Skyrim users either frustrated or addicted

It’s pretty interesting looking at the wide range of Skyrim gamers, and this comes from someone who has spent hundreds of hours in the game, which includes those that get addicted to Skyrim and stay hooked compared to those that continue to be frustrated over the game during the wait for Skyrim’s 1.4 patch (expected to release on the PS3 and Xbox 360 next week).

Our review of Skyrim was meant to last a few days, although two months after Skyrim released we found ourselves still playing and committing many hours to the game. Those of our readers that have spent numerous hours in the world of Skyrim would know it’s almost impossible to understand the game fully after a couple of hours gameplay, which is just what some mainstream media try to do when they review a game.

The addicted Skyrim players – you may know a few people that cannot get enough of Skyrim, and it could even be you that has spent hours immersed in the virtual world. We found one such player that has stated “Skyrim hijacked” their life, and the story has been published for all to see in this article. It’s easy for us to agree with the author on how you can lose track of time playing Skyrim, although some players have put in the time and feel they’ve been burned by Bethesda’s lack of care when coding the game, in their opinion.

Frustrated Skyrim players with varied stories – We wouldn’t agree with some people about any intentional neglect, after all The Elder Scrolls games are not your typical annual releases, and in fact our experience with the PS3 version showed rare frame rate issues after patch v1.3 (we know some people are in a different situation with the so-called lag). We’ve seen a number of players start whole new games to avoid ridiculous frame rates and the wait for a fix seems longer than it has actually been, although this wait is likely to be fixed with the finalized release of Skyrim patch 1.4 next week (not everyone shares this expectation).

There is no doubt in our mind that Skyrim is better than the majority of games from 2011, although gamers would tell more people about issues than successes. Stories of Skyrim frustration range from crashing, screen tearing, so-called lag, repeated speaking, followers attacking you for no reason, and loads more.

Some people feel that playing a game “first time with bugs makes you wonder why a game isn’t fully tested“, although many gamers would prefer game updates that fix these issues and a quicker release rather than waiting as long as games like Diablo 3 to release. In this case many fans are asking for a release now and to patch any issues later, what do you think is the best approach?

Not all experiences are the same – Skyrim is a massive game and most people would expect bugs, although some players cannot believe it when certain PS3 owners claim a problem free experience, especially when they’re yet to see any lag (frame-rate) issues after many hours.

Are you one of the addicted Skyrim players or a frustrated user? Feel free to share your experience with this amazing game, and let us know if you’ve had to step away until your problems are fixed or are you one of the gamers that have been lost in the virtual world? The Skyrim patch 1.4.20 (PC beta) went live recently and we explained this and other changes in an earlier article, and with just a couple of days left in January a few users wonder if the creation kit will really come this month.

  • Duce

    addicted ps3 player here love the game and never had any frame rate issues or problem what so ever. will continue to play it.

  • jason

    Had it on PC since release and my experience hasn’t been too buggy. Early on the game would change the mouse sensitivity on me mid combat if there was more than 2 enemies (very frustrating) but that was fixed with the first patch. Only had it crash to desktop maybe 3 or 4 times total but I expect that to happen on PC. I think they scrapped sufficient product testing in order to hit the 11/11/11 date they promised to us. This is one of the only series I buy on release & I am willing to let them slide a little on this one, however if future releases are like this then the Elder Scrolls will become another one of those “wait until there is a game of the year edition fully patched with all the DLC for half price” buys.

  • Smith Danny80

    No skyrim got old real fast after playing dark souls. Even though this was the game I was looking forward to all year, dark souls ruined the game for me with the awesome combat and online features. Skyrim just turned stale and repetitive really fast.

  • RandomFires

    The game, its open world and mechanics don’t make this a short experience, it is the bugs.  No matter what system its played on, bugs plague it, and hamper the game experience as a whole.  One or two bugs would be no big deal, but they add up so much it kills the game.  Like Fall-out Vegas, the numerous bugs just kill the “play more” factor.  I’ve played all the elder games, but Morrowwind was the peak of game play, and the series has taken a downward spiral.
    And further to point, console games should be complete and tested on disk, no relying on downloaded patches.  That the whole point of playing on a console an not pc.

