Excitement over BF3 DLC with US/UK maps

We’ve played a few games over the years that let us move around an environment that’s identical to somewhere we’ve been in the real world, and while it’s hard to grasp the reasons why this is a great experience, we welcome it in current and future games. This includes Battlefield 3 and DLC that could feature maps closer to home, especially those from the United States.

The idea of future BF3 DLC featuring a map pack full of American scenery was first raised by a user on a popular video sharing website, and has since been published in an article on this gaming blog. While we take rumors that are leaked from unnamed sources with a pinch of salt, you cannot help but get excited over the possibilities this downloadable content could bring.

What areas should be included in an all American BF3 map pack? We’ve seen a few ideas by gamers already, which include taking out the bridge in San Francisco to getting up close with downtown Toronto. Let us know the maps you’d like to be included in some all American BF3 DLC?

The unnamed sources only mentioned locations like New Jersey, Miami, and NYC although this hasn’t stopped UK players dreaming about an all UK BF3 map pack. Considering the sources were not verified it’s just as likely to happen, and we’d love to see Big Ben and Buckingham Palace featured in future DLC. Share your thoughts on some all UK downloadable content in the comments.

Do you think it’s fair to bring both “All United Kingdom” and “All United States” Battlefield 3 map packs in the future? Without getting into the debate on which one should be first – it’s our opinion this would be great for both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.

The above ideas might sound great but some players are only thinking about the patch due for BF3 next month, and hope it fixes issues they’re currently having.

  • skadjhdsfk

    I would love a UK one, as well as a new york one!! hopefully bf3 will include this!

  • Thedudeabides

    San francisco with the golden gate and possibly the bay bridge would be pretty epic. Land, sea and air galore!

  • Att61195

    Well considering Paris already has two levels and a New York scenery in the campaign its possible we might see future dlc like stated above.

  • http://www.facebook.com/patrickmullen2010 Patrick Roup-Mullen

    How about detroit or chicago. Nashville or Atlanta? Dublin or Normandy France? San Fran would be nice or LA. HollyWood Sign. What about alaska? Toronto or Ontario would be nice!

  • http://www.facebook.com/rsonic Rafael Vazquez

    one of the maps should be in Las Vegas!

  • Fg

    normandy, france or pearl harbor in hawaii

  • Robbie

    LOL Toronto isn’t in the US, it’s in Canada!

  • EveryonehatesmyGT

    Yes, they should bring the all-american & all-uk map pack together 

  • Gunner

    I agree robbie, as a Canadian I to believe that Toronto is in Canada. But as a Canadian I think it would be awesome to fight it out in my home city.

  • Chris

    Adding a new faction would be great. Russia invading America isn’t possible, they don’t have the amphibious vessels or offensive naval grunt necessary to support an invasion. 

    • guest117

      I doubt any country has the naval power to invade a nation half way across the world without being intercepted. Anyways, the Russian characters are epic so I think they should keep them as the faction.

  • Thedudeabides

    Vegas would be badass, dukin it out on the strip at night with the lights and hotels being mangled would be a great showcase for the frostbite engine. Then again, the big buildings would probably be static and just for looks. Alaska would be pretty cool in untamed wilderness, forests and foliage would provide good close quarters combat which can only really be found in urban maps. Watch yur back for bears haha

    • Sunchips21

      O_O just imagine 4 blocks of c4 going off in a casino coins and money and stripers blowing up everywhere damn just amazing

  • ghost83187

    Alcatraz with the golden gate bridge in the background and some naval ships in the water.

  • Navyviper

    down town wasington DC. like the white house

    • Sportsplaya14441

      Yaa with obama stickin his head out the window, just for looks people, just for looks

  • Snydersnipe

    Washington DC would be amazing! BF3 is still missing a snow/ice map, would love to see them use a mountain.

  • Eaglesfant37

    One in Fairmount Park in Philly or the Benjamin Franklin Bridge. D.C. would be sick. It looked good in COD, it would look epic in BF3. NYC map in a more residential area with brick buildings allowing for destruction, but impressive lighting. All should be at night, but the NYC one should be at night in snow which would be sick. Remake the Lancaster PA map from BF2, but actually add the towns of Wrightsville and Columbia PA on both sides of the river instead of making it completely rural like they did in the BF2. The 2 bridges would make an awesome choke point, the towns have some large builds, but are mostly brick so they could be obliterated and the surrounding hills overlooking the river could make for some awesome sniping positions. Also, a Portland Maine or Boston map and a beach map in a resort area, maybe Myrtle Beach with all the homes and hotels and golf courses (return of the golf cart), would be cool.

    • Guesticle

      golf cart… YES.

      I can already see the achievement now.

      15G- Playing Through

      Get 5 kills with the golf cart.

  • Eaglesfant37

    The lancaster remake map should also be in the snow at dawn or dusk. They need to vary the times of day a little. I don’t think there is one night map.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=637075365 Liam ‘Spanner’ Nunn

      Tehran Highway?

  • Baconsk8

    Want mobile AA for all maps.

    • Sunchips21

      mobile as sucks ASS!!!!! boooo

  • Randoguy

    i wanna see new zealand or australia as well, like rushing up mission bay (search it up) and assaulting auckland, that would be pretty awesome as aucklands a city, but not as big as us cities so it could include the whole cbd and downtown. how you’d work russia vs us on that though, i wouldn’t know

  • Antiderp

    this is just going to be an outlet for the derps and derpinas to say “my hometown should be the next dlc wooooo”. Thinking logically for a second, due to the MP factions being Russia and US, the map pack will be in the US, and because of that, it will be somewhere nice and recognisable. In other words, NYC or possible San Francisco, maybe LA but I think that is a strech as it wouldn’t be such a grand backdrop. My money is on a fight spanning the golden gate bridge and a bit either side, or somewhere in NYC.

  • Chris

    Alaska !!

  • para bellum

    How about more maps in Paris? I mean really, I love Seine Crossing, but it leaves me wanting so much more…

    • MBurns077

      It would be great to snipe from the Eiffel tower.

  • Jakob

    They should do a Russian map pack. Too many games have come out where the US gets invaded and you play there. They should have Russian city’s like Moscow and St Petersberg.

  • cauberallies2

    If I recall correctly, DICE stated that they don’t intend to do the whole “destroying/fighting over famous landmarks” cliche we’ve seen so many times before, thankfully. So don’t count on sniping from the statue of liberty, or blowing up the golden gate bridge.

  • http://www.facebook.com/rj610 Rj Quinn-simons

    PHILADELPHIA! Could you imagine fighting on the art museum steps like rocky or dodging between the liberty bell? hell YEAH.

  • Matt

    “Alaskan pipeline” sounds like a good name for a map

  • Samuson4

    An army base map based along the Cornish/British coastline in the UK also with a lighthouse and the map can be called ‘Coast’. It would be sweet!!!!!!! 😀

  • Luis Mesquida

    How about Moscow,Russia
    Getting invaded by the America because there attacking villager there attacking soilders for avenge call it operation snow storm but put another camouflage for your guy plz

  • Matty2916

    Newcastle town centre would be marvellous, fight through Eldon square, you could even stick in a Geordie VoiceOver! What’s not to love?

  • RedcKloud

    I’ll be happy with whatever maps they give us just as long as theres new assignment’s i really enjoyed that and im wanting to complete more..

  • Zackman94

    WTF? Toronto? That’s CANADA! not America!

    • Sunchips21

      Are you complete dumdass or something its an American dlc Canada is in America this means it could include like mexico city or panama canal

  • Wilber3rd

    I want to have the feature like inthe campaign to kick in doors and close them

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