Preparing for Uncharted 3 DLC with 1.04 patch

Get ready for more downloadable content for Uncharted 3 Drakes Deception available with the 1.04 patch which will be required to play the upcoming DLC via online or on LAN Party. Today we have news informing users of the DLC patch and the changes involved.

The patch will not be very extensive but will be ideal for imminent downloadable content that will be available in the future. As the 1.04 patch makes its way around the globe Gaming Blend has reported the preparation for forthcoming content which will rectify the treasure sets in the Hard and Crushing Co-op Adventure mode that are obtained and completed appropriately.

With the released retro pack or Flashback Map Pack #1, we get the impression that the number one part means additional map DLC and you can purchase DLC individually or access future content with a Fortune Hunter’s Club membership for $24.99, which will give you upcoming and previous installments. A few weeks ago we wrote a post informing users of the Uncharted 3 downloadable content that continues a trend of excellence and talked about some new additions and elements involved which also referred to the offers of the available membership.

Patch notes details are highlighted on the Naughty Dog website including the fact that it will be necessary for those who want to access upcoming content and comments asking for more maps as well as the gratitude that is shown for the treasure issue in co-op. As more people look forward to the DLC some have asked whether the London Underground treasures will also be fixed along with Sir Francis Drake.

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reports on the available Fort Co-Op Adventure allowing users to control of the baddies in co-op for the first time for the price of $5.99. New skin packs for multiplayer are now accessible including a Doughnut Skin Pack for $1.99 along with Rogues Skin Pack 1 and 2 for $2.99 and contain villain MP skins. A Flashback Map Pack 2 will be released on the 21st February for $9.99 and this presents the Temple, Plaza, Train Wreck, and Village maps with new spectacular lighting effects, state of the art particle effects and an overall gloss.

An image of a skull has recently been seen hinting of something fresh to come out after the next DLC. What do you think Naughty Dog has in store next?