Female figures and Grand Theft Auto 5

Some gamers feel certain female characters were amazing in previous games and they’d like to see these characters return in future games, although there are people that point out certain games were never given the chance to feature a female as the protagonist, and some fans want GTA 5 to change this.

Not everyone feels the same about a female lead in gaming, but should it really make a difference? In our opinion the gender of the character doesn’t enter our mind when playing games, in most cases, but some gamers feel gender has everything to do with the game especially when it’s as lawless and violent as GTA 5 is likely to be. It does amaze us that in these modern times some people feel a male gangster really matters in games, and collaboration with a female taking a backseat is the most some people want.

Name some of the best female characters in games – this very topic has been touched on in this article, which looks at a number of females that need to make a return, in their opinion. These include Nariko from Heavenly Sword, Jade from Beyond Good and Evil, Jennifer Tate from Primal, Rubi from WET, and April Ryan from The Longest Journey. Each of these choices has been given a little explanation, which can be seen in the above article.

Should we see female dominance in Grand Theft Auto 5? For us the gender doesn’t make a lot of difference, although the answer would be to offer a customizable character that could include a number of choices with different genders. Some people feel this offers disadvantages in GTA 5 and would ruin the story, do you agree?

Some details or solid rumors about GTA 5 please – since the official trailer was launched we’ve seen little in the way of official details from Rockstar, although some solid details and insight have come from third parties this month. EMI Music pointed out via this article that they’d like work with Rockstar on Grand Theft Auto 5 thanks to the “unique opportunity” it offers them. Some fans want GTA 5 to look like L.A. Noire and play like Grand Theft Auto, which could be possible if an interview with Brendan McNamara is anything to go by.

Insight was offered by Rockstar into the characters likely in GTA 5 thanks to a Q&A, which explained the GTA games are set in different eras with the last game being the only possible era to be included in the next GTA game. You can read more about this in an earlier article.

If Grand Theft Auto V featured a female protagonist, would it make a difference to you? We’ve seen a number of articles highlighting the problem with a female gangster and one of the most insightful can be found here, which concludes that it’s definitely an option if done right.

  • As

    women in saints row :)

  • Luke_paton1

    In a game like this i just dont believe it. women are by nature weaker than most men, and to be able to fight whatever thugs are in gtav and the hold of police officers, haul people out of cars.. it wouldnt be believable, unless she was a highly trained weightlifting, military or martial arts woman..

  • Dsodihg

    It doesn’t really make sense. Why would someone want a women character ?? Most of the people playing video games especially gta 5 are men. So it would definitely ruin the gameplay. And also women are generally considered peaceful and violence doesn’t suit them. So no women character please !!! 

  • Joe

    if theres a sandwich mission, go right ahead

  • Ecuadorian16

    I dont want to do missions in a kitchen

  • Qwerty1231

    I don’t want to hear none of that ‘sisters can do it just as good in broken heals’ crap

  • Gonzo


  • Krisfaulkner

    To be honest I didn’t even like playing as Niko due to where he was from and i don’t mean that in a racial way because i loved playing as CJ in GTA SA and most playable character in GTA and the expansions have been from a non-american descent (with Tommy being my favourite) but I just couldn’t relate to Niko, (and I’m Northern Irish so it had nothing to do with his lack of American routes) I enjoy getting “lost” in a game and i think that playing as a female would detract from GTA’s submersion. Although that’s just my preference so..

  • Karan1017

    Its gonna be AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nbalive06

    Well to me doesn’t matter who is the Main Character, Man or Woman……as long as I PLAY THE GAME…

  • Nbalive06

    Are they gonna make this game for PS Vita as well…..if they do, that will be fuckin awesome.

  • Jjfjf

    What’s the point in this article?

  • http://www.facebook.com/zaland.yousafzai Zaland Yousafzai

    yea..they should make a female protagonist and release the the game for wii only..

  • wewantgta5now!

    female………. i don’t want to play a game about cooking and cleaning 😉 haha

  • Mckenzie

    Female gangsta type hell yes. I live in Miami n you’d b surprised how many women actually control the men plus they do a better job. Love the fact there could b women in the game instead of men we r all equal so y not I’d play a woman like I have on saint rows the third. Nice 1 rockstar.

  • DantheG100

    Interesting idea but I highly doubt we’ll see it in GTA V. Maybe a later title though…

  • gamerofyears

    My sister plays GTA IV and she has no problem with that + In MP you can choose to be a male or female i don’t why they should ruin the franchise just for a few girl gamers , i find the game fine how it is and how it always has been . they can still play Saints row 

  • Robby

    You guys want chicks,play Saints Row,but we really don’t want the GTA Franchise to be ruined by something like this.I dont have anything against women,but honestly,it would change the whole pespective of the game.I really hope this game is much like San Andreas.GTA IV took out alot of the fun things San Andreas had.For example,in San Andres you could ride a plane and jump off with a parachute,and in GTA IV you can’t.You could go to the highest peak of a mountain or building,and jump off.There’s the classic GTA we want.A female character would not give us the feeling of crazyness and insanity that San Andreas once did.

  • Saxon White

    its nothing against having a female in games fullstop. just as the main protagonist in gta. lara croft is awesome but could a girl have been as ruthless and believable as niko or cj? if she had her own dlc on san fierro or she from las venturas id be all for it

  • Zella

    I read a few of the comments and I’m shocked. Firstly there are far more than a ‘few’ girl gamers, and though GTA has had a male protagonist for the longest they have still had a large fan base which includes females. So there you have the old saying ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.’

    But gaming is a technology, and technology must advance to thrive. Sure they could make the lead female, but as we see here *coughs* some male gamers are more narrow minded than most female gamers..

    What harm could come from allowing to choose a gender? What disadvantages could it possibly have? less story? less this, less that.. well the disadvantages are entirely up to the makers of the game, bad qualities don’t just happen in games, they are made. If they gave players the option to choose their gender, they would have to go full throttle, don’t half a** it. The same goes for any game that allows you to customize a character.

    In the end, I believe adding the option to be male or female in GTA would only enhance the game. After all, history, movies, games, including GTA, show that yes maybe women aren’t the same type of heartless, brutal criminals as men. But that’s a good thing, cause female villains are a whole different breed of wicked. 😉

    • Telly

      I am a female and i don’t like playing games like gta using a female character. It just doesn’t feel right. Why would you choose a female character for violent games ? Thats just stupid and i find it very offensive.  

  • guest

    It might be time to think about allowing us to create a character…but that’s just my opinion.

    • Alberto de Silva

      I oh so do agree! That would be an amazing idea for GTA V! *gives him a cookie*
      Reward! I would also like it in GTA VI, if it can’t be for GTA V. And GTA VI is set in a city based of Sydney or Melbourne, with Packie from GTA IV! And the ability to create a charecter, sadly in GTA V Albert de Silva is the Protagonist, voiced by Ned Luke.

      • Alberto de Silva

        Don’t forget GTA V is set in LS! Los Santos!