More teasing for Skyrim PS3 lag fix

Later this month we will see Skyrim receive the 1.4 patch, and for those of you with a PlayStation 3 might want to listen up. Remember when we reported last month that the next patch would not fix the lag problem, well it seems as though this might not be the case now. If we are to believe what we have learned, then there could be a fix for the Skyrim PS3 lag issue this month after all.

This official announcement via a tweet just says that they (the developers) are addressing the lag issue and will be included in the next update. We have known about this bug since The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim first launched, and while it does not affect all PS3 players, it has become a nightmare for others.

The issue was thought to have been resolved in the previous patch, but it did not take long for the issue to rear its ugly head once again. There had been reports that Bethesda would not be able to fix the problem and those with a PS3 would have to put up with it. However, this always seemed highly unlikely, but we should not get our hopes up just yet.

We have heard it before from many game developers that an update would help to fix a problem, but instead it persisted or would create new bugs. How would PS3 Skyrim owners feel if lag/frame rate issues are still there post patch 1.4? I personally found less frame rate dropping post patch 1.3 on the PlayStation 3, although it can happen, and does happen in different amounts for different PS3 players.

There have also been isolated reports that this is happening for some Xbox 360 users as well, but we have no idea if this patch will resolve it for them. We do hope that the developer has finally figured out what is causing the lag, but we shouldn’t hold our breath just yet.

Some gamers have seen this as a great opportunity to catch up on some of their other games. They had hoped to be playing Skyrim by now, but are unwilling to do so until the lag issue has been resolved. We would love to know what games you have gone back to complete while you wait for Bethesda to get their act together?

  • happy camper

    i got $100 worth of psn cards on christmas and bought quite afew games from the store, ps1 classics as well as some ps2 hd versions; splinter cell chaos theory, re4, sly cooper1 and 2, i’ve been playing those and totally forgot i even have skyrim

  • slappy

    I got two games with my ps3 for christmas, sky rim and portal 2.  I got so hooked on sky rim and now that i hit the lag issue, i turned to portal.  Its a fantastic game i must say.

  • Anubis0100

    Saint Row: The Third has been keeping me busy. Volition FTW. Now that’s a developer that knows how to make a great product for every platform. At least for every platform they release their games on.

  • Taylor Made

    people still having issues with skyrim, I platinumed this game last month and gave it away, I only started having problems with it after thee first patch got released

  • Paul

    Dark souls and zelda. I tell you what though if these bugs are nit fixed soon I wont buy anither Bethesda product again.

  • Ryan

    Did they fix the lag in Fallout 3, or Fallout NV for PS3? No. Will they fix the lag in Skyrim for PS3? No. The extreme lag Skyrim has on PS3 is NO SURPRISE to me. Bethesda has good ideas for games, and in THEORY the game is great, but the final product is almost always plagued with lag and bugs, they never finished and fixed Fallout 3, or Fallout NV, so why expect them to fix Skyrim. They’ll release some half-ass updates for it, but the lag will ALWAYS be there. Take the game back get it for Xbox 360 or PC. The rule of thumb with Bethesda is to never pre-order, wait and check reviews, look for issues it’s having, and wait 3-6 months after it’s been released so your experience hasn’t been ruined, glad I did.

  • FaustIX

    Skyrim is ‘somehow’ a great game, but the issues and bugs (especially on quests) make it very disappointing.  I played this games only for about 3 weeks and quitted when those bugs f***ed up the story.  This shouldn’t be the Game of the Year of 2011.  There are better games like Batman Arkham city. 

  • Shaun_mcgowan

    So so so gutted, was bought a ps3 with skyrim for my birthday, 3 weeks before Xmas, so excited and love the game, but then of course the lag appeared, it has gotten so bad it’s now impossible to walk anywhere in the world. When a dragon appears it just freezes altogether. How i ever got to level 51 god only knows….but it is now impossible to continue with the game. If this latest patch doesn’t work then i will never buy another game from Bethesda. What a shame.

  • Extreme3D

    yeah its cause console sucks no offence if you want the best gaming experience go pc and also best part about that is you get the creation kit when its released and im sure there wont be a creation kit for the console version cause that would just be complicated to do and would take even longer for the creation kit to get released

  • Extreme3D

    not to mention 90% of the bugs/issues are temperarly fixable till future updates come out in my opinion PC is the best choice anyone could make to play skyrim/games in general on and i wouldn’t expect to much from Bethesda atm there trying to get the creationkit/update out for everyone there doing what they can when they can im happy they released this game regardless of the issues it is the best game i have played in a while.