    • LittleLukeh

      As true as that is one needs to take into account that the game does rely on a few ‘Randomly’ generated quests causing some to clash and creating bugs like the Blood’s Honor quest not being able to start.
      But what also needs to be taken into account is the order people do things. I’m guessing you’ve played Skyrim a while, think of all the quests you’ve done now do them in a different order from the start… then again in a different order… then again and again and again. How is it possible for them to test each order of quests. there’s over 100 quests and changing the order of how a player takes them could contribute to a bug.
      They won’t waste there time playing the game start to finish over 100 times to iron out bugs.

      They will release it to an opening standard and when bugs appear and are reported they can get to work on patches.

  • JC

    Sat waiting for a patch to fix a game breaking bug I had on the main questline, kept waiting for patch notes for 1.4…..then kept hopeing they’d add some extra fixes. Would have been quicker just to restart 70 hours in when it crapped out in November. So that’s what I’ve done. Plus side- I’m avoiding all the familiar areas from my first playthrough and still picking up interesting locations. Down side- Looooot of identical cookie cutter dungeons filled with nothing but Draugr to grind through. Not a bad game per se but the spell of a massive and infinitely varied environment is broken pretty quickly and with the typical crappy TES weapon set hiearchy and trademark ‘not that great’ unique weapons there isn’t much meat to keep me hooked and playing despite the grinding repetitiveness (which is sorta what an rpg often is in many cases…..loot for grinding for grinding for loot).


    The whole idea of a console game it to have a self-contained
    completely tested and working game that is by the definition of self-contained
    NOT reliant on the buyer having an internet connection to fix a poorly designed
    games rushed to market.


    It is a disturbing new trend game designers making glitch
    filled games and marketing them to the public a trend that is growing and is to
    to the point of being the norm. They are selling dysfunctional games with empty
    promises of patches in the future which can’t happen unless you purchase a
    third party service (the internet) to fix the programmers defective games.


    These con men make billions from games sales and when the
    gaming community gets feed up they just make another defective game to ride a
    new game bubble. But most in the gaming  community remember which game designers are
    bad and soon stop buying defective games from them we just might as well add
    this company to the list of dishonest programmers selling defective games and
    just stop buying their dysfunctional games.

    • Kaden101

      Couldn’t agree more.

  • No

    Frustrated, I wish there was an option to be good in this game, kinda like fable, so there would be consequences if you joined the dark brotherhood, cause to be honest it kinda sucks being a good guy on skyrim

  • Bob

    I loved the game.  It amazes me how much work must have gone into creating it.  There are a handful of inexcusable bugs that should have been caught and fixed before release, but for the most part the game is well done.  My PS3 is about 3 1/2 years old and it cannot handle this game.  My main character file size is12MB and since about 7MB I have only been able to play for about 30 minutes before it becomes incredibly choppy.  Now at 12MB I’ve stopped playing entirely.  I actually haven’t played since the first week of December.  I figured I’d check to see if they ever came out with a fix for the PS3 problems.  I’m amazed it’s been almost two months and they have not.

  • Michael G.

    I love Skyrim and find it amazing as you stated. I’m playing on the PS3 and my only gripe is the Bottomless Pit endless gold by getting the Doors to Oblivion off the skeleton at the shrine. Knowing I am able to get all that free money makes the game a little easier because I have great weapons and armor and every spell worth having. But I also did not install the 1.03 update I want to play the game the way it was released and when I finish with my first play through I’ll install whatever update they have when I do my second run. I never had lag but the games has froze 3 or 4 times but this is not the first game I played that has froze and I’m sure it won’t be the last.

