Tomb Raider reboot and Skyrim inventory similarities

Since 1996, Tomb Raider has been a popular game series, although it has taken some criticism over the years. The new version has had a few changes compared to the previous titles and we were interested to find out whether this could be one of many improvements.

In an article on CVG, the new Lara Croft adventure simply named Reboot has had a welcoming report regarding the character as a vulnerable human with an emotional connection that people can relate to. Even though the basics of Tomb Raider are still apparent, players will feel the pain and anguish that occurs with injuries that can affect the characters path and progress.

With new hub areas around the island, there is an opportunity to go back after you have cleared an area, explore new parts of the game, and unlock other areas. A decent inventory for what is only a survival game will not be as extensive as that seen in Skyrim, although the limited tools used by Lara will have more than just one use. An example of this is made as the climbing axe used mainly for clambering can also be used for combat and to open areas, this function is available with most of the other tools giving the user more than just a few options.

CVG classed this as a much-needed refresh for a legendary series fast losing its relevance. PSX Extreme has similar views on the fact that if Crystal Dynamics gets this right, it should be the greatest Tomb Raider adventure ever. The realism in games is becoming more relevant these days with a players agility hindered by an injury or the improvisation of weaponry and tools. In this review, the stunning graphics based on a trailer and the screenshots also got a mention.

As we eagerly await more news on a finalized release date, the signs of realism are there as something that will interest gamers nowadays with many games now heading in this direction. Do you also feel that a character wincing with pain or making use of their tools in multiple ways can add more of a connection to a game?

  • Ayane-chwan❤

    “A decent inventory for what is only a survival game will not be as extensive as that seen in Skyrim”
    This is an unfair comparison, I doubt tomb raider is even attempting to have a large inventory system. Crystal Dynamics is probably going for realism, so I doubt 21-year old Lara can carry half a Castle with her, after all she isn’t a Dragonborn. =p