Final Fantasy XIII-2: Audio team, reviews and CE

The amount of Final Fantasy XIII-2 reviews hitting the web has gone through the roof over the weekend, meaning you’ll not be short of some extra insight into the game and how good it really is, although today we wanted to show you some details on the sound team and Collectors Edition.

In an exclusive interview on Destructoid, they got the chance to meet the sound team behind Final Fantasy XIII-2 and find out more about the varied music ranges contained in the game. With plenty of vocals, everything from hip-hop and metal to jazz funk and orchestral music goes further than in any other Final Fantasy title. This soundtrack has been accessible as an import from Japan since the Christmas month and in North America’s Square Enix’s store. Those who purchase FFXIII-2 Crystal Edition next Tuesday will also get the four-disc soundtrack.

The Audio team consists of music coordinator Keiji Kawamori, composers Mitsuto Suzuki, Naoshi Mizuta and Masashi Hamauzu along with sound designer Tomohiro Yajima. Talking to them, they got an in-depth look at what was involved in this authentic game soundtrack. Keiji Kawamori has previously worked on the Kingdom Hearts series, The Black Mages and The World Ends With You. In this title, more vocal music is included, experimenting with many genres and adapting them to hear a new style within the game.

The first song is a rap vocal on Invisible Invader, which plays as the main players are situated prior to their time travel. This collaborates the game well along with Crazy Chocobo, which is more like a death metal piece that has not been heard before. Mizuta and Suzuki were brought in to add more variety to the songs than in previous games and as Suzuki is ideal for music in cutscenes, Mizuta was great to add the emotional music. Masashi Hamauzu the Composer previously worked on Chocobo’s Dungeon, SaGa Frontier, Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy XIII and the orchestral side was also experimented to bring something new to the role playing game.

Hamauzu’s favorite battle song is the Knight of the Goddess especially after trying to outdo Blinded by Light from Final Fantasy XIII. His best one overall is Serah’s Theme as it has more of a human element to that of FF XIII. After answering questions on their favorite pieces from previous games it seems like they have put their heads together to create something truly marvelous here taking the experience gained from previous work and Final Fantasy titles.

Only yesterday, we let you in on a full review roundup of Final Fantasy XIII-2 before the US release. This will give you a detailed look at what to expect, with a collection of opinions to assist your own conclusion. If you watch the video below, you will also be able to see the elegant FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 Collector’s Edition and what is available within.


  • Bob Smith

    What is there to say? It has tons of awesome landscapes and it’s everything you would expect from a Final Fantasy game. After watching a co-worker of mine from DISH Network play I was hooked on the epic storyline and awesome graphics, so I added it to my Blockbuster Movie Pass queue. I can’t wait to start playing it. I would just buy the thing, but I’ve come to the realization that if I just rent games for a flat monthly fee, I save a ton of money in the long run. I’m sure all of my fellow Final Fantasy lovers will agree when you will have the time of your life playing this awesome video game.

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