  • Mika Mage

    At the moment I’m level 52 and I’m not even close to being halfway done with either the civil war or main quest line. However, I do notice that as my save file keeps growing (now 12 megabytes) the freezes and crashes become more and more frequent (at least 1 per hour, and that’s me being lenient), and with these diminishing returns the game is quickly becoming unplayable. In fact, I’m considering just blasting through the main story line to “get it over with”, since the game has become so unstable getting side-tracked with a random side-quest often ends up taking 5 hours to complete, what with the frequent freezes, crashes, restarts, reloads, etc…

  • Mika Mage

    BTW why aren’t my comments being displayed on my facebook page? I pressed the little button and everything…

  • Evan the lizard

    I love skyrim but as soon as it lags I quit can’t deal with it I turn my Xbox off and go out with the lads it’s too annoying plus at the start there’s too many characters I couldn’t choose who to be a human like myself a elf or cat or lizard too much choice was bad until every character I played kicked ass I would wiz through to level 30 in three days then I would get too good and not need to level up my perks so I joined all the factions good but once I finished I didn’t get much from it a job and some gear and a bit of dosh not brilliant when you want to be beaten up once in a while to make things exiting now I can buy anything I want or make anything I want any quest I finish in have an hour or less too easy and want to start again the same circle over and over and over I had to put the difficulty on master and make my character really bad to have fun when all I want to do is go on kill a few baddys and go off knowing that my character will change over time as I do … To much to ask?

    • Anonymous

      They invented periods, commas, and paragraphs for a reason. See above.

  • Kaden101

    Frustrated is an understatement to what a complete waste of a disc this game currently is. I’m lucky if I can get 10 minutes out the damn thing before it hard freezes my PS3. I’m fed up of deleting the install files & patches, & I’ve seriously had enough of having to recover my PS3’s file system because of this beta release. I haven’t been able to go near this thing since before Christmas.

    Skyrim is great big joke on paying PS3 owners, & Bethesda deserve nothing but a giant worm/virus sending to them everytime they print a disc with a broken game on it.

    Piece of crap!

    • James

      I have it on ps3 and have been happily playing whenever I please, for as long as I please, with no issues. Tough luck.

      • Lister82

        I also have it on PS3 and while there is a little bit a lag when entering new area’s I just slow down for a second let it catch up then continue at full speed. I accept this due to the incredible size and scope of the game. Seriously when I think about how much it must be processing when in the Skyrim landscape, and how complicated that must be to program for, I just accept the occasional glitch. I play for HOURS at a time and rarely does anything go wrong. Tho I am sick of one of the companions constantly chasing me to tell me he’s sick of me wasting his time. Thank god for unrelenting force =)  

    • trexxxxx1

      It is not the game it is your whack PS. I do not have near that kind of trouble as you do.

      • Kaden101

        My whack PS plays every other game on the system without crashing. It’s the game. I have no idea why some PS3 gamers have little or no problems with Skyrim, & others like myself have a nightmare with this piece of crud, but my PS3 gets used for hours & hours everyday with a glitch until I play Skyrim.

  • Krzysztof Jozwik

    This game is ahead of its time, the best I’ve played in years.  I play on the PC and have had no real issues, there was a sound bug at first, I just had to change the quality my PC was playing.  PS3 and Xbox users need to understand, this game is truly built for a PC.  I couldn’t even imagine WoW on Xbox or PS3, be happy you get this broken version, and stop playing on a console, PC is king.

    • Tokerj

      Don’t be naive, people have a variety of reasons for playing on the console. I for one work on a PC all day, don’t want to sit there any longer in my off time. I prefer kicking back on a couch with a controller in the living room then fiddling with a mouse and keyboard win my room with a glaring screen 2 feet from my face. I am also aware of the Creation Kit, and don’t care. I prefer playing games in the “vanilla” setting, as they were meant to be played.
      And I’ve never heard anyone say that the game is “built for a PC”. Quite the opposite; I have read many PC users complaining that the game felt like it was just a port from the console. Don’t act like just because you have had no real problems on the PC that there aren’t any. There are just as many people complaining about PC problems as there are on consoles (save perhaps for the PS3 lag issue), from crash to desktop, to memory issues, etc.

      • Meanie

        What’s upp with the couch and sofa thing for the consoles. Didn’t you know or are you just ignorant to know that there is a Xbox 360 controller for the PC?

        Seriously, get a life.

        • Winn158

          Dude, chill. He was only making the point that he woul rather spend time away from his computer screen when playing games. There’s no need to call him ignorant or tell him to get a life. Just be happy and try to enjoy the game.

