Skyrim 1.4 patch: PS3 certification starts

When we saw the full Skyrim 1.4 patch notes a few days ago it was obvious that a PC beta would follow within days, which is the same pattern that previous updates have taken. Today we’re hearing the Skyrim 1.4 update has hit Steam for download in the form of a beta.

If you haven’t seen the details for this upcoming patch then you can do so here, which includes a few exclusive features and bug fixes for PC and PS3. The process for console owners is a little more complicated and as such would take a few more days after a beta hits steam, and this is thanks to the certification any updates go through with Sony and Microsoft.

History shows us the Skyrim 1.4 patch is in certification for PS3 and Xbox 360 – now we know the PC beta is on steam you can count on the same update entering console certification. The last PC patch, v1.3, hit steam in beta form back on December 7 and then made its way to PS3 on December 15, which is around one week later after certification.

The next Skyrim patch for PS3 owners is one of the most important yet, and this is thanks to a promise for frame rate issues to be fixed once and for all. PS3 owners should keep an eye on early next week for the 1.4 patch to land on their console, and this should be around the same time for Xbox 360 machines.

Are you going to download the Skyrim 1.4 PC update today, and if you’re a console owner how important is this next patch for you? You can read about today’s beta on the official blog found in this article, which also gives instructions on what to do in Steam if you want to download today.

Those of you looking forward to Skyrim DLC could be in for a treat considering the latest patch should clear the way for more attention to be given to downloadable content. You can read some ideas on this very topic in this article.

  • Z

    sweeet finally

  • Yu

    Hope it fixes system freezing. Only company I can think of where its games constantly lock up the system.

    • Dachino02

      Think of another game that has this kind of scope… nothing compares to the amount of content this game has.  in my opinion, that’s why it’s teh game of the year.

      • zyplexer

        Having scope and a ton of content is one thing…..having the programming to pull it off is another….which is why in my opinion, this game rates right up there with Duke Nukem Forever. Tons of potential, tons of hype….bugs and crappy programming let us down.

        • ThatGuy

          The more scope and the more content you put into a game, the more the code starts to mess with earlier code. The game is pretty great if buggy. Did you honestly expect it to come out completely flawless?

          • zyplexer

            Completely flawless? No.

            I did expect a game that was playable beyond 50 hours

  • Dragan

    God damn, when they said later this month I didn’t think they meant “as late as possible this month”. No should have to wait 2 and a half months to actually get to play what they paid for.

  • Special Unitt

    This update is important because I can actually play the damn game on my ps3 I wait all year for a game that eventually doesnt work I gave up playing until this patch..

  • 2bashy

    I stopped playing a month ago due to lag issues, freezing and bugs on particular quests which makes it impossible to play this game…this game went from the best to the worst of the year as far as Im concerned. 2/10.

    • Dachino02

      it’s like you lost a love… of course you’re going to hate it if you can’t have it… if it worked right now, you’d be back in faster than a racoon on a day old hot dog. 

  • Sdkjfklds

    not expecting a full fix for ps3 issues. and not expecting it to be out in januari either. since 1.4 hit steam users have already been reporting quest crashes and other issues. Beths programmers need to get paid more or get other shizzle to get motivated.

    • Morebatteries

      tell that to the nearly ten million people attempting to illegally pirate their hard earner game from them. Ten million x 60 DOLLARS per copy. You do the math.

  • joe

    my game doesnt lag nearly as much as it did before i deleted old saved game files… i have only had like 2 or 3 full freezes which sucks no doubt but like i said when you delete old save game files and free up memory game seems to work just fine.. granted i have a slim ps3 though so i have more memory than the originals..

  • MadatSkyrim

    sweet, maybe I can actually finish the College of Winterhold quests now (damn Revealing the Unseen not starting after Good Intentions…)

  • runes tales on amazon kindle

    Any news what the dlc is yet