Best Skyrim marriage, benefits and Lydia

Having now spent more than 50 hours in Skyrim you now feel that it is time to settle down, but choosing the right wife can be a quest in itself. We have already discussed how you go about getting married, but which marriage can offer the most benefits? This is something that we will explain for you below; as well as showing you how to marry Lydia.

Some say it’s impossible to marry Lydia, but there are ways, which we will talk about a little later. Some Skyrim players will not want to get married, as they feel that this will bring nothing to the game (or their real partners will not allow it). However, there is a chance for you to earn 100 gold each day thanks to some hard work by your wife. The way to achieve this is by purchasing your own home so that your wife can open up her own shop. The gold that you receive is your percentage of the profit made.

They are not there just to look pretty (not all of them) or help to pay the bills, as some are also warriors and can help you when you call upon them. The best woman for this has to be “Aela The Huntress”, as she seems to be a great all-rounder. You will need to complete the Companions questline in order to win her hand in marriage.

For those not looking for the warrior type, then Camilla Valerius would be another good choice. She is the brother of Lucan Valerius, who just so happens to be the owner of the Riverwood Trader. Being married to her has two benefits, you have access to the store and the second you can marry her after a small quest. Don’t make the mistake my friend did and kill here – although he does regret it now. What have you done in Skyrim that you wish you never did?

Other marriages that you should consider have to be Belrand, Ghorza, Dravynea, Njada, Vilkas, Athis, Balimund, Grelka and finally Derkeethus. All have different benefits, which you can see for yourself in this article. However, marrying Lydia is something of interest to Skyrim players, as they know there is a way to do so. Some gamers have been saying that a bug stops you from marrying Lydia, while others state that you are not supposed to, as she is your Housecarl. We would like to know what your thoughts are on this?

To marry Lydia you will have to input a console command, which then adds her to an invisible faction, allowing you to marry her. To see just how to do this just view the video below. For those of you who are a little shallow and would like to grab yourself a hot wife in Skyrim, then there are ways, which you can see in the second video. We had to find a different one, as the first had too much unnecessary cursing in for us.


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