Tomb Raider game mechanics explained

We have more news on the next edition of the popular Tomb Raider franchise as the reboot game mechanics are explained and informative details of Lara Croft’s next journey.

As Crystal Dynamics are hard at work on the next Tomb Raider title, we have looked at some of the questions that fans have come up with. Community Manager, Megan Marie has answered a few questions to do with the game mechanics, and that there is no WiiU version at work currently. Reboot is a totally new title that has no story links to previous games. It is not a prequel, although Lara Croft is only 21 in this game.

A worldwide release will be expected at the same time and the reason it is taking so long is to do with ensuring the type of quality that fans appreciate. When asked about more additional Tomb Raiders, an amused answer was diverted into playing this one first. It will be available for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC yet no other platforms have been considered, a Mac version is being looked into, as this would be ideal to come out at the same time. Lara will need food and water and scavenging will be an element of her survival, there is no love interest and collector’s edition will be available.

The frequently asked questions have come by the bucket load with everything from, why does Lara have a modern phone in the Turning Point trailer? To how many hours of gameplay will Tomb Raider feature? Megan Marie answers many of these although many gamers are more interested in when it is going to be released. Some feel this is a sequel and not a reboot, and others want a Wii U version regarding it as game that will do well on all formats acquiring more fans and more money.

The GamersHub talks about the collector’s edition that will be available although there are no images or anything substantial to go by at the moment. Global Brand Manager Karl Stewart let some details out of the bag during a recent podcast in which information about DLC was also divulged. He spoke about his love for collector’s editions as he had a direct hand in sets for Age of Conan and Batman: Arkham Asylum. As far as DLC is concerned, his idea is not to limit it to certain areas and close of others or look at it as just a money making scheme. The main aim is to spend time getting it right.

To see some of the questions being answered in full, we have a video below, which has Meagan Marie giving her response. What questions do you feel are missing?


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