Diablo 3 for PS3 and Xbox 360

With no specific release date in sight for Diablo 3 just yet, it’s no surprise that rumors began to fly around, and one of the most recent is a version of the game heading for the PS3 and Xbox 360. Now while this is a nice thought we need to sit back and digest the details before we get ahead of ourselves. The original game was released back in 1996 for the PC and 1998 for the PlayStation. However, the sequel was only made available for the PC and Mac back in 2000.

For console gamers the thought of this RPG coming back is a dream for them, as they had to watch those with a PC get all the enjoyment – well with this game anyway. So you can see when you read Diablo III is coming to the big two consoles gamers will get a little excited over the prospect.

A recent article looks at the question one fan asked Blizzard, and their answer back. Now it’s easy to misunderstand this, as so many people have, so the developer needed to clarify what they had said to avoid confusion. They have not confirmed Diablo III is heading for the PS3 and Xbox 360, but they are “actively exploring the possibility.” This is nothing new, as they have mentioned this several times in the past, so we are still in the dark as to what is going on.

The thought of Diablo III on a console has certainly stirred up some great discussions. While some gamers would argue that having the game on a console would ruin the experience because of graphics power compared to the PC, it’s obvious a developer would consider it, as there is more money to be made on the Xbox and PlayStation. Before this starts a debate, remember this would not be a port if it happened, it would be built from the ground up.

The release date for Blizzard’s upcoming game will be some time in Q1 of this year, and for those who own World of Warcraft, you will be happy to know you will get the chance to own the latest Diablo game for free; details on how you can take advantage of this offer can be found in our recent article.

There had been rumors regarding a release delay, as reported here; the reason was due to a delay in a rating for the Korean market. However, this has now been resolved and Diablo III has a rating of 18+ in South Korea. With this hurdle cleared maybe Blizzard can now give us an official release date?

In anticipation for the game, why not consider the SteelSeries Diablo III Mouse? Why settle using for using a standard mouse when you have the chance to use a custom model instead? For more insight into this device check out the video below, which was taken at BlizzCon 2011.

In closing, when do you think Blizzard will give us a release date, and what are you thoughts on Diablo III coming to consoles?


  • Guest

    I don’t believe making the game for the consoles is worth it.  Fans of Blizzard already have decent PCs and their historically their games don’t require high system requirements.  Don’t think it’s worth building ground up and incurring a whole new set of expenses and learning curve for console programming.  Also, when there are updates, there is added headache of testing and developing for PC, 360 and PS3.  — I wouldn’t…

    • Dan Habib

      Agreed, but if you can double your sales/profits, all headaches aside it would make sense.  They are a business after all and in it for the profits.  Now I’m sure most people in this day and age have a computer and would opt to buy it for that, so determining how much additonal market share they could get by having a console version would be the deciding factor.

      • Guest

        Agreed.  It would be a heavy analysis.  Most console owners would likely have a decent PC, but if given the choice, most console owners would buy the PC version (many reasons why they should).  So they are really trying to penetrate the non-PC owners who will spend $ on a new PC for this game. 

        1) They are NOT porting so they have to allocate additional resources and time to build from ground up and for all future game development/maintenance
        2) They have a reputation to maintain…  If it doesn’t due well due to i.e. if the game controls suck they could tarnish their pristine history.
        3) If they want to include this project on their existing To-Do lists
        4) Will they receive their expected profit (aforementioned analysis)?

        If they were “porting”, yeah sure do it but they already mentioned they are not.

    • Jeremiah

      sssssssssshhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! they will hear you. I would love to play in on my PS3 instead of updating a computer to cover the requirements for playing the game.

      • Guest

        lol… Blizzard has a lot of pride in their games.   You’d be lucky to have Diablo 3 on PS3 instead of PS4.  According to their 10 year cycle, PS4 will be launching somewhere in 2016 so they have 4 years to make this game or PS3.  Right now I can tell you their focus is on PC Diablo 3, WoW expansion and their secret MMO.