    • LittleLukeh

      Eh “PC is king” I’d say there are advantages for example the creation kit, and the console to fix bugs…

      But it wasn’t “truly built for PC” you use WoW as an example, WoW is a MMORPG Massive Multiplayer. WoW is nothing like Skyrim because for one you interact online and as well quests it’s used as an online hangout for the most part. Comparing Skyrim to WoW is like comparing Saints Row to Second Life. There’s no real connection between either of them except the concept of ‘Quest’

      Skyrim is actually a game with direction.

      As for the whole ‘broken version’ PC’s have just as much issues, just luckily for PC users they have the console to work around a lot of the bugs. I’m an xbox user and I’ve only had 1 bug and even with that one bug I’ve got all the Xbox Achievements and completed all the main quests.

  • Quats0

    For all those complaining about the freezing and what not on PS3, turn off autosave for everything. It takes getting used to, but it makes the game playable. When the game is loading a city, area, etc but also saving a 4-15mb file it freezes up. I’m sure we’ll get a patch for autosave, just troop it out and remember to save!.

  • Meanie

    I played on PC. Finished my first playthrough roughly around 100+ hours and this is the vanilla. I started my second playthrough just now im currently level 37, installed mods like coolsims, midas magic all working well. So far soo good and most of the problems like low-res textured has been and will be fixed by modders. So kuddos to modders working hard to perfect the game.

    • Anonymous

      This game looks amazing with high-res textures. It does take some work combing Skyrim Nexus for all the best textures/mods while still keeping true to the original game. My texture file is now 10GB but I wanted the best for everything.

  • Brianvaughanjedi

    I play on a 360 because I hate PCs. I used to be a PC user until I discovered the Mac and my life is so much easier now. Really PCs are garbage unless you build one yourself.

    Anyway my first game had so many broken quests I had to start over. On the second play through I basically had no problems what so ever. Now on a third character and the games running just fine. So I a little of both, more on the addicted side.

    • Anonymous

      Then build one yourself. It will give you a better bang for your buck anyway. Never had a crash yet in Skyrim on the PC, and I have 200+ hours in it.

  • Michele Mackay

    I play on the PS3 because I love seeing the game on my nice big television, compared to my computer screen which Isnt as modern. I also spend all day at a computer so the couch is a nice change.
    I have played about 100 hours and the bugs that bother me are the quest bugs. I have a number of quests that I can’t finish and I hope the patch fixes that.
    I have only ever experienced lag if playing for 5+ hours but a restart will correct it.
    On the whole 60 dollars for the many hours of entertainment is still a fair trade for me.

    • ­­­

       Just hook your PC up to your TV, are you really that dense?

      • Kaden101

        My PC is already hooked up to the TV by HDMI & is good enough to run most games at a better spec than the PS3, but that doesn’t mean I want to use it for gaming. I can’t hog the PC in one room, & the PS3 in another. The wife wouldn’t appreciate me hogging all the tech when she wants to chat with her friends online.

        There is a reason I use the PS3.

        Also, shouldn’t have to run Skyrim on the PS3. I paid good money for it to run on the PS3 & the fact that Bethesda are a giant waste of space isn’t good enough reason for me to pay them more money to buy another copy of Skyrim for a different platform. Bethesda just needs to be less rubbish.

        • Kaden101

          Typo – should have read “Also, shouldn’t have to run Skyrim on the PC.

          My bad.

  • EDDY

    Frustrated or addicted?! I paid $60 for this game. How can I be addicted to a game that is completely FUCKED UP! It’s a good game when it comes to the open world map the story line, but there’s just to many glitches. It freezes often, some quests don’t start, that includes “A Cornered Rat” and “A night to remember”. Meaning I can’t continue with the story line. So you can imagine how pist off I got reading this title:”Skyrim users either frustrated or addicted”
    considering how much I paid for this. ADDICTED?! Cram it! 

    • yurmom4life

      SKYRIM RULES……….. and so do game crashes, glitches and freezes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      CRAM IT!!!!!

