Visualizing the Skyrim Creation Kit

What a few days it has been for Skyrim users and the details being revealed for both patch 1.4 and the Creation Kit, which has now led to the latest update being released to the pleasure of PC users. Sadly the process of getting this update onto the Xbox 360 and PS3 is not so simple, and might not become available until next week.

We touched on the PS3 patch process yesterday and you can read more on this in our earlier article and it’s plain to see that Skyrim users have a mixed response to this news. While some gamers have been expressing their negative feelings regarding the delay others believe that waiting another few days is not a big issue, what are your feelings on this slight delay?

Bethesda needs to wet gamers appetites while we wait for the creation kit and has timed the video (see below) of the workshop release on the same day that patch 1.4 went live for PC users. The tools in the CK are the same as those used by the developers to create Skyrim and the response to the video has been varied but for the most part those who viewed it seemed pretty excited, as they feel Bethesda are just teasing them. What do you think of the video and the creation kit?

It’s funny how a topic like this can lead into something else because some of our readers believe the Skyrim CK would mean they have no need for the 1.4 patch, which we mentioned earlier. It was also suggested that we would have the Creation Kit by now if there was not the big push to integrate it with Steam and there would be no need for a patch, as modders would be able to correct any issues quicker than Bethesda would.

There is the fear that when the CK is ready it will be released as a beta first, which would mean a longer delay until a final version was ready for Skyrim user. While it’s easy to get into a debate about this we thought we would point you to a response from Bethesda on their blog where they said, “we have no current plans for an open beta,” although they did say a few modders have been testing the creation Kit.

Knowing the Creation Kit is on the way is all well and good but when we are told by Bethesda to expect it in early January and we are now in February, you can see why some gamers will start to lose faith in what the developer says in the future then again these things cannot be helped. There is a fear that there could be another delay but we should not worry due to there being no public beta, as mentioned above.

The new Skyrim patch for the PS3 might not be released in the coming days and could be delayed even further, as Robert Bowling from Modern Warfare 3 said that the certification process for Sony is around two weeks and if this is true then there could be some backlash for those PlayStation users waiting to finally see an end to their lag issues.