The various Mass Effect 3 platforms

There’s a huge amount of anticipation in the air regarding the launch of Mass Effect 3, not only for the reason it will be the last in the series, but also because there are new features coming, which could get a mixed reaction from the fans. The big change will be to the character of Shepard himself, as we will get to see a side of him that we have never seen before – just hope it does not spoil our perception of the great leader?

One of the big features with ME3 is multiplayer, and it’s the first time the franchise has gone down this route – better late than never. However, at least it proves BioWare never followed what everyone else was doing, and only chose to offer such a feature when they felt the time was right. The developer seems to be on a role with multiplayer, as it has been suggested that they will also incorporate this in Dragon Age 3 as well.

Depending whom you ask, Skyrim offers a better experience on the PC, as there are mods available to change many aspects of the game. It’s this same with Mass Effect 3, as using the Xbox 360 with Kinect allows you to shout commands to your team mates. It’s this kind of thing that could give it the edge over the PS3 version.

When you have played the previous two games from the series so many times, using the voice commands can be a little hard to get used to, as you want to do it the good old fashion way – well according to the reviewer of the game from this article. The whole experience will become much better once you are used to it, but you might have others in your home complaining, as when you are in the thick of it your commands might come out louder than expected.

As you may know Microsoft has said that Kinect support will be coming to the PC, but as yet BioWare has said no to voice commands for the PC version of Mass Effect 3. However, in another article we have learned that the developers said they would consider it in the future if it’s well received with the Xbox 360 version.

Speaking of the PC version, if you have gotten over the fact that this format will use Origin, then you might want to know what the minimum PC specs are? There is some good news, chances are if you PC can run the previous versions, then it will also run ME3, as the underlying tech is almost half a decade old. Below are the specs, which is thanks to Kotaku.

  • Sars48

    disappointing – i hope at least this time they make it more mod friendly, standard textures on both previous games have been disgusting