  • Bradazz82

    to all you skyrim haters out there,  take advice from Arnold S and……………………………………


  • sed

    I love the ‘so called ‘ lag statements. Has the author never been on youtube? There are literally hundreds of hours of worldwide video of this game breaking in so many ways. I am into skyrim for about 200 hours with two characters on ps3. The game works fine until the save file hits around 7mb then all hell breaks loose. I myseld have witnessed backward dragons skeleton dragons and the biggest patch snafu of lost resistances.

    This should suprise noone however. I went into skyrim knowing full well it would be chock full of game breaking bugs. I mean come on does noone remember this is the same studio that released morrowind? That is my favorite game of all time but was effectively broken the same way. Don’t remember having to clear the dead bodies of enemies because entwring vivec would crash your xbox? Televani towers broke the load times… these are the same exact type of bugs this studio has had in every single game they have ever released.

    Know why? They make games that I think they don’t even have control over. They are simply too large bigger than life games. It sucks probably will never change but I for one am glad I get the opportunity to sink enough time into a game that garners a 12 mb save file. Show me another console game that can get close to those numbers without breaking things.

    So to answer I’m frustratingly addidicted have been for years

  • Winston Smith

    To the “play your PC on the TV dur” I can say, as someone who lives in an apartment, it would be pretty much unacceptable to have my pc permanently hooked to my computer, nor would I want this.  However, it would be annoying to constantly hook up the PC to the TV, so for many games I get console just to save myself the hassle, especially since most multiplat PC games are terrible ports.  I got Skyrim for PS3 and have had little to no lag problems, however the amount of quest bugs I’ve had is staggering. As someone who did PC for Oblivion, Fallout 3, and New Vegas, I do miss console commands to fix buggy quests, but otherwise the PS3 is pretty similar. These games were never graphics powerhouses.

  • Curtis Isabell

    neither… i was addicted at first but after 150 hours im kinda over it.. still an amazing game, had almost no bugs only 1 freeze.
    skyrim was the only game in the past 2 years to be fun for more then 60 hours, therefore, its the only game in the past 2 years worth buying.

  • Define_X

    a PS3 owner, I’m frustrated. I really love the game, but I can’t
    play it for more then 10 minutes without a crash. I’ve had to stop
    playing altogether. Hopefully the new patch will fix things. All I
    can do now is read about the constant delays in releasing the new

    • Flipfo4

      get an xbox it runs great on xbox the dlc comes out early on xbox oh and ive seen newer xboxs go for $100 

      • Define_X

        Tell you what, send me $100 and i’ll go grab one.  Oh and $60 for the game.

        • Define_X

          Sorry that had alot more venom then I meant it to.  
          I’m not going to go buy an xbox.

          • Kaden101


            I understand exactly where you’re coming from, & no need to apologise for any venom directed at Skyrim. I feel exactly the same way. Also, why would I purchase an xbox for one game. I’m not paying extra money to Bethesda for another version of the game when they couldn’t even program the PS3 version properly. I’m not asking for PC level graphics, just a game that works out of the box. Not having to wait over 2 months just to play the damn thing.

            Have as much venom as you want towards Bethesda & the PS3 version of Skyrim. After all, it’s a piece of bug ridden, crash happy, chuggy crap that should never have been released in the state it’s in.

            I’m in the 10 minutes then it crashes school of Skyrim.

  • Jffiv27

    I can’t play this damn game until this patch comes out. Like for real what’s bethesda doing? I would be surprised if there chillin at bethsoft hq just fingering there a******s and spinning around in their office chairs!!

  • edelac

    To me Bethesda needs to fire their quality control department because in the last decade they have released some of the worst bug plagued games i have ever laid eyes on. If it wasnt for the story or the “be whoever” emphasis then i could not play them. Although i have to say that Skyrim was disappointing, not for lack of trying it is still a really good game, not Game of the Year good but good. It falls short of great due to some things i didnt give a  thought to in some of Bethesda’s previous games. “Same olds” include the crashing, freezing, audio crashes, texture or resolution bugs, and good old random NPC and quest bugs. However in this game not only does it have the same olds it has new ones like this lag issue that i have to say was present in Fallout New Vegas(in almost an identical way as Skyrim) and really bad character models, voice acting, and a really bad underwhelming list of quests that give you no feeling of accomplishment whatsoever(not to mention the now more reacurring “same olds”). Which begs the question, is it down hill from here? if beth soft continues to make poor quality game with more and more empty stories then whats left of the game? Sure side quests are the most paid attentioned to but Skyrim’s was really bad, which leaves only dungeons, which is always fun but the crappy combat and same old enemies make dungeon clearing get old fast. So next game(which will probably Fallout 4) needs to get an over haul like the only great thing in Skyrim, the leveling and skill menu, and please get rid of that google earth crap on the map it was really annoying and hard to locate places because its hard to see the topagraphy!    

