Skyrim’s most needed PS3 1.4 patch last in line

According to noise on blogs and forums the PS3 version of Skyrim has either the most issues, or has users hurting the most from problems like the frame-rate bug. Not all players feel this way but after spending a few hours over the past week analyzing reactions to Skyrim’s 1.4 patch it seems PS3 users are most desperate to get their hands on the download. It’s for this reason why we find it strange how the PlayStation 3 is the last in line to receive the 1.4 patch, as PC users got theirs towards the end of last month and the Xbox 360 version has gone live today.

While we have nothing official there have been suggestions to say the PS3 1.4 patch could also go live today but Sony has been quiet on this. We already know Bethesda has done their part and are just waiting on Sony with the certification process and while we don’t know the reason behind the delay, it has been suggested that Microsoft has had an easier time than their rivals lately.

There is still a possibility that the patch could go live on the PS3 today but if it doesn’t there’s a strong chance it could be available by the end of the week, so fingers crossed. We do hope that this patch finally fixes the lag issue that has caused some PS3 users pain; although we’re sure gamers won’t mind waiting one or two more days for a patch that works properly. Do you expect patch 1.4 to fix the issues you have with Skyrim?

We mentioned above that Skyrim 1.4 patch is now available for the Xbox 360, and while this is exciting news for those with Microsoft’s console it hasn’t stopped some gamers taking the Bethesda Forum to complain about the 10MB size. This would not be an issue if the patch fixes bugs most gamers are having, but when you compare PC and console file sizes you have to be intrigued.

Some gamers had packed their copy of Skyrim away until the lag issue was resolved on PS3, although the general consensus on another Bethesda Forum thread is that the lag will still be there. While it’s easy to say these select few PS3 Skyrim players should not be so negative you have to remember the game is now three months old and the problem still persists.

We’ll soon find out if the PS3 patch is to go live today and will inform you if and when it does, although feel free to share a comment if you catch it first.

  • Guest

    PS3 are getting screwed yet again… It’s clear to me now. I bought the wrong console… I will look to Microsoft once the next generation of consoles hits the market. Bye-bye, Sony.

    • Poppa J

      The only reason the PS3 is getting screwed is because Micro$oft are making it so.

      • Guest

         it’s called competition? and Microsoft are winning.

    • you’re a cry baby

      You’re such a moron. If you actually got off your lard butt you’d see that PS3 now has the patch. Man, you people need some brains.

  • Masotmn

    I definitely feel screwed for being a PS3 user. It’s completely unfair. 

    • you’re a cry baby

       Why because the PS3 patch came out 4 hours later? OH BOOHOO!!!

  • Mike

    Same as me. Never again will go for Sony. Next-gen XBOX 720. 

    • Zeoxzy

      again, nothing to do with sony

      • Cowski

        Bethesda has released it to Sony for certification.  Who does it have to do with then?

        • Eric Semrow

          it has nothing to do with sony because they didnt break the game they are just waiting for conformation from them…if you know ne thing bout sony they always react last from everyone else to make sure tht the product is right, otherwise they wont back it…they have always been like tht…its people like u tht cause these mistakes like bethesda releasing a broken game you have no patience

          • Garvyman

             Eric, it’s funny that you would say that when the actual issues at hand, is due to Sony approving the game for sale in the first place.  Skyrim shouldn’t have ever been turned loose by Sony to begin with on the ps3, as bad as it was/is.  Believe it or not, they do bear some responsibility.

  • Masotmn

    Hell, I’m a Mac user but I think I’m gonna actually buy a gaming PC. Every other platform gets the shaft, objectively, when it comes to gaming. 

    • Noob

      your a noob for buying a mac and expecting games to work on it, no sympathy from me.

  • Guest

    There is no reason why the PS3 can’t play the game as well than the xbox. The problems are entirely Bethesda’s fault, not sony’s. They should have never released the game while such severe bugs were still present. 

  • Bquinn

    sony better get it together 

    • Zeoxzy

      lol, it has nothing to do with sony

      • Guest

        …did you even READ the article?

  • JoeyDynamite

    The problem is that I DO mind waiting an extra one or two days because it is getting rather pathetic now. I paid £42.99 for Skyrim and I stopped playing it two months ago due to the ridiculous lag that I have experienced. I do admit that some people have got it worse than me in terms of lag and I feel very sorry for them. It’s sad how these problems weren’t even noticed in the first place. I tweeted a few official pages linked to Bethesda asking why they knowingly released a faulty game. Now they could have been sued for what they did because it clearly is a broken game.
    I’ve promised myself that if this update isn’t released this week, that I shall be trading my copy of Skyrim in towards a game that I can actually enjoy. The PlayStation 3 version should have been on the top of their list of priorities when it came to ‘fixing’ the problems. I have never been so disappointed about any game in my life up until now. Bethesda have lost so much respect. If this update does not fix. I will be taking action by suing for knowingly selling a dodgy game.

