Visualizing SWTOR companion customization

Games have changed so much over the years, once you just got on with things and had little control over the characters in terms of how they looked. However, times have changed and developers know they need to draw you in; so allowing you to change appearances and other such things within the game has now become essential. Proof of this can be found with the SWTOR companion customization, but you need to earn the privilege to do this first.

The companion within the game is your friend and once you have earned him or her they will follow you during your adventures across the galaxy. Like all friends you will not only have fun with them but also become annoyed as well. There are five companions in each class and the first will be awarded to you on your Origin World. To some players this is not important to them but for those who would like some help along the way, then you are advised to concentrate on your class quests.

Below you will see three videos, all of which shows just how easy it is to customize a companion. The easy things you can change first are things such as hair, eyes, skin tone etc; however, you will need 12,500 credits in order to start customizing your companion.

Finding vendor locations can be a difficult task, which is why an article here has explained the name of these vendors and their locations.

First up we have Tatrog Companion Customization Vendor and can be found here. Here you can get 6 Corso Riggs and Kira Carsen and 4 T7 Customizations. Keth is the next and can be found here. This vendor has a bigger list of things to kit your companion with.

There are two other vendors, Guunta on Balmora (see map), and Captain Kneely (see here). Both these have an extensive list of customizations for you to choose from.

Companions are broken down into different categories these are as follows: JEDI KNIGHT, JEDI CONSULAR, SITH WARRIOR, SITH INQUISITOR, BOUNTY HUNTER, IMPERIAL AGENT, SMUGGLER and finally TROOPER. There has been a huge response from owners of Star Wars: The Old Republic on how to apply the customization kit, we hope the three videos below will help you learn how to do this rewarding task?