Iwata’s wisdom for Wii U release

Nintendo got the year off to a good start by showing off their upcoming next-gen console during CES 2011 (even though we already know most of what they showcased), and it seems President Satoru Iwata is determined to get the release of the Wii U right. It’s no secret that mistakes were made with the release of the 3DS, and after their poor annual earnings forecast Nintendo cannot afford a repeat performance.

Sales of the 3DS have started to pick up now and are outselling the PS Vita in Japan, but things were different at launch, as it was hard for the device to gain momentum. However, it took two things to do this, first a price cut and second was a range of more games. Things are still not perfect though, as there needs to be far more titles than currently available although in 2012 there are 13 new games scheduled for the first quarter of this year alone.

This article reports that Iwata has not commented on a price for the Wii U or what games we can expect to see at launch, but the former needs to be aggressive and the latter extensive. When Nintendo launched the Wii back in 2006 they could rely on the fact that no other console had the motion controller, which makes us wonder what trick they have up their sleeve this time round?

A great game line-up is key for the Wii U at launch (expected during the 2012 Holiday Season) but online support will be just as important, as this is something their current console lacks. In another effort not to make the same mistake as the 3DS, we have learned from an article here that Nintendo is considering re-branding the Wii U. This does make sense, as the name they currently have seems more like a Wii accessories rather than a new console.

While we do not have a complete list yet of games heading to the Wii U (if it will be called that) at launch, we have learned here that the Tomb Raider reboot will not be heading to Nintendo’s next console. However, Project Cars will be coming to the next-gen device. So you get something given to you in one hand while something else is taken from you in the other.

What can Nintendo do to help with the success with the Wii U; on that subject, what would you call the new console if they decide to change the name?