  • GeoWat123

    I have only played for 8 hours and I have only had 1 freeze when I jumped off the Western Watchtower (don’t ask) and I use the PS3 version. I didn’t even experience framerate issues frequently, so un-frequently that I could find a dragon burial site without the aid of the internet more than  my framerate would c**k-up. I am probably on the borderlines of addicted.

  • Timfeltham1980

    Played Skyrim for well over 250 hours on a number of different saves altogether. Had LOTS of framerate issues with it but it’s understandable with a game of this quality + quantity. Still playing to this day, loving every minute (except the lag) and very anticipated for the 1.4 patch. All I can say on my behalf, is roll on DLC!!!

  • Ragingbluedragon

    Played 80 hours trying to get the last of the achievements to find that I can’t complete the companions quest line due to the glitch with an active quest and glenmoril cave, little annoying but besides this and a messed up dragon at bonestrewn wall I haven’t suffered to greatly

    • LittleLukeh

      Same glitch here with the Glenmoril witches – sucks hard because it’s the only achievement I have left to get! I emailed Bethseda and they just said to load a previous save.

      • Anonymous

        Also you can’t get rid of those damn heads. That’s 20lbs just being used for nothing. Same goes for the musical instruments I can’t get rid of due to glitches.

        • Flipfo4

          burn them in the fire at the dungeon at the end of quest

        • Kleckflix

          If they are still tagged as quest items they don’t have weight.  They are just stuck in your inventory and you can’t get rid of them.  If you dump all of your inventory in one chest, you will find that you are carrying a weight of 0 with all the “quest” items still in your inventory

  • Ktulu Of Rlyeh

    Played the PS3 version for what must be 200+ hours (not sure of the exact number, i started a new game because i was unhappy with a few of my perk choices), completed several quest lines and maxed a few skills. Only issues i’ve had involve dragons getting trapped in mountain peaks (they couldn’t attack or be attacked like this, so i just went on with my other business), the game pausing for a second when entering the menu (which also happens on my pc version), odd instances of the infinite loading screen (maybe 2 or 3 times a month) and a tendancy for the game to slow down slightly when walking through Whiterun (but only enough to be noticed). While slightly irritating, these issues have not prevented me enjoying what is a great game.

    • Sprayfart

      The game pauses when you enter the menu because of its new autosave feature. Next time this happens, look up in the top left corner. You can adjust this feature in the gameplay tab of the main menu.

  • Guyrussell69

    How does a Patch work on the 360?? Will it update automatically over the net?

    • LittleLukeh

      When you load the game it will appear saying “An update is available” download and it will update showing you progress on the screen then once finished it will automatically restart.

      • Guyrussell69

        Thanks Buddy.

  • Jehps3

    Well this is not the buggiest elder scrolls that’s for sure anybody remember daggerfall and arena had its share to. Oblivion wasn’t to bad but Reguard really annoyed me and battlespire just was a mess anyway. Morrowind had a little more than Oblivion but all is good

  • Ashchirn

    someone please help!..i have Skyrim on xbox 360 and it has been working fine but now the battle music is stuck and never stops!!!! anyone know how to fix this, i dont feel like playing the game anymore because the music is doing my head in!

  • Neodelrio

    No big problems, and the frame rate is fine. Occasionally when loading for a different area, it freezes up, and I have to restart the PS3, but otherwise a fantastic game 67 hours in.

    • owen13

      About that time of gameplay I wasn’t having much issue.  Closer to and defintely past 100 then it starts to get tricky, especially if you haven’t turned all the autosaves off.

