Reasons the Xbox 720 needs used games

We’ve seen a number of Next Xbox, aka 720, rumors over the last few months although none have caused the debate seen with a possibility Microsoft would not support used games in the next generation. This is something that has hit a nerve among gamers and while some people understand the reasons why developers want to earn out of the used game market, others cannot stand the idea.

The rumor surfaced towards the end of last month and right away we saw people explain why it would be a bad mistake if the Xbox 720 went this route, and if the PS4 didn’t it could swing many gamers towards Sony’s next system. Today we wanted to highlight a few reasons why the Xbox 720 needs used game support, which has come after listening to our readers over the last couple of weeks.

Reasons why the Xbox 720 needs used games – first up and most obvious would be if Microsoft’s next Xbox included a anti-used feature, and Sony’s PS4 supported used games, then this could dramatically help Microsoft’s competition and possibly drive fans away from Xbox. Would you consider switching brands if the Xbox 720 didn’t support used games?

The gamer loves a good deal – not everyone has bucket loads of money and many gamers like to find great deals on games, which includes hunting down second hand games in good condition. This is especially important when a game is not worth the full price it’s being sold for at retail, and we know a number of gamers that rarely buy at release date anymore. If the game is a really popular series or the person really wants the game then in many cases a day one purchase becomes a simple decision, but in some cases gamers have bought pre-owned this generation.

Not all developers are pushing for this – we agree with some of our readers that think, “Not all developers are pushing for an anti-used feature” and feel that only the “greedy ones” want used games blocked on Microsoft’s next Xbox. Do you expect yourself and people you know to take action if you cannot play used games on a next-gen machine?

Used games give money to buy new games – in some cases we’ve seen and heard from our readers that buy a new game then return it for credit, which is then used towards another game that is new in many cases. In this situation the used game market can help people play more games than their budget allows, which allows new game sales to increase although if used games were not supported how could this change new game sales?

These are just a few reasons why used game sales are good for this and next-generation; feel free to let us know yours in the comments.

Not everyone feels that banning used games is a bad idea in the next-generation, and some people feel that improved graphics and gameplay comes at a cost. Do you agree with the gamers that think this is evolution and we should accept it?

  • Carson J Gallo

    This makes no sense, other than to entice more people to buy digitally. Because if they implement this system they’ll be taking away one of the major advantages physical games still have over digital games. If there gonna implement this system, than people might as well just buy the game digitally because, you shouldn’t be charged for lending out a physical game u already own.

  • Biggsydaboss

    I have been an Xbox fan boy all the way back to Halo CE. If Microsoft go down this road & Sony still allow preowned games I’ll switch to the PS4. Microsoft don’t do it. I know plenty of people who will switch.

  • Jakemarsh

    call me 303-52-55

  • Mellowbigd

    that would suck if u cant rent a game before deciding on purchasing it.

  • XBOXer

    Bad idea if they don’t allow used games. I hardly ever buy new games on day one launch. perhaps soon after 720 comes out people would grab new ones, but then sales would simply stop or at least very much slow down. End of 720 would be inevitable. I love XBOX and have supported xbox since fable 1 release. things would change for me if this happened. i’d switch for Wii U instead then. Never liked PS so Wii U would be an alternative

  • Closvol1

    Lol when has anybody trade in there old games and felt they got true value for their games hhmmm never!!!!!! Gamestop sucks and they rip you off I hope microsoft pushes this ahead and gamestop has to play ball!! We just might get true trade in value for our games!!!!!!!!

    • Dellrizzo93

      I absolutely agree with your statement. GameStop has completely destroyed the small mom-and-pop gaming stores. I would be happy with the new systems not allowing used games. Just to see places like GameStop go under. They give extremely unfair trade in value. There used games are extremely overpriced. I buy games that I like and now are going to be good the day they come out.

  • Tim

    I would definately switch. I paid full retail price for some pretty crappy games in the past. if they do this, then every game should be required to have a playable demo.

  • Ljink Kidd

    Stupid Microsoft, it’s for the money only. “I’m Bill Gates or whatever and I need more money by not allowing friends and family to trade and borrow games!” See what that does to your fan base.

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    Good points… You are the only one arguing that used games are necessary. Keep it up!

  • Jmcdermott53

    How come no one has mentioned backwards compatabilty? Technically the 360 games would be considered used if played on the 720. At the start of a systems launch with the lack of a lot of games, backwards compatability is important. Microsoft would be making a huge mistake implementing this feature.

  • Data Brokers

    THis would be a huge error on microsofts part if they did ban used games. I know many people who wouldn’t buy the console just for that reason.

  • Stooey34

    so in the case of games being untransferable…. what would you do if your console gets an error of some description, (xbox 360’s blue screen for example) meaning it has to be replaced by a new machine. the games you have bought which i am guessing will be around the £50 mark will be of no use to you or anyone and so you will have to buy a new game or games. not cost effective for the gamer especially in these times.

  • CmbtEngr

    So if they take away the “used-game” issue, isn’t GameFly gonna die? And what if you have a new game, but your buddy has a better tv/audio setup? Can’t take the game to his house and play.