Gaming on iPad 3 vs. newcomers

When it comes to the iPad 3 release you can be certain it’s coming this year although solid specifications are unlikely, which leaves Apple fans hunting for new rumors, but you can count on official details from newcomers running Android. The most exciting rumor for gamers that want the iPad 3 would be a quad core processor, and the possibility of a major graphics boost for gaming on a whole new level.

Apple has certainly had a good run with the iPad and the 3rd generation can only help towards creating the ultimate gaming tablet, which would be thanks to that increased processing power and GPU but not everyone loves Apple. In fact Android has built a big following and an increasing range of brands are starting to make ground with some releases this year that are likely to give the iPad 3 a run for it’s money, which wont be cheap.

Every Android owner has a reason not to want the iPad 3 release – for some people it’s price, others it’s the control that Apple loves with iOS, and then we have Android phone owners that want the same operating system for their tablet. What is your reason for wanting, or avoiding, an iPad 3?

The latest reports, as shown in this article, point to the Apple iPad lead being cut in half when compared to the previous year. These reports take into account the market share for different tablet OS and this includes Apple iOS (iPad), Android, Microsoft, and others.

Should we not consider that the iPad 3 is one device from Apple and is being compared to many brands running Android OS? We hear this argument a lot, and Apple fans do accept that when the iPad 3 is released it’s only one device, which is competing with many more devices from different brands and this means it would likely start losing to the competition (as a whole).

Let us know your view on the whole iPad vs. Android tablet debate in the comments. You can see a graphic that displays the different tablet market shares below this article.

So what does this mean for the tablet gamer? That would depend on where you stand with Android and iOS, because those with an open mind on the two platforms are likely to benefit from a better choice to suit their needs. If you’re looking for value for money then the vast selection of Android tablets are sure to deliver a good gaming tablet at the right price, although some gamers are already tied in with a massive selection of apps on iTunes thanks to owning an iPhone. These users might not find the courage, or need, to jump ship. Are you open to both platforms, or are you already decided?

If you’re looking for rumors and hints at iPad 3 specs, then you should see this page where you’ll find the latest news. Those of you looking for alternatives to the new iPad (likely A6 quad-core) might want to see the HTC Tegra 3 quad-core Android tablet due shortly, and also the Lenovo Ideapad K2 that features a NVIDIA Tegra 3 (shown in the first video below). Another choice would be the Asus EeePad Transformer Prime although this is not in the traditional tablet design, and you can see a 30 minute video review below this article (second video).

Then we must remember that an old Android or iPad tablet could be enough when you take OnLive into account, which should give enough high graphic gaming for those not too far away from Wi-Fi, although this could change in time. Another article found here looks at the Android tablet market after seeing a number of devices at CES 2012, and looks at increased overcrowding for Android this year. Let us know your thoughts on this possibility.


  • Bardhok Ndoji

    I have seen android tablets on the shops.I have played with them.They are cheap plastic looking ones. Some of them thicker then the others and some clunker then the others. Even though there arse so many of them, they get too little attention. Quantity has never been over quality! There is still no tablet, and likely there won’t be any tablet (at least for 2012) to be any close as good as iPad. Never mind the controled iOS, half of a billion apps that run smoothly on a tablet are enough for most people out there,