  • Flipfo4

    im pretty much set all bugs ive experienced were verry minor worst i got was a crash after 70 hrs played 

  • Pete Austin

    Mean Time Between Crashes was about 10 mins (including in the intro so it’s not a problem with save file size), but v1.4 has increased it to about 40 mins. Performance is also much better. The main problem looks very like resource leaks. This is on Win7 64 with a recent NVidia card.

  • HunterVanguard

    While I am most certainly addicted to #Skyrim, I definitely see the cracks in the code.  Everytime I start a new quest now I’m praying to Talos that I didn’t somehow glitch irrevocably without my knowledge.  Everytime I use a chest or a bookcase, I’m waiting for the seeming inanimate object to inexplicably devour my hard fought items and consign them to oblivion.

  • KSNorman

    This is an extremelly addictive game that I hate with all my heart, because instead of doing something useful. e.g. – doing courseworks, I am wondering around in a virtual world in seek of adventures and helping numerous guilds. Thank you for Steam for saying how much time I have wasted on this game. I must admit, it really helps you to forget about any problems or stress, but you forget about the other, the good aspects of real world too.

    Any suggestions how you could stop wanting to play this game? Like getting drunk for a week, all days in a row )))

  • Flojules_08

    My PS3 won’t even load the game thus is the second time its done this to me with two different play station. Just a black screen any suggestions?

  • Sawyerwe@

    I am addicted to skyrim and am getting married on it soon and need some quests to do for money

    • Sawyerwe@

      Can anyone tell me where to go

  • Reaper

    I am one of those who PS3 users who is just waiting for the patch before I play again. I have 3 different characters at about 12-16 MB that I cannot load anymore due to framerate issues and crashes. I am hoping the patch will fix that so I can return to my addiction.

  • Lasertag

    135 hours in on the xbox and i have run into 2 gliches. one i couldn’t interact with the switches for a dungeon. reloaded at the dungeon entrance and it worked fine and the other i fell through the cracks in the graphics and was under the terrain on a mountain and couldn’t walk out but was able to fast travel away. 

  • sluzbagg.

    My xbox wont even let me play Skyrim because it tells me my saved game is on a previous version on Skyrim, can someone tell me what the hell is going on? Im not addicted or anything, just wanna play my game.

  • notamilkdrinker

    The lag issue is so frustrating on my Ps3 I can’t explore for nothing I the lag is not as bad in caves, dwemer ruins, and ancient nord ruins I’m really hoping the patch works and come out as quickly as possible

  • StevieBoy

    I think it’s pretty disgusting how a company can release a game full of bugs and glitches, They must hire the worst beta testers known to man. A full price game should be released without millions of bugs, not say “oh we’re release it now uncomplete and then just patch it up few months from now.” WTF what a way to treat the people who buy the game. I had to restart Skyrim the other day because a glitch made it impossible to do the main quest. And then it decides to freeze on me 5 times in a row at a certain point…Bethesda needs to start putting a hell of alot more effort in their games before they release them. All their games seem to have the same 100 problems. Maybe hire a new team who deal with bugs and glitches. I wont buy a game from them till then, i’ll continue to borrow them brand new  from family.

  • Mnmlindo

    I’m am so addicted to skyrim. I dream that I’m playing in my sleep, I borroweded the game from my friend and she wanted it back ^____^. I’m getting my own but I have lag issuses I thought it was my Xbox but its good to know its not. I’m 13 year old girl and I’ve played for 123 hours of skyrim in all.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t get me wrong I think skyrim is a brilliant game in which you can get lost in for hours at a time, I have created 3 level 50’s and accumulated a couple hundred hours. However being a playstation owner of the games has it’s set backs as mentioned in this article and many others due to lag and rapid drop in frame rate. Of course I don’t believe bethesda intentionally intended for this to happen however lag tends to happen after 6-8 GB save files which can only lead me to believe bethesda did not test the game as thoroughly as they did x box version of the game (as they seemed soley to test the game on x box before skyrims release) to anticipate the playstation problems of the game. At the same time I understand x box and pc users are having bug issues with game also but the playstation owners seem to be getting hit the hardest.

