118 minutes of Twisted Metal

Friday just gone saw a live stream of Twisted Metal and was a way to see how much the game has changed in terms of gameplay, graphics and development compared to the 1995 version. This was the perfect way to gain insight into the latest game from a multitude of developers, but for those who missed out then you can watch the video we have for you below, which runs for a little under 2 hours.

While listening to David Jaffe it’s easy to tell that he is a developer who understands the gamer and tries to give them a product they want – something you don’t see very often in this day and age. If you don’t believe us then just watch the video and see how he tries to answer as many questions as possible.

There may be some negative response from the demo of Twisted Metal due to not being able to play an online match but most fans seem very positive. The release date of this vehicular combat video game is on February 14th in the US and March 1, 2012 in Europe. The latter date had to be delayed due to localization problems but Jaffe is confidant they will resolve these issues in time for the beginning of next month.

We love how Jaffe and the other two have a laugh about how they dreamed up all these ideas of Twisted Metal when the game was on the original PlayStation but was unable to do what they wanted because the technology just wasn’t there. Now that it is you can see they have gone over the top and thrown everything in and the kitchen sink.

The guys also talk about how they never even thought of multiplayer years ago but felt now was the right time, as it has become the bread and butter of many publishers. It’s hoped that the hardcore fans will love what has been done, but we know the system will not be perfect and will need a few tweaks here and there to get right.

Watching the video you will learn a number of the new features and it’s the depth of the gameplay that is of most interest to us, as you get to see all the different weapons and their multiple features. While watching some of this gameplay there is a fear that some gamers could be put off with the lack of skill involved, as it seems like total mayhem while you go head to head, but then again isn’t that the same for a great number of games currently on the market?

Having said that once you begin to get used to the game then your skills will improve, again like other gamers, so it could become a tactical game in a fast paced kind of way. What are your thoughts on Twisted Metal, has the video persuaded you to give it a try?