Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC provides fun and problems

When a game is released we expect it to be in a finished form (meaning the ending is already developed) apart from new content to help the game along and earn some extra money for those behind the scenes. This might not be the case for Final Fantasy XIII-2, as the DLC could not only offer more in the way of gameplay etc but also the ending of the game as well.

As you would imagine users have been taking to forums to express the fun they believe they will have with the downloadable content, along with the problems as well. Before we get into this we thought you might need reminding that the first DLC (see screenshots) for FFXIII-2 is ready for download, which sees an epic battle with Lightning and Master Sergeant Amodar.

If you manage to beat the two of them in the first Coliseum pack then you acquire them as allies and they will then be added to your roster, we would like to know if you have beaten them yet becasue we have had reports from a few of our readers that they were too easy?

Speaking of issues it seems as though some gamers who downloaded the new DLC for Final Fantasy XIII-2 (read reviews here) have been experiencing some problems, but most of them ethical because Lighting appeared in the trailers and on the cover, so have an issue with buying the DLC for her. It’s little things like this that seem to be happening more frequently and could only get worse in the future.

Let’s say for a moment that a DLC will determine the ending of Final Fantasy XIII-2 how long will it be before fans of the franchise start to complain, as having to pay to complete a game could leave a bad taste in their mouths – well most of them anyway?

While we may have different views on this we cannot ignore a point made, which suggests there have been many games that do not end properly and leave you with a cliffhanger, such as Mass Effect 2 and there were not many complaints then – well there were on the game when compared to the first ME title.

All the big titles like Call of Duty etc rely on DLCs to give you a more complete story, so while some gamers are unhappy with having to pay more they will keep doing so in order to get the most from whatever game they have chosen to buy in to. There has been an argument that it would be far better to have a third installment of Final Fantasy XIII to complete the story, but surly going down the DLC route is a far cheaper option?

There will be more arguments suggesting XIII-3 would be wanted while other gamers believe that pushing the series to a third title might me going a step too far, where do you stand on this or would you rather sit on the fence?

  • Jibbafoo

    13-3 + DLC :)

  • Withholdingname

    I liked 13 and didn’t really mind how linear it was. I really like 13-2 and am really enjoying the openness and the idea of a lot of DLC. I would love a 13-3 (provided it combined the best aspects of the previous two – great story (13) and great game play (13-2). I’d gladly pay for it and it’s DLC!

  • Vampiro_sangre81

    A year from now we will get a Final Fantasy XIII bundle that has all the games and DLC at a value price (39.99?) that’s the trend these days.

  • Jeff

    There NEEDS to be a xiii-3. If u finished the game and saw the ending you know what I’m talking about. The dlc will prob only explain wat snow, sazh, light and snow were doin durin this whole mess. Although xiii-3 might piss off people who didn’t like xiii and decided not to get xiii-2, the game left waaay to big of a cliffhanger to be solved in just dlc. As much as I want versus, kh3, and ffxv to come out. I rly want xiii-3 to resolve that stunning ending.

  • Anonymous

    I really like the game, and I kind of understand them testing the dlc market, but the whole getting the ending through DLC thing is stupid, they should have released a full game or at least make it free. I think they may have overextended themselves trying to keep it all on one disk.

  • Alex Guillen

    you guys are lucky i cant even get my battle started its alwasy black screen does anyone else have the same problem send me back plz

  • anon

    Except if you’d bothered playing the DLC in question, you’d know that getting Lightning or Amodar after one battle is about a 7% chance, and that neither is the actual character, but a spirit reincarnation used as a monster for battle purposes.

    If you played the first five minutes of the game, you’d know that you could briefly play with Lightning and if you finished the game, you’d know you could redo those anytime.

    But hey, talking about stuff you didn’t bother researching to make a point is super classy, right?