    • Jffiv27

      You just stated everything I wanted to state in the best possible way. I agree with you 100%.

    • Kaden101

       Also fully agreed, except I didn’t pay full price, & my problem is crashing not lag. I can’t actually play the thing long enough to lag.

      I’m hoping this patch fixes the problems. It would be an amazing game if it weren’t so broken.

      If this doesn’t fix it, I’m going to have some fun trying to get my money back.

  • Deathstick

    I’ve been lucky with mine. I’ve been playing Skyrim on PS3 since release day and apart from a few hangs on loading and a frame rate stutter around the forge in Whiterun it’s been stable. But… I’ve only used the bookshelf once. It behaved oddly (can’t remember what it did, just that it was odd) so never used it again and now it’s listed in the fixes. For those having serious problems, have you been using the bookshelf? My main concern about 1.4 is that if it fixes the loading hangs then will I ever be able to turn it off? The crashes are the only things that means I go to bed!

  • Aaron Scully

    This is not Sony’s fault people it is down to Bethesda, Sony have never released anything that is not complete unlike Bethesda who care more about deadlines than quality.

    Microsoft Released a practically unfinished console to make sure it was out before the superior PS3 so I wouldnt go with Microsoft games consoles, Main reason quality XBOX came out broken.

    • Guest

      Please go back to school and learn some grammar, you’re making my brain hurt. Plus, you’re an idiot.

    • Lame

      You’re 101% right, i bought 2 times an xbox because there wasn’t an ps3 back then, it sucks, first time my xbox died because of overheated, second time the disc reader.. Its crap they sell, like always.. Microsoft just s*ck…

  • Jrock

    Oh well just DL the latest patch on 360 and looks like I still have all my glitches, the glitches have stopped me from wanting to play the game, poor poor show!!

    • Aaron Scully

       You started a new game I think you may have to as it wont be able to correct the glitches that have already being activated.

  • Smurfrockrune

    wwill this fix the freezing issues. I know that it specifies lag, but the problem I’m having is freezing every 30 minutes.

    • Kaden101

       30 whole minutes. That’s 20 minutes longer than I can usually manage.

      Fingers crossed we can both play the game with this patch. I suspect both the lag & crashing are down to memory management, & “if” they’ve fixed that we may actually have a game that works.

      I’m trying to be positive here.

  • DrClayman

    PS3 patch is released here (UK). smoother, yes, but can’t say the frame rate is completely fixed. It is a vast improvement though, the game is playable again.

  • Mcfilthy2009

    If it does not fix the crashing and lag for PS3 this time around you can pick up a free copy of Skyrim on my roof top by the end of the week. Oh and ill throw my copy of Fall Out: New Vegas up there as well. Thanks Bethesda i could have just wiped my ass with the 60 bucks and just been done with it.

    • Kaden101

       If it doesn’t fix the crashing on my PS3, & I can’t get my money back from the shop, I will be pirating the PC version. After all, I’ve already paid for the game. I should be able to use a product I paid for.

      Stil…..trying to stay positive.

  • Lame

    Fine go buy an xbox and pay for that xbox live, i stay playstation cuz it’s the best console ever made, again it isn’t sony his fault its bethesda releasing a game with bunch of bugs/glitches

  • Dovahkiin

    Beth should have had this game tested more thoroughly in the first place to be honest. A major issue like this seriously holds back a game. But since all they can do now is patch it up, it’s up to sony to get one of its front running titles back to playable status. So, get the *$^% up off your asses sony, get it done!

  • Gilgamesh

    I don’t really get why everyone’s complaining that it came a little later for PS3. I have a PS3 myself, but it doesn’t really bother me that the patch ‘only’ came out today. Tch, first world problems much? At least Bethesda have released patches, so being grateful might be an option.

    • Kaden101

       I want the patch as much as the next man, but an extra half day isn’t going to kill anybody. There’s plenty of other games out there to play, & we’ve been stuck with a broken pile of crap for 3 months. We should be used to it by now.

  • Matthew Toomb

    I’ve got a Fat Boy Ps3, my save games are up around 9.2 mb, and I don’t understand why people say it’s “unplayable.” Do you guys not remember Oblivion? Or Fallout3/NV? When I buy Bethesda, I expect stuttering game play every once and a while. So what if it freezes every 20th hour of play? So what if my Dragon Mask makes it look like I don’t have a head when my Arch-Mage robes are on? Suck it up!

