SWTOR accessibility options celebrated, while bans loom

Over the last month, we have had plenty of news for fans of Star Wars The Old Republic with everything from unanimous reviews and infographics explaining locations and more. Today we have some informative news on this greatly received game along with details on a ban implemented.

Megamers has an article on disabled gamers classing SWTOR as game of the year and commends the multiple accessibility options. The in-depth control scheme that assists play whilst being able to maintain the enjoyment has been welcomed. Features that include built-in mouse sensitivity, subtitles, multiple action bars, auto looting and queue-able actions give the user an opportunity to adapt the game to suit their needs with both single and collective gamplay.

SWTOR accessibility options celebrated, while bans loom

Some improvements can still be made as disabled gamer’s website AbleGamers feel that additions including close captioning, click to move, text sizes and mods for UI movement could make it even more accessible. With that said AbleGamers has shown appreciation for the consideration given by BioWare and LucasArts and are honored to present them with the 2011 Accessible Mainstream Game of the Year Award.

A report on DSO Gaming talks about permanent bans on BioWare’s official forums if you say that you are younger than 13 years old. Those who like to play about saying they are underage or that they are a house pet will find that their humor is not going to be accepted. In all seriousness a gamer that said, he was 12 years of age on the SW:TOR’s forum has allegedly received a permanent suspension from BioWare as they will not accept under thirteen year olds. Avoid jokes about your age or you will have to prove otherwise and rectify your joke with sufficient evidence.

N4G also writes about this and has various replies commenting on the situation. Some gamers on other sites have said that some one who makes a poor unoriginal joke about their age should be banned while others feel that they are taking the forums too seriously, although some can understand the legal issues. One question I thought would be worth asking is, say this is a twelve year old coming up to their thirteenth birthday, once they reach this age is the ban lifted or would further evidence be required?

Do you feel that making a funny joke about being under age should be taken seriously? To be fair, I do not think I have heard a humorous line involving an underage gamer yet.

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