MW3: Patch 1.08 live, BF3 compared again

A few days ago we spoke about Patch 1.08 and how it aims to neutralize glitches; however, we did mention the moment some issues are resolved others seem to pop up, will this be the case this time round? Well, we will soon find out, as the Modern Warfare 3 patch 1.08 is live.

Currently the patch is only available for the Xbox 360 but Infinity Ward has said the PC and PS3 versions will follow shortly. The reason for the small delay is due to exclusive updates for Sony’s console. According to this article the patch offers theater fixes, improved lag comp, nerf to Striker and faster uploads to YouTube.

The new patch for the Xbox 360 requires 5MB of memory and is perfect timing, as the new DLC has just been made available for download for the Xbox 360. We still await the full patch notes for 1.08. Speaking of new downloadable content, Robert Bowling from Infinity Ward has been talking about the possibility of adding, “weapon DLC, gun drops” to MW3, but as yet is unable to confirm this will happen.

If this happens in the future then what other weapons would you like to see come to Modern Warfare 3? It will be interesting to see when the developer will be able to squeeze this in because looking at the season of content, the calendar looks pretty busy.

By now you would have thought reviewers would have stopped comparing MW3 with BF3, but it seems as though the battle is far from over. Having said that, both games are different from when they were first launched; well Battlefield 3 is, as it received an update long before the latest Call of Duty game did. What we found interesting about this article is how it looks at 6 key features and chooses a winner for each.

The result was a draw, as they believe MW3 had a better Story, Co-op and Extras. However, BF3 was able to redeem itself by having better Sound/Visuals, Multiplayer and Achievements. This is just one person’s review but would you agree with these results?

On a final note regarding Modern Warfare 3, Bowling has been answering questions regarding the Prestige token glitch, which was recently patched. He has said they now have the technology to track people who gain from this glitch and will work hard to stop hackers from spoiling the game for others. MW3 may not be perfect to some, but this is a step in the right direction.

  • Damian69

    i miss my unlimited tokens!!! double xp was great .. if you didnt use it pat yourself on the back and leave the cheaters alone.. lame asses

    • CheatersAreBrainDead

      People like you deserve the ban hammer! IW you listening their is a cheater above this reply ^^ obviously no skill, or brains otherwise wouldn’t need to cheat would you?

    • IW Ban this guy

      Your a loser. The emblems are easy to earn the right way. If you have to cheat to get them then you must really suck. I hope you get banned.

  • Nstgtr03

    SCREW YOU  Robert Bowling !!!! , Get your head out of Xboxes ASS and stop the MW3 Hackers on the Wii. You havent done nothing to stop the Hacking on MW3  Wii System.  1 update and 1 patch since the game release. I own an Xbox and play MW3 on,  but also have friends that I play against and with on the Wii system also.  FIX THE DAMN THING.  or you will lose my bussiness and many others as well.  IW made it I think they need to fix it ……  

  • Austin Parker

    i would like a Famas again and TAR 21

  • Marcus Clark

    Famas 2 round burst to compete with the type 95 or even the full auto version form blkops would be cool, TAR21 loved that gun FAL my favorite, AK74u from the campaign, F2000, the KRISS Vector SMG would be nice it would compete with the p90 and pp90 with high rate of fire and stopping power,a g3 or a galil and finaly the AUG assault rifle, or the AUG HBAR to go with the light machine guns more maneuverability, accuracy and percision.

    You could make a nastalgic pack and within it put some of the old maps from the cod4 and mw2 games and put some of the guns from the previous games but with a udated feel in it since many people are talking about bringing back some of the old maps. If you don’t want to put it into a DLC then just put it into an update to eliminate the possibility of someone picking up a gun from the DLC that they didn’t buy or mabe make it dissapear if they didn’t buy it.  

  • Zaccist

    Changing the spawn on demolition is a joke gone from the best game to the worst why change its spawn to benifit the retarded players they should change game mode if the constantly trapped

  • Blurg

    Not really.  BF3’s game play is very unpolished.  The hit detection is spotty, you can get hung up on tiny bumps in the terrain and prone players sink into hills and walls.  What’s more, at 30fps, I don’t care what the graphics look like as the animations are like watching life through a strobe light.

  • Double Aught Code

    Im switching to Battlefied, even though Iv paid the $50 to be a Premium Elite member.  Not only because of STILL having to be last on the list for DLC, even though Iv paid with a promise to access said DLC early (did they forget this was the promise regardless of the console???), but more because of the control the makers of Battlefield has taken to help stop exploitation and cheating.

    To start BF3 has added the ability to simply start EVERY game with EVERY toon muted.  Occasionaly, someone uses ‘burte force’ to come in ‘MIC BLAZING’; simply proof that exploits are being fed thru the VoIP line (is Magic Jack runnning this???), but can be immeqaditaly brought under control by re-establishing this ‘radio silence’ feature.

    End Line – I dont understand how a company can become suchj a success with so MANY cheats and exploits publicly available for them to download and reverse engineer to stop

  • Dlparrotta15

    I had the unlimited prestige token glitch and i’m prestige 6. I am not able to unlock the veteran package until prestige 10. With this glitch i was able to get 5 days of double xp but now with the new patch it wont allow me to. Does this mean i cant get future unlocks in the shop?