  • Guest

    As for release date, they usually give 1 month notice so we should be getting a release date in about 2-3 weeks.  It helps that the Korean gaming board approved the “non-gambling” version recently as they prefer global release.  They are currently at the stage of regular meetings regarding about “what to live with on release” and “what to patch”.

  • Soccerdude588

    Bad idea to go to console IMO.
    *cough* Starcraft for N64

    It would be a different game. Diablo 3 is a click to move, and click the area/target you want to attack game. It’s simply something that wouldn’t work with consoles as they don’t use a mouse, and there would be a clear disadvantage to the gameplay for those who are on consoles.

    • Guest

      Remember Smash TV or Gauntlet?  It’ll play like that…  Nothing complex…
      Imagine a cafeteria full of kids playing Diablo 3 on their smart phones/ iPad… now that will be fun and likely less resources to allocate for.

      • Guest

        Also should mention they should create a Diablo 3 app to manage auctions and character customizations.

    • Kabal_kid

      ps3 players wont be able play with pc players js. Same with xbox.

      • Kabal_kid

        able to*

  • Jefferson

    Diablo III is the most anticipated game of the decade so far for me, and I am sure legions of others. To this day I still feel that Diablo II is my favorite game ever, even though I don’t play it anymore. This is because in part that I have an Xbox 360, and it’s great to get back after work and relax on the couch to enjoy some games on the television as opposed to the terminal type atmosphere that we find ourselves in when using hopefully an ergonomically correct pc station.

    Right now I am looking for a way to build a cheap computer that will run Diablo III well as the home computer for me is a netbook, an Asus N10J to be specific. The netbook is very convenient, but just won’t cut it for this game and so thus I am stuck either not playing or spending at least 500 dollars on an adequate platform to enjoy Diablo III on.

    On the Xbox 360 in recent months I have enjoyed a lot of the popular titles, including Dungeon Siege III. Let me make it clear that Dungeon Siege is and always has been a pale transparent midget clone to or snotty little annoying brother of the truly revolutionary experience that is the Diablo series. That being said, using Dungeon Siege III on Xbox 360 in my own experience as an example of what a Diablo game could potentially play similar to, a sort of Diablo Light experience say, it really made me understand how a Diablo game could be utterly fantastic if done right on a modern console.

    Also, Blizzard is known for building games that have somewhat low system requirements, which could mean a build for a modern console may not actually suffer much if all in the graphical department, and having all the hardware standardized makes compatibility with hardware and graphics cards etc pretty much a non issue. This would render the gameplay experience standardized to their extremely high set bar, which is fantastic.

    A good example of what a really fun 4 person party online console game with big game lobbies where players could meet could be Phantasy Star Online for the original Xbox. That game was fantastic, and if I remember correctly Sega hosted their own servers and lag in game was mostly a non issue if you had a good connection with the 3 others in your 4 person game, or good server connection. I look at the gameplay mechanics of Dungeon Siege III on Xbox 360 and the online gameplay of Phantasy Star Online on the Xbox Live service oh so many years ago, combine the 2 examples in my mind, I get an idea of what a Diablo game could bring to a console and get excited by the potential for a revolutionary online gaming experience.

    That being said, I know if it happens it is so far down the pipeline that personally I am going to go out and shell out the cash when I can to get a current updated pc so I can play Diablo III upon release, and personally would rather see the development team focus on patching and mainly expansions on the road ahead and not a rebuild of the game for a console. I think to really make a great Diablo game for a console and appease the devoted die hard pc fanbase of the series, that a Diablo game for a console should be a separate game from Diablo III. Maybe “Diablo III X” or “Diablo: Some Fancy Name”, and include a different character set or separate Acts from the pc release. Essentially an expansion with new and different content for the new and different platforms.

