Skyrim celebrity faces: Character look alikes

To some the excitement of Skyrim has taken over their lives, as hundreds of hours have been wasted on a game that offers a great deal of immersion. This all starts from the moment you turn the game on and then select your character but is there a need to take this part seriously? We say this because there is a chance for you to have a little fun and have character look alikes in the way of Skyrim celebrity faces.

Instead of you spending hours making minor tweaks to your character – well after you have spent some time choosing your race – you have the chance to download one that has already been created. This would free up some time, which will then allow you to get into the game much quicker than crating your own character.

There are ways to create these faces yourself, but the easiest way would have to be downloading other peoples game saves and then use them. Not all of them are perfect, but they are pretty similar – just would not want to meet them on a dark night. The image that you see above is of Arnold Schwarzenegger, and although it does not look like him now, it kind of resembles what he looked like in the days of Conan the Barbarian. You can see this for yourself in the first video that we have for you below.

The second video is of Kevin Costner, and we cannot help but feel a little let down by this one, just hope the actor does not see how someone else sees him – it really is that bad. Next up is Leonidas from the movie 300, this is not as good as Schwarzenegger but much better than Costner – which wasn’t that hard really. There is one thing that users have been expressing, and that is the need for spears, and Leonidas would certainly look the part with one.

Our final video is of Ned Stark from Game of Thrones. One thing we do know, you will have your work cut out to do this character justice, as we all know how awesome he is in the TV series.

What characters have you managed to create, and if you had the choice what character would you create?