Update on The Last of Us particulars

This month we have already written a post on an insightful The Last of Us interview and OPM feature, to add to the anticipation of this upcoming apocalyptic game we have some more news that focuses on the particulars.

GamingBolt has a short to the point article highlighting some new details that will contain a similar stance to that of the popular Uncharted 3 with a few great changes. One of the main differences will be that the facial expressions are more apparent, believable and realistic making The Last of Us less reliant on spoken communication. Actor’s voices will coincide with their actual movements and actions, there will also be limitations to the story telling along with amazing environments based in various locations across the US. Due out late this year to early next The Last of Us will be exclusive to the PS3 and impatience is starting to show already.

Comments of excitement have been noted as many have regarded this game as a breath of fresh air and some are starting to fall out of love with the characters in Uncharted 3 much like an adolescent that has seen their desert while they are still having lunch. I think this is more to do with the characters in The Last of Us looking like they have more depth to them. The idea of a game with a darker storyline has been welcomed as a daring new approach by Naughty Dog. When it comes to the extent of facial expressions, some gamers are more concerned with the environments as they were great in Uncharted 3 and it is more about playing the game than watching it.

In a post on GamersGuideToLife, more details are available on what has been said by the team behind it. It will have a type of love story involved but not a romantic relationship said Neil Druckmann. The character designer Mike Knowland spoke about details including a certain amount of freckles for Elle and the use of a character driven survival title that seems to be unlike any other post-apocalyptic games out there. Those looking for a new hero in Joel will find that he is just trying to survive and although no gameplay secrets have been passed on, the amount of ammo available will be reminiscent of Resident Evil titles.

What Uncharted 3 features do you feel will work for The Last of Us? When you only have a small amount of information on a game like this, the hype and excitement surrounding it generates a hunger for any new relevant details, and we will update you as soon as it arrives.

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