lag, extreme frame rate drop from explosions, poor matchmaking, broken squad support, and server lag during peak gaming hours).  What’s truly disturbing is DICE’s initial unwillingness to admit to these major issues on the PS3, and then once they do, their complete lack of any commitment to actually fix them — instead, the PS3 user base is getting the “we’re looking into it” responses followed by news on how the next patch will fix the very minor game balance issues and add new features like horns to HUMVEE’s and such.

    It is clear that DICE rushed this game so as to beat Infinity Ward to market and grab as much console market share as possible before the release of MW3, and I feel sorry for the PC user base because of this — it should have really shined on the PC at release since it was developed on the PC and ported over to the consoles.  

    It seems like these days one may have to set all expectations aside for a functional release and not expect a game to actually function well until at least 6 months to a year after release.  BF3 was my first DICE title on the PS3, and it will be my last; for me DICE is now blacklisted for PS3 games.

  • xep12

    Right on Ragotag
    I’m definitely staying away from anything that has DICE in it. I cannot take the lag on the controller. It’s response sucks and to insult us more they don’t even make an effort to fix it.
    Goes to show why MW3 is such a success they atleast they keep user frustration down.