Gamer qualities for iPhone 5 release

When the first iPhone landed in our hands it improved playing games on the move, and while it took some time to get started, the apps kept increasing with more innovative games. Having tested and owned every iPhone since the first generation, we’ve loved seeing the graphics improve and also the gaming along with it, but there is a drawback and this is the screen size.

The Apple iPhone 5 release date will almost surly be this year, although debate surrounds the month, and some analysts feel that using WWDC as a launch pad might never happen again. You can expect many improvements in the iPhone 5, certainly more than with the 4S model, and gamers should expect a GPU that could take phone gaming to new heights never seen before.

When size matters to mobile gamers – having used the iPad 1 and 2 for hundreds of hours, our tests showed us that this platform is an amazing one for gaming, which is improved with the ability of Airplay and a large screen television. At first the iPad felt like a big iPod, although those extra inches really had benefits when gaming and that has since made gaming on the iPhone much harder, something you can relate to if you’ve played games on a bigger touchscreen.

The iPhone 4/4S design is extremely old now, one reason many buyers are waiting until the rumored iPhone 5 redesign, and when you stand the 4S next to the latest devices you cannot help but feel small. This is thanks to the much smaller display size, which is perfect for a phone but not so good for a device that wants to be both a phone and portable gaming device.

Do you think the iPhone 5 needs a bigger display for gaming? We wouldn’t want a massive phone to find hard fitting in a pocket, although just a little extra can make a massive difference to touch gaming. Some rumors are pointing to a 4-inch edge-to-edge screen on the iPhone 5, which means the display size could increase more than the phone size. If E-Ink (aka electronic paper) ever makes it to the mainstream, then we can enjoy really big screens that pull out but until then centimeters counts.

There is no doubt that smartphones are moving gamers away from traditional handheld gaming devices, although some analysts go much further and suggest that the iPhone 5 could change gaming as we know it, which can be read in this article. Have a look at why they think this is, although we feel the biggest challenge would be to equal the experience found on home consoles, which keeps improving with firmware updates. The Xbox 360 and PS3 have many years left in them, in our opinion.

What gamer qualities does the iPhone 5 need? Simply a bigger screen would help us game more on the iPhone, and the recent news of a 20X horsepower GPU would also help, but what more could help the gamer buy into the iPhone 5?

There is another option when it comes to screen size, and this is using Airplay to stream the game to your nice large screen TV, although some gamers would then point out you need to be at home, which they favor the PS3 or Xbox 360 if that’s the case.

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