Max Payne 3: Extra mile for inspiration

When it comes to doing your research for a game you got to love how far Rockstar is willing to go, and in the case of Max Payne 3, they went all the way to Sao Paulo for the inspiration, which helped with the games dangerous aspects. We just hope they have the same level of effort when it comes to GTA V, although Rockstar Games will publish that.

The inspiration doesn’t stop there, as the developer also received information from GARRA, Brazils Special Forces. Max Payne 3 will not follow real life exactly, and with this in-mind, the special unit in the game is under another name. Those of you wanting a little more insight into the games weaponry and the documentaries that relate to fighting crime in Sao Paulo, should visit this article on the official website.

We’ve seen a number of details on Max Payne 3, which you may have seen yourself. These have included a barrage of news, new weapon details, gameplay, and most recently an update on the enemies.

What can we expect in the coming weeks for Max Payne 3? Right up until the release date in March, you can expect more information on the production design and research from behind-the-scenes. Rockstar has official confirmed this, and they promise details on Sao Paulo “asset-gathering trips“.

We’ll keep you updated on their production diary, and especially considering the extra effort being made with Max Payne 3.

Do you like it when a game has this level of research behind it, and are you looking forward to getting a copy of Max Payne 3? What improvements do you want to see in the upcoming game? Check out the videos below if you want to see some Max Payne 3 gritty action, insight into the Gang Wars multiplayer and a longer 4-minute video for the PC version, which includes insight into the story.

We’ve heard a lot about Max Payne 3 in the last few weeks, is there anything that you’ve not heard and want to know? Share a comment and we’ll see if we can track down the information.


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    awesome ………its gud that shooting is now improved from previous parts ,just waiting for it ….