No review for Gotham City Impostors yet, delay to blame

Last week we wrote a post on the new Gotham City Impostors game with a limited insight ahead of its release, today we have more information but still no review although this could be to do with it being delayed.

The first-person shooter action game based on the obsessed and deranged gangs of Gotham City was discussed along with weapons, character customization and crazy gadgets with help from a little information obtained by some beta tests from various sites. We assumed that there would be a few reviews for this game by now as it was due out tomorrow. However, the game has been delayed, and the opportunity to get a decent perspective will also be put on hold.

In a report on NZGamer, the news that it is not going to make its release date of January 10th was discussed and with new information as it looks to be scheduled for some time in February. No explanation was given for this delay even though a Beta version has been experienced, maybe this could be to do with some issues found while the game was being tested.

To keep your interest in this matter we have more information from RIPTEN on Gotham City Impostors and thier view that it is not your average first-person-shooter. Going into more detail about the variety and customization that is offered in this large downloadable title, this article adds to the relevant weapons used, like the Dawn Patrol assault rifle that contains allsorts of modifications including a silencer, extended magazines, red dot sight and even a body odor sniffer as they call it. This feature allows the user to reveal the locations of their rivals as yellow stink clouds.

Along with the mention of weapons, the support items and gadgets are also a bit special with shurikens, bear traps, and even boomerangs that can target and stun many enemies at once. Fun gadgets like glider rigs for flying and roller-skates for quick travel are something to look forward to. The controls are easy to just pick up and play although the only problem experienced was the lag spikes that come up every now and then but seeing as it is a beta version these things should be sorted out. Expecting this to be a lame game they found it interesting, fun and brings one hell of a great time.

As we await some reviews on this and not too much of a delay, do you think Gotham City Impostors sounds like it is going to be a hit? Hopefully, the delayed time is used to rectify any concerning issues.