Update on Xbox Live security issue from MS

An extensive statement from Microsoft informing Xbox Live users of useful security tips to assist in the battle against online fraud has been released to account for a recent wave of hackers and fraudulent encounters, this update could help any future issues concerning these matters and give users an insight into how to go about protection procedures.

Xbox Live’s general manager Alex Garden has gone to in-depth measures amidst an unexplained rise in account theft over the last few months. In an article on CVG the Microsoft statement is available for assistance when it comes to protecting yourself against these issues and Garden informs us that they are always listening and will proceed to adapt to the growing constant forces of online fraud.

As new ways to attack online services will remain a continuous battle security will have to be progressively improved and we can start with robust passwords for each online service. The statement by Alex Garden discusses the importance of security because hijacking on the Internet is growing and although there has been no evidence of this issue in the Xbox LIVE service, those who have had their personal information compromised and sold will not have too much confidence with the service.

This is where listening to members comes apparent, as the feedback will enable new productive measures to be taken and the work involved here will be ongoing as protection is paramount and security will have to be improved regularly. A web page informing users of tips to further protect your account is at http://xbox.com/ and information regarding common sources of attack like phishing and password usage is detailed.

Various comments about this issue were mentioned in a reply to this article and although one person got their live account stolen Microsoft was able to get their gamertag back within a week, which was most gratefully received. Ideas from others suggest passwords should include numbers similar to a bankcard yet there has been some comments revealing that it can take up to a month to investigate.

Stuff.co.nz also talks about Microsoft coming to terms with Xbox Live hijacks even though they have denied any evidence they are aware that users are having their accounts hacked. More complaints have been made regarding how long it has taken for Microsoft to restore access to their accounts and help customers over the last couple of months, as it was only last month that Xbox saw an improvement in security.

Has this made you think about changing your online actions? It is not wise to store card details on your Xbox or use familiar passwords either.