  • LeastResistance

    Playing the PS3 version. I have a 12MB save game after about 130 hours, I’m level 52 (I don’t rush!) – and the game is now verging on unplayable. Certainly if I fast travel to a couple of towns in quick succession I can expect horrendous lag and multiple crashes. At this stage it’s a sad fact that most of my playing sessions are ended by a crash, usually a terminal hang of some description, where I can’t be bothered to load the game (again).

    Having said that, it’s an incredible game, I love it. I think that many of the commentors here complaining about unacceptable levels of bugs are not grasping the sheer number of situtation permutations that exist within in this game – there are a nearly infinite number of ways to tackle it, many, many thousands of different orders in which the missions can be taken on, any of which could cause software conflict. If you were to insist that this type of game could only be released with no bugs, then this type of game could not be released.

    So I’m not bothered too much about the bugs, they are being addressed, but the PS3 lag is a slightly different issue. I simply don’t believe that Bethesda didn’t know about it, their play testers would have discovered the issue easily if they ranked up 50 hours a week. So I believe they released it knowing there was a problem; this is dodgy ground for a company taking GBP42.99 per product from consumers. If they can fix it then basically everything is OK as far as I’m concerned, but if not, the whole thing will end up being pretty disgraceful.

    For now, I’m eagerly awaiting patch 1.4. Let’s see what we get…

    • owen13

      100% my experience.  I’m at about 210 hours, 21MB save file so I’ve been playing thru serious lag, saving/restarting to try to avoid freezes, getting freezes sometimes anyway, etc for over 100 in-game hours, who knows how many real-time hours.  Probably an extra 10-20 I’d guess.  I’m a frequent saver despite taking so long to save rather than having to replay.

      They absolutely, 100% knew about the issues with PS3.  There’s no way they couldn’t.  Is it possible that the QA group softened the truth for the marketing bosses or whomever?  Maybe.  Or the higher ups just said to move forward anyway.  It just would have helped to find a way to communicate known issues to an extent up front, although doing that without risking a lot of sales would be admittedly difficult.  It’s clear to me the deadline and revenue expectations won out.  Hey, Microsoft was notorious for not-ready-for-primetime Windows releases so it happens.  Just really frustrating because it’s so freaking fun despite it all.

  • Bruno

    I have taken off all auto-saving settings. It takes away some lag, but not all.  i am at 126 hours and 11MB.  The only problem is when i forget to save after 45 minutes…..and it freezes

  • Rai-shi

    If you have problem with lag on ps3 go to your display settings< output settings< custom< change it to 720 it won't effect your graphics but it takes longer for the lag to start because lag in skyrim is caused by how long you play and if it starts lagging just quite and watch a tv show or a movie then start playing again i've learned to work around the lag hope this helps

  • JohnnyBoy

    im a huge fan of the elder scrolls, ive been playing since oblivion and im addicted to it. my first  character, a nord, got up to level 69 (lol) then a i made a high elf got up to level 43, and right now im playing as a kajhit i think im about level 22. i play on the xbox and the biggest glitch ive seen is the water in whiterun being glitchy when looking at from a distance. it doesnt effect the gameplay its just visual, it kind of ruins the experince but…. great game. i didnt realize so many people are having trouble with the game.

  • Johnnyo

    Here are some of the things skyrim lacks most for me:

    1) lots of unique and sexy armor, costumes and outfits

    2) ability to dye outfits

    3) good character animations and dodging abilities (as your character is moving around 90% of the time)

    4) more unique weapons, aka flails, javelins, spears, etc,

  • Johnnyo

    Things I love most about skyrim:

    1) Gorgeous scenery and plenty of it

    2) horse back riding although the animation is below par

    3) ability to zoom in and out and rotate camera (other than when moving which was kind of a fail IMO)

    4) freedom to explore mountains lakes or whatever your heart desires although I think they could have easily included flying on dragons which would be a much more desired travel method then map travel and waiting forever for the screen to load.

  • Levi

    I just started and I can’t seem to get past the first part of the map that loads. Shortly after I walk out of the ruined castle, I head down the brick road and my map will not load. I’ve tried everything updates, fast travel, some one please help!