Idealistic: iPad 3 and 4 for gamer pricing

Technology enthusiasts and Apple fans would most likely be up-to-date with iPad 3 rumors, which also point to the possible release of an iPad 4 later on this year. This is totally not with Apple’s regular pattern, although the company has been more unpredictable than normal in the last year.

Yesterday we looked at the quad-core iPad 3 rumors that would be one of the more solid possibilities, and when looking back at the roughly 2x CPU increase from iPad 1 to 2, this extra horsepower for iPad 3 seems on target. The second generation GPU also saw a massive 9X increase, as stated in Apple’s keynote, and we’d expect something similar this time around.

Some of our readers have pointed out that the iPad 2 had “raw horsepower” around half of an Xbox 360, which would mean the iPad 3 is heading towards beating or equaling the 360 horsepower. This shouldn’t be hard considering the age of Microsoft’s system with the next-gen Xbox 720 releasing within 2 years, but then we look at how thin the iPad 2 is and get excited.

You can expect an iPad 3 release date within a couple of months, but forget about an iPad 4 this year – In a recent post by the well-respected John Gruber we heard a little about the latest iPad 3 rumors, and he quoted the source with some small comments, which give his take on the crazy idea that an iPad 3 and 4 could come in the same year. In his sarcastic manner he was spot on and shows why you should’t trust articles that source from only “industry sources“.

Having two iPad’s release in 2012 would be idealistic for gamers, especially if the first were a budget model and the second a higher spec. There is always a price point that drives millions of gamers to that product, the Xbox 360 and PS3 saw massive growth when they reached this point, which could also be why the 360 had different priced models.

If you could get past the idea of touch gaming and the price was right, would you game more on an iPad? This is even more relevant considering the increases in horsepower, which are expected with iPad 3. You might enjoy reading an article published last year on the iPad 2 from the gamer’s perspective, which offers some real insight if you want to jump into iPad gaming. We’d love to see the upcoming Apple iTV connect with the iPad 3 in innovative ways, which could enhance home gaming to another level – what would you like to see with the iPad 3?

Imagine an iPad 3 as powerful as the Xbox 360 and you enjoy touch gaming, now what would be the correct pricing to make you jump onboard?

  • Jaysen

    I no longer have a gaming console, I never was a hard core gamer, but I plan on buying a ipad3. I suspect I will do more gaming than ever with it. I would like to see a way to use my iPhone as a blutooth linked controler.

    • Stypek

      It is allready done – lool at fifa 2012. Ipad 2 is a main core process unit, and you iphone or ipod is your controller.