  • guest

    will not buy if they shat on pc and make it for consoles first or at the same time only a few titles remain pc. after what happend to crysis 2 i will not buy anything released for console and pc

    • guest.,.,mn.,n,n.n,n.n.,

      No one cares for your input :)

    • QuifBoy69

      Half Life…?????

  • paul trout

    Jesus Christ…Sarcasm anyone? Sarcasm is blizzard developers bread  and butter response to most questions. Watch any Q & A from any BlizzCon event…they almost always reply with a short snappy answer and then smile at the person who asked till they gtfo the stage.

    Here is good example:
    Could you tell me if John can shoot potatoes out of his butt?

    Answer: Yup

    Meaning: This does not mean that I am saying John possesses magical potato launching skills. It means I am say that I COULD tell you. Doesn’t mean I’m going to. 
    If you still don’t understand Sarcasm, go watch Stephen Colbert on comedy central and make sure you take everything he says literally.

  • Angeledge

    This game have to be on console. When Diablo II was released, most of the gamers played on computer because of perfrmance and updates. Now, console are much more powerful than a computer for gaming, better sound and video quality if you have adequate Home Theater system and access to updates. People now use computers for work and console to play games. Blizzard, be smart and release Diablo III also on Xbox 360 and PS3

    • anon

      Trollololol.  Bullshit.  Invest some money into a desktop and you can top the graphics of any console. all it takes to hook up to a home theater system is an hdmi out.  just about every desktop graphics card has one now days. console play would destroy diablo.  if you played diablo to the extent some people have you might just realize that.

      • Dsadsa

        Yeah but you have to spend 3x as much as the gaming console. The video card alone is the cost of the gaming console if you want your pc games to rocket and even then it seems to only make the games a bit better.

        • Guest

          Not really.  You don’t need to buy a 3 gb video card to play Diablo.  Chances are that you can play Diablo on a 512 mb card and still enjoy it.

          • Guest

            Jeez, did everyone forget that Blizzard makes low system requirement games?  How old are your PCs?… Are they so old that you can’t stream Youtube or movies? lol…

  • Bd

    @8e8f6d476959cae6ff7a6b164c2ec51e:disqus “Now, console are much more powerful than a computer for gaming, better
    sound and video quality if you have adequate Home Theater system and
    access to updates”

    I really doubt that. Consoles more powerful than a PC???. My PC kicks any PS and XBOX out there and always will, but my xbox is much easier to play online with. easy of use is not nessesarialy better

    • Guest

      Blizzard aims to have Diablo 3 good for 10 years…  Considering PS3 and 360 is close to their mid to end of their life cycles, Diablo 3 for consoles is not a good idea considering the amount of time and resources to build a “new” Diablo ground up.  If they do release a new Diablo game, it’ll be more of a “test” than anything else i.e Starcraft N64 as someone else mentioned.  It’s so easy to say make a Diablo for consoles without considering all the factors… think long term… as they always obviously do however there are much more pressing matters to address i.e. dropping WoW subscribers, their new secret MMO and testing/developing new updates and patches for all their games.  Adding consoles to the mix would only add more work.  If they take 10 years to develop Diablo 3, how long will it take to release future Diablo games if they have to develop for the consoles as well?  All their millions of fans are already PC users and the majority of households already have a decent PC (remember low PC system requirements). 

      My odds?

      20% Yes
      80% No

  • http://twitter.com/Lex__Ryan Lex Ryan

    Simply put, I’m just not comfortable sittin’ at my PC. I want to kick back with a controller on the couch or bed, and from what I’ve seen of this game, it could work pretty well with the whole “left stick for moving and right stick for aiming/attacking” mechanic that top down console games like to use these days, console is for me for sure…. if it even comes to consoles.

    • Narscis

      just get a BT/wireless controller for your PC and play your PC off of your TV… then you can sit on the couch and play the PC version…

  • Adamwaddum

    This article gave me a…Peter Chubb.

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