Features for Gran Turismo 5 XL Edition explained

Fans of the GT series will be pleased to know that we have some information on Gran Turismo 5 XL Edition features that we would loved to share with you, along with pre-order details and other relevant news.

In an article on GTPlanet there is talk about the speculation regarding last months news on Gran Turismo 5 XL included in a brief Sony FAQ about their PlayStation Rewards Program, although without evidence or rumors of its existence the three major U.S. retailers now officially listing the product have not been confirmed. It may possibly be the North American version of the Gran Turismo 5 Spec 2.0 disc update announced for Japan, which contains all of GT5‘s software updates and DLC out-of-the-box.

Only yesterday, a post on the full details and released box art was also covered by GTPlanet including features on the full original version of Gran Turismo 5 game contained in GT5 XL Edition. There will also be all of the downloadable patches as well as content updates through Spec 2.0 and a voucher for all of Gran Turismo 5s current and yet to-be-released DLC valued at over $25 that includes four tracks, 25 new cars and more.

Users will be able to access over 1000 customizable cars, more than 70 layouts and over 20 tracks. With this, you will find 16-player online racing including new online challenges frequently updated. Take advantage of the opportunity to pre-order the game from Amazon and NewEgg for $39.99 of as they currently list XL‘s release date as January 17, yet no official announcement has yet been made by SCEA.

Are you eagerly anticipating what is classed to be the best-selling racing game on PlayStation 3?

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