Hands-on with PS Vita’s Dungeon Hunter: Alliance

Dungeon Hunter: Alliance is available on the PS Vita and with a hands-on review, we get the chance to see how the game fairs up on the new handheld console including a look at the gameplay.

Similar to Diablo on the PC, Dungeon Hunter has also been compared to PS2 title Champions of Norrath and PlayStationLifestyle has given us an insight into a game that is not much different to the Playstation 3 title available on the PSN. The PS3 Move features are transferred to touchscreen on the Vita and although there are two ways to act out the players movements. Using the back panel by dragging your finger is one way, and then there is the analog stick, which is not as easy to use in moments of action.

The story and gameplay is generally the same with just three characters that aim to beat a big boss and collect useful coins and items along the way. Leveling up works well with growing progression though battles and there is an opportunity to buy extras at the village. There are plenty of challenges in store especially in single play and the boss battles contain loads of action. Overall, their view is that Dungeon Hunter is not a good looking game yet not visually bad but it can be blurry in certain areas.

There is potential and use for a multiplayer although there is not much chance that this will captivate big audiences. Listed in the United States for $40 it is seen to be not worth the money especially because it is nearly the same as the PS3 title for twice the price. In an article on PlayStation Blog Dungeon Hunter: Alliance features are mentioned with more news on official details from Ubisoft on upcoming PS Vita games over the coming week. Dungeon Hunter was enjoyed as a PS3 title here, mainly when playing with friends and another feature of the game is the ability to use the accelerometer and shake your device to warn off rival spells.

Do you think that Dungeon Hunter Alliance for the PS Vita is expensive? Would you find this more reasonable if there were some major changes involved? Watch the video below to see the gameplay for yourself.


  • Pumpactionpurdey

    Pretty decent, I would say Baldur’s Gate copy, but then I love that game…. Is this a launch release?