Shocking The Last Of Us revelation regarding Joel

Only last week we added to our The Last Of Us posts with an update on the particulars. To keep our viewers continuously informed we have news on the shocking revelation in regards to the character Joel.

In an article on Official PlayStation Magazine, news that Joel is a sadistic brute who violently kills and tortures his victims comes as an eye opener. This surprise revelation is shown in the latest trailer as actors Ashley Johnson and Troy Baker show the involvement of attacking other humans. The line “Back in his day you weren’t afraid of being hunted by other people” gives us reason to believe Joel is not a nice person. Generally, the relationship between Joel and Ellie has had people make up their own assumptions but nobody has much of a clue yet.

Feedback by fans on forums shows that many have jumped to a conclusion about their relationship, story and situation even though they don’t really know. Some feel that this adds to the teasing aspect that keeps the interest circulating. Others feel that the short trailer can give us a certain perspective and many people are searching to find a story that would make a character like that. Some have suggested that he may have killed Ellie’s infected father yet some want to believe the character is a brutal killer as opposed to a non-descript character.

Official PlayStation Magazine has some intriguing behind the scenes images from the actors including the artwork for the characters, development specifics and trailer analysis. On CVG, you get to see how The Last of US debut trailer was put together with performance capture. Developers Naughty Dog said something along the lines of aspiring to redefine this game as an experience and not just a game.

As the buildup to this game continues to gather momentum, do you think it would be good to have an anti-hero? What do you think has gone on with Joel and Ellie to evolve them into these characters?