Next Battlefield 3 patch answers prayers

The Next Battlefield 3 patch will answer the prayers of those that want a fix to the MAV exploit, although not everyone hates it, and should enjoy it while they can. By now most BF3 fans should know what the MAV exploit is but for those who doesn’t know, you can ride on top of one and get yourself to safety – well if you pull the maneuver off correctly that is.

We know the exploit will be patched, but according to a recent article it’s uncertain if it will happen next month or after. Most gamers will be pleased, as it has spoilt the overall experience for those who would rather get down and dirty instead of bugging out of a situation or reaching areas of a map that are usually unreachable.

The MAV is meant to be a serious peace of hardware, as it allows team members to gather intel on enemy players, so the thought of it being abused in this way to carry ground forces to other areas of a map will annoy the hell out of those who would rather use the hardware for their intended purpose.

Having said that, there will be other gamers who would argue that getting rid of the glitch would be a mistake, as it adds to the experience. There’s also the matter of not taking MAVs to roadkill away, which to gamers in support of this will argue how can you separate one from the other? We would love to know where you stand on this matter?

This is yet another step DICE is going through to make Battlefield 3 a far better experience (that’s their words), so removing glitches like this along with the cheaters and we should have a much cleaner game. Some people believe if a glitch exists within a game then it’s fine to use it; just until it gets patched.

We know we cannot be certain if the BF3 February patch will resolve the MAV glitch, we do know there will be a number of other issues fixed, which you can read more about in our recent article.

Some gamers have been banned from taking advantage of such glitches, but should this be the case?


  • Sambula

    Fix it, drives me nuts when 3/4 of my team is on top of a build while a couple of people are actually taking points.

  • Censoring Fail

    Lulz at the second video… pause at 6:35 and you can see his name.

  • Patrick Roup-Mullen

    Its not a tactic or “skill” as some people call it. Getting a kill with an MAV is not only annoying, but it shows you that instead of spending your time in the fight, you camp and hide so you can drive your toy R/C around. Yeah someone can say that I’m just mad cos I died, but in reality I usually destroy the MAV and hunt down the sniper while winning the game. I have no problem with a sniper who is out of sight providing intel or helping out the team, but just because you want a kill for points its selfish. Its another aspect of Battlefield that makes it NOT a team game. The minimap is for normal mode ONLY! NOT Hardcore! If you want to incoporate the minimap in hardcore make it where if the MAV is above me and the pilot manually spots an enemy then my map will pop up. The auto detect is unfair and for hardcore the unlimited health and ammo is unfair. These maps are big but for unlimited resources its unfair. People need to start realizing they need to play as a team. MEDICS do NOT need to revive when an enemy is still firing at you! Its selfish and retarded. Oh and DICE where are the console PRIVATE MATCHES?!?!?!?

  • Anonymous 4443312

    We know we cannot be certain if the MW3 February patch will resolve the MAV glitch, we do know there will be a number of other issues fixed, which you can read more about in our recent article.”

    Really? the MW3 mav glitch? -.-

  • SD Schulzey

    I don’t really have a problem with the MAV glitch.  You can reach those areas of the map with a heli too, so the MAV thing is just another layer to the game.  Personally it’s annoying to spawn on my team, only to find out that they’re 30 stories up, sniping, and I’m stuck with an assault rifle and trying to drop the 30 stories without getting picked off. 

    BTW, have you tried the glitch?  It ain’t easy.  I’ve messed with it a bit to no avail.

    The MAV roadkill is stupid and should go.  I use the MAV.  I get roadkills with it sometimes, but it just seems brainless and so far from the “realistic” approach of the rest of the game that it should go away.  Maybe allow it to knock some health, but a roadkill is overkill.

  • MAVerick

    I fully support the MAV exploit to get to higher places.  BF3 Failed at putting ladders on buildings.  They have a severe problem with people getting to high places, as a matter of fact they avoid it like the plague.  I’m not a sniper, but that’s part of sniping, getting to higher locations.  FIX BF3 !

  • MAVerick

    They also need to put ladders on Towers, like the one on Caspian, oil tanks, etc.   Just ridiculous, and they also need to Open up the map, get rid of those horrible ‘out of bounds’ 
    I could go on about other issues, but this is about the MAV.

    • Guest

      the reason they have the “out of bounds” is because the maps are already rather large and if the added more the consoles would lag way too much and they would not be able to keep 25-30fps

  • Dorkster

    The way you climb ladders is terrible also.  Too slow and you can’t look around while climbing? WTF DICE???!!???  Just awful game designing.

    • Guest

      you can look around while climbing ladders

  • Keep it!

    Keep the use of the MAV as a vehicle, but get rid of the road kill bs.

  • Korysmith32

    I support the mav glitch too. if you dont like leave or get a mortar drop round ontop of them or go up there your self with a shotgun and take caren of them.

  • Absolute2

    this exploit is ridiculous and is just another reason why this game is the worst battlefield yet. I like…. love this game when it is good. However, when you have an unkillable base camping sniper/mortar combo, a terrible un-customizable control scheme, a very noticable difference between console and pc versions, this MAV crap, and the devs response about all these issues being as arrogant as it gets….. makes me wonder how people can still play this. I feel like its the devs slapping everyone in the face with thier dicks and just sitting there saying “yeah you know you love it!”


    I use the mav to get to higher places but its usually because in the real world there would either be a ladder or the tools to reach the spot. Sometimes I’m riding it just to get to a spot that would be easy to get to if I could get a lift from a team mate or have the ability to haul myself up. I think this glitch should stay unless given other tools to get to normal places so I can do what a sniper is meant to do, recon for his team and and shoot from a safe, hard to notice spot. But should definitely get rid of mav roadkill glitch. I may get in hard to reach places but I’m still killable, unlike person who hides in an untouchable spot in their deployment and is allowed to get kills.

  • Oleo02

    Fix it i hate running around and knowing that almost my whole team is on top of buildings its boring or at least make it so for the game mode rush the offense should not b able to do the MAV glitch because hello? Ur on offense u should b trying to destroy the plant sites Yes u can snipe from ground levels and still recon i do it its not hard