New methods for Wii U games

As the world waits for the official release of the Nintendo Wii U, we can’t help wonder what the console will do different to what is currently on the market? With this in mind, there needs to be new methods for Wii U games, but what will they be? We have to admire Nintendo in one respect, but then admit they are playing a dangerous game. We say this because they have not offered many more details to what we already knew back at E3 last year.

We got small scraps of information during CES 2012, as we believe Nintendo will save the good stuff for E3 2011 in June. We know their new console is coming this year – we just don’t know when. While we have seen a few demos of some games, an article here suggest they need to be innovative – the ones we have seen so far are not.

We can clearly see the potential is there with the console and the new controller, but the games need to take that next step. This happened with the original Wii, Nintendo need to replicate this – although it could be a little harder this time round. Having said that, game developers are a clever bunch, and they will come up with various ways to make the games very different to what we currently have – well that’s the hope.

The developers did just this with the Wii, as they could fully support the new motion controls, so they aim to do this again, and from what we saw with some of the demos for the Wii U, it looks as though they have a way to go. However, it’s still hard to know what direction these games will be going in, but we are sure you have a few ideas of your own?

There is a fear that Nintendo got a lucky break with the Wii; we just hope they prove us wrong. As we mentioned above, the selling point for the current console was the controllers; this will also be the case with the Wii U. However, we don’t want Nintendo to force the issue when it comes to us using the touchscreen, it has to feel right.

It’s obvious the new games will have to be innovative, but they could easily become gimmicky – something Nintendo does not want. Over the years they have come up with some great features for their consoles, why should this model be any different? We just hope there is online and 3D TV supports with these games, with the former being the more important of the two.

2012 is the year when we get to learn so much more about the Wii U; Nintendo has said they will share details before E3, during and after. However, the best part is the rumor of fully playable games during the big gaming event in June. Maybe then we will get some real answers to all the questions that have been asked?

During CES there have been a number of hands-on reviews, which we reported here. However, we love how this article only offers a few details, as they would much rather show us some extensive pictures of the upcoming games console instead. Not only that, there’s a video as well, which we have for you below this article.

What kind of games would you like to see on the Wii U, and what would you like to use the new controller for?