Uncovering SWTOR patch 1.2

From the moment BioWare announced Star Wars: The Old Republic we knew we were in for a real treat, which was also obvious with how long the queues were at Eurogamer last year. The game was released on December 20, 2011 and had to compete with the big seller Skyrim but it still managed to hold its own, although the two do have a different fanbase. Sadly there are a few issues with the game and it’s for this reason why we are now uncovering some details for SWTOR patch 1.2.

The new Flashpoint in the upcoming patch was already known to us but we didn’t know much on the details, but thankfully a recent article has managed to learn what missions will be in patch 1.2. You will be visiting Corellia, which is one of the final planets thanks to it being one of your added dailies, and once you are on one of these final planets you will need to stop the Empire from capturing the Black Hole (whatever that may be).

You will meet a number of NPCs who you will need to converse with in this mission, such as Commander Mericci, Councillor Torvix, Republic Soldier, Supreme Chancellor Saresh and many more, which you can find in the article mentioned above.

There is not much to tell you regarding Flashpoint: Lost Island, but there are a few maps for you to study and as for Operation: Explosive Conflict you will have to travel to Denova to fight it out with the hostile faction.

One issue that has been causing SWTOR fans a headache was the Ability Delay problems but you will be pleased to know was recently resolved, thanks to 1.1.0b patch towards the end of January. BioWare had been dragging their heels on this fix but needed to get it done before 1.2, which is considered a much larger patch.

It’s no secret that the world of Star Wars is a long way from real, so is nice to see a little realism added to the game with images of the lights of North America when you are looking down on Tatooine from space. The Easter Egg, as reported here goes one step further and also has the lights of Mexico and South America, but they will not be seen in the same way that you see them on earth from space. It’s nice to see the developers throwing in these little touches we just hope there are a few more hidden gems – have you seen any?