Possible Mass Effect 4 story hints in ME3

With the release of ME3 just a month away the thought of no longer seeing commander Shepard in future games will begin to weigh on fans minds, but try to be positive and know that there will be another game in the franchise. We have to wonder where BioWare will take things but we should not worry, as there are possible Mass Effect 4 story ideas and some of them can be seen while playing ME3.

The developer has yet to make any decisions on where they will go with the fourth installment, but from what we know about the series there is no shortage of ideas. There is a ray of light for those who hate the idea of saying bye to Shepard, as according to this article the developer has said there is a possibility of a prequel.

While this idea sounds nice surely it’s time to explore another part of the Mass Effect universe, and if there was a prequel then a number of other stories could be told – maybe explaining a little more on how things came to be on the life we know so much about now?

There are a number of interesting races and the possibility of exploring these could be of interest to ME fans, and from the moment you boot up Mass Effect 3 you will be introduced to the codices, which certainly provide a huge amount of details on the backstory to the latest game from the franchise.

We have two possible titles in mind already Mass Effect: Mining Adventures or maybe First Contact War, both these are great ideas but maybe you have something else in mind and because the ME universe is so large the possibilities are endless?

A recent article here has been looking at more titles and what their stories would be such as: Mass Effect: Cerberus, Origins, Team Citadel and finally World of Mass Effect, which could appeal more for those who would like to explore all the races and places they reside in one game.

Maybe it’s time for BioWare to go in a different direction with Mass Effect 4 and develop a GTA type game, we know ME has the most worlds but so far these have only been explored in the smallest of ways, so the thought of seeing these in more detail could appeal to fans. Okay we know this will be expensive, so it may be time to slow down the release cycle and bring us something truly amazing instead of just trying to push out a new game every year.

What ideas do you have for Mass Effect 4?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000253185871 Chris Peet

    I think there should be a game about the first contact war were you can make your own character and he could serve in a squad with a young Adrimal Anderson and adrimal ahern (the guy on pinnacle station), it would be more missions like the one ahern gives you when you have beat the top score on all the other missions, were you have to fight turrians and wait for the alliance to evac you. obviously not all like that were you have to hold out for 5 minutes but missions were your fighting turians. 


    I think we should be just wait Mass effect 3 hasn’t even released and people are talking about 4 and the thought of Mass effect turning GTA would be a huge failure from Bioware ,now I’m a massive fan I have the books, graphic novels,the games I even have the action figures and mass effect tattoos I agree on the first contact war idea or even playing though the books as a game would be outstanding, but please do not rush into pointless talk of mass effect 4 we are still to enjoy the wonders of ME3

  • Max Fusion

    I doubt they would make a prequel next as the new character Vega is the new protagonist according to Bioware and its allways best to take a fanchise forward rather than back at this stage of transition between characters. Still whatever Bioware does next I doubt they would disappoint.   

  • Narfuklad

    picture the scene… the rachni and geth are rebuilding the relays….vega has died horribly in a steroid related accident…..tali/liara/miranda/jack has shepards baby/….and then the creators of the reapers turn up….royally pissed theirs pets have been wiped out 

  • Narfuklad

    picture the scene… the rachni and geth are rebuilding the relays….vega has died horribly in a steroid related accident…..tali/liara/miranda/jack has shepards baby/….and then the creators of the reapers turn up….royally pissed theirs pets have been wiped out 

  • Tama_Paiste

    With such a densely populated fiction, rich in back-story and brimming with its own history, (something that few games have) I think a tycoon type game would fit really well in the mass effect universe. Yes you read it correctly. TYCOON game. I would certainly not expect it to bear the title “Mass Effect 4” but it could have some real weight….get it? weight/mass…nvm :(

     Taken from a “The Guild”/”East India Company” standpoint, the game could run like so:-
        You begin with a small freight haulage company and as you progress and make money you can go through various lines of research into weapon/armour/ship/omni-tool manufacturing etc. establishing corporate colonies on various worlds taking part in real time space battles against pirates/slavers building or buying new ships developing and selling all kinds of products from secretarial VI’s to Dreadnought class mass accelerators. You could even pay a fee to set up R&D labs on Illium and/or Noveria. The goal of this is to make a ton of credits and grow your company. You could even have the same kind of decision making process as in the ME trilogy and you end up either trying to help save the galaxy by supplying equipment and tech to the alliance and/or council or you end as one of Cerberus’ subsidiary funding bodies. I think that would be a fantastic game.  MAKE IT NOW! plz :)

  • Alexhy567

    I had an idea for a game Mass Effect: Mercinaries, you are a merc on omega (you pick the race), and it’s basically a story about life in the shep universe from a different perspective, the story runs from me1 to me3 encountering a few of the mass effect characters along the way you import your me3 save, and you will be affected by those story decisions, you will be able to customize weapons and sign up to one of the 3 major merc groups, you could buy ships and explore planets, and it would end with you on omega fighting cerberus off/ hiding from them, and finaly an invasion of omega by the reapers and how you beat em. I know its not that big a game but would make a great stand alone style story, like halo odst or bioshock infinate, also a multiplayer could be added, with clans/merc groups, hideouts ship transports, and you could would fight each other. The main game style would be a good cop bad cop style play through, with the idea of agree to deals for like weapon trades or shoot the guy and take all the goods. Could be made more indepth then that though! #alexh567

  • Yo34

    Here’s an idea for ME4 .. the real ME3 that wasn’t rubbish and made sense ..

  • Krios4TheWin

    They should get around to offering an alternative ending for Mass Effect 3 before they do anything with a spin-off series. Although a Mass Effect with Garrus as the protagonist would be pretty cool, or a stealth-based game featuring our favourite green assassin, Thane. 

  • Omniscient5

    To answer to Alexhy567 We new somthing new, O.K. shepard is dead so now lets move on with something new. I thought that shepard would go into retired with ashly and make a family. The new Mass Effect 4 should be somthing completely new. Lets NOT go back to the old ME, ME2, ME3 it just bring to much memory of shepard.

  • Lelgin96

    Mass effect 4 could be about a child of commander shepard, it would have to be a male shepard’s child of course, a female shepard wouldn’t have the time between 2 and 3 to have a child, the main enemy would be the now united omega gangs, blue suns, blood pack, and eclipse, who would be gaining footholds in various systems, not just terminus. The final enemy would be none other than the infamous Aria T’loak.

  • ME whore

    How about a bounty hunter from whatever race you want? hunting people on the slums on earth, or on the citadel or omaga, and all over other planets have your own ship and all. in the future after the ME3. 

  • Boomshank

    Two words: Space. Pirates. … Jack said it in ME2 and its stuck with me ever since. With heavy Renegade choices Shep practically goes pirate in ME2 and becomes a Privateer of sorts in ME3. All that hit an run tactics with a stolen ship, commanding a mixed crew, looting and pillaging for resources, amassing a fleet under your banner…

    Seriously – set it in a sequel or a prequel but instead of military make the new character a space pirate… maybe one who makes port at Omega? Works with Aria? And (if its a prequel) the Shadow Broker? Maybe the origin of the ORIGINAL SB? Amass an empire of resources and contacts through piracy, steer the course of the galaxy as the SB, and then retire, passing on the SB title and disappearing from history.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mulciber13 Brandon Barajas

    A GTA Style Mass Effect would piss me off beyond belief.