Doom 4: Predicting release of details

Not much is known about id Software’s upcoming game Doom 4; we know it will make use of the id Tech 5 engine and will be available on the PS3, Xbox 360 and also PC. However, the developer has yet to share any solid details, along with the all-important release date. This has lead to a number of fans predicting the possibility of a release date during a number of gaming events throughout the year.

The series began way back in 1993 on Dos and saw follow-ups in 1994 and in 2004 for the PC, with both Xbox models getting variations of the game a little later. We are not certain if all three formats of Doom 4 will be released at the same time, but in this day and age we would presume so?

We could get some insight into the release or progress of the next Doom, as we expect id Software to share some details during Pax East in April. This will then be followed up with E3 in June, Quakecon in August (which we recently discussed) and finally Pax Prime in September.

Carmack had said he would share details of Doom 4 once the developer had released Rage; well it has been four months now and still nothing. Some gamers have expressed their concerns over the quality of the next Doom, as they had a few issues with Rage, even though others believed it to be one of the smoothest and crisp games they have ever played. Maybe this is the reason for the delay, as they are now working on getting things right? There were rumors last year that Doom 4 had been cancelled, but it seems more likely to have been pushed back until they have a product they feel will not disappoint at launch like Rage did.

On this subject, we learned last year that the PS3 version could offer more content, as there may be an issue with fitting it all on Xbox 360 DVD discs. Now we cannot say for certain how much truth there is to this, but an article here quotes Carmack as saying this during Quakecon 2011.

What release date predictions do you have for Doom 4?

  • Anonymous

    Solution for Xbox/Pc add more disc’s. Doom 4 had best be epic!, Don’t do another Forever/Reach, don’t turn into CoD! Or I will seriously lose faith in the gaming industry!

  • Anonymous

    Bethesda should remove carmack from any aspect of the game that dose not pertain to engine development.  sorry the man is burnt out.

    • Caffeinefreak9000

      Carmack removed himself from any aspect not involving engine development long ago. You should do research before posting.

  • Anonymous

    I’m sorry to say ID’s mishandled this franchise. They had a winner with DOOM but you’d never know it they way they’ve neglected it, Instead of doing the obvious -building on DOOM’s success and following it up with a timely sequel(s)- they let it languish on the shelf, for years now, and pursued other less successful projects. All that’s gotten them is a disappointed frustrated and alienated DOOM fan base, the people to who they should have paid the most attention. Now they risk another disappointment as DOOM 4 will be released to a gaming community that may well have moved on from DOOM.