    • Jeff Hjelm

      Keep playing.  I wasn’t complaining much at that size but the farther you push into double digits, the worse it gets.  I still sucked it up and finished basically every official quest that I could and am at 22MB file size but I don’t play at all casually, especially to just walk overland because severe lag is immediate and does make the game essentially unplayable, at least, you know, for fun, rather than a test of masochism.  Hoping the patch lets me play my big file relatively smoothly, still expect various little bugs.  Like you, those don’t bother me because it is such a massive free-play game that I expect and accept plenty of bugs.  The ever-increasing lag is just the kicker.  It is funny to me the complaining about PS3 patch being last.  Um, it is no doubt the hardest to fix with more significant issues.  I seriously doubt they simply decided to prioritize PC first.  The extras included with the PC patch were likely a parallel effort, not taking away from working on the console fixes, I’m guessing.

    • Kaden101

       I’ve got a Fat Boy PS3, my save games are just under 9mb, and I don’t understand why people say it’s “playable”.

      If it’s crashed every 20 hours, I could live with it, but it crashes every 10 minutes almost religiously.

      Oh, to have enough play time to actually find a dragon mask.

  • Tucker Monticelli

    I just got the update, is anyone else having Loading issues? I’m getting stuck on the Loading screens, its just sits their, for almost 5 minuets, not frozen, but loading…

  • Nrg_233

    just updated mine, it’s a fatboy 80gb with a 16 mb file to convert; almost immediately, it’s noticeably smoother frame rate, apparel isn’t invisible (dragon priest mask) and interactions with NPC’s takes less time to navigate…looking promising so far;)

    • Kaden101

       Good to know. Nice to hear some positive feedback.

      Keeping fingers crossed.

  • Nrg_233

    Biggest test: fast-traveling to Dragonsreach ALWAYS lagged horrible after 2 hrs of the console being on. Not this time, and have had the machine on for 4 hours with just 20 mins with the 1.4 patch!!  woo hoo

  • chipochipo

    I b*tched like hell to Sony when update 1.3 killed my game — couldn’t play it for a month. I hope the delay was the result of Sony making sure it actually WORKS this time.

  • Derek

    Gamers are entitled to react to a game however they so choose. There is no “over-reaction” to the general issues that the PS3 has experienced. I considered giving up on it months ago. I was sold a product that was not reliable, and what’s more…completely ignored for months after its release. It’s a failure on Bethesda’s part to uphold their end of the contract: and in my personal opinion, that’s more than enough grounds to cause any gamer to return their product.

    Why most PS3 gamers chose to keep their copies goes beyond business…it gets sentimental. Skyrim is game of such rare gravity that it’s worth the constant crashes. As gamers, it pleases us to see a game so innovative as the Elder Scrolls series, which is why it is so upsetting for us when our complaints are neglected for months on end, and rival consoles get the jump on much-needed-PS3 patches. 

    To be put simply: Bethesda just stated the following to all of its Sony users: “We care more about what the enormous conglomerate Microsoft thinks of us than our fans.” Whether or not they intended for it to be said that way is irrelevant, that was the message that was received.

  • Mross120

    ok i got 150 hours in and my save file size is 20mb i have saved it in a new slot after the 1.4 update load times are still like 5 min + and still laggy on my ps3 dont know if its just going to take some time for it to work its self out or what but was wishing for better results

  • Bunch of whiners

    Holy crap, the people who are like wow I got screwed by sony, YOU ALL ARE SO STUPID. Patch 1.4 for  PS3 is NOW AVAILABLE! So quit your whining and download the patch and sit on your fat lard butts and play the freaking game. Sheesh, people these days…

    • Mross120

      people are playing the game just trying to see if its our problem or a larger than just one or 2 people i spend more time in loading screens than i do playing the game as of late just got patch 1.4 done and loaded my game  saved in new save slot and still huge load times just seeing if i am not the only one

  • Mross120

    i turned off all my auto saves and i have 0 lag on any thing at all in my ps3 just have to rember to save alot along the way but its great

    • Mross120

      i did leave on the auto save on wait so i just randomly wait here and there to save it at random

      • Meanie

        It’s obvious that you have not played that well on the game yet. Don’t post st***d comments like these because no one is exempted to this bug.

  • Bugthesda

    “Bethesda has done their part”   What a joke, doing their part would have been making a port that actually works on the PS3 to start with.  How quickly former developers, players and Bethesda themselves started to blame the PS3 itself.  The PS3 version was made to work with the PS3, it doesnt and the only ones to blame are Bethesda themselves.  My guess someone at Sony is playing Sjyrim 24/7 to see what new wonders Bethesda is granting us with before releasing another broken and untested patch

  • Kol

    Where can I find the skyrim PS3 1.4 patch download? Can’t see it on Bethesda site in their Downloads section. Also, can it be loaded into my PS3 via a memory stick ?