  • Guest

    Honestly if they make a three, it will be an excuse to push Final Fantasy Versus XIII even farther back. From the start I have anticipated that game the most, of all the ones in Fabula Nova Crystallis. I don’t think Versus can afford to be set back, again. Especially after Nomura said it would receive his attention after the releases of XIII-2 and Type-0. Now, I do think that XIII-3 would be a good game, if they could maintain XIII-2s non-linearity, monster dimension, improved battle system, and etc, and have the central characters possess more than cameo roles. In my opinion, it should take its turn in the backseat. 

  • Bozo

    I loved 13 and really liked 13-2 overall.  For me the plot needs to be solved in 13-3 for two reasons.  First, there is just too big of a cliffhanger for DLC to be able to solve the plot sufficiently.  Secondly, I hate direct download games.  When I really love a game, I want a physical copy that I can still play in ten years if I decide to dust off my old system.  RPG gamers are notorious for replaying old games.  I want the same full experience without having to worry that any downloaded parts will have to be repurchased in order to get the ending. 

  • Final Fantasy XIII-3 Fan

    I love Final Fantasy XIII-2 and i would like to see XIII-3 because a dlc would be far too short to complete the story as they left XIII-2 with a big cliff hanger which was shocking. Also be very annoying to keep on buying DLCs where lots of people have spend a lot of money on collectors or crystals edition for XIII-2. I want a final fantasy xiii-3 as that would be great as you can finish the story not like in a dlc.

  • Storm

    A dlc with that kind of graphics and magnitude would be a very large download, a huge chunk of money, and probably not the best story that they could offer, compared to them making a game out of it

  • MsWolfe

    I beat Lightning and Amodar and it’s not as easy for me as other say it is. I fight them all the time considering I’ve only tamed Lightning. I am still trying to tame Amodar. As for the Square Enix going to be extending the cliff hanger for the story off of DLC. I wont mind paying it as I’m sure they will make up for the major “WTF!?” Cliffhanger. I enjoy this game a lot and I cannot wait to continue the story with future DLC.

  • Tyler Bilson

    (Quote) “Speaking of issues it seems as though some gamers who downloaded the new DLC for Final Fantasy XIII-2 have been experiencing some problems, but most of them ethical because
    Lighting appeared in the trailers and on the cover, so have an issue
    with buying the DLC for her. It’s little things like this that seem to
    be happening more frequently and could only get worse in the future.” (endquote)

    Ethical? What a load of crap. Lighting appears in XIII-2 without the DLC, and even with it she isn’t playable throughout. She’s a supporting character at best. NPC. Period. The DLC gives you an option of fighting against Lightning, and a chance to “capture” her for use as a companion (AI controlled).

    This isn’t an ethical issue. Its a bunch of whiny over-entitled trolls moaning about DLC.

    This idea that a game having DLC renders it incomplete is utterly ridiculous
    Nobody complains about Starcraft being incomplete due to expansions.
    Final Fantasy XIII-2 is complete. The DLC is additional, optional,
    complementary. There’s 25+ hours of quality gameplay in XIII-2, and several alternate endings. Excellent value at full price.

    Considering how much of XIII-2 is based on feedback and criticism of
    XIII, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if XIII-2’s DLC episodes will be
    influenced by feedback, allowing them to take the narrative in any
    direction. Bring it on, I say.

    If you play XIII-2 without DLC, its still a complete game. The ending
    does well to get you chasing the paradox endings and other side-quests.
    There is nothing at all that in any way OBLIGES you to purchase DLC.

    The DLC will expand the game IF YOU WANT IT TO, and from SE’s perspective,
    its a good incentive for players to keep the game longer, rather
    than trading it in. Its good business, and it keeps fans of the game
    involved and invested.

    Sure, there are some very questionable uses of DLC around (Hello Capcom!), but Final Fantasy XIII-2 without DLC is a complete game. You may feel like you’re entitled to X, Y, and Z content, but that’s a falsehood and you’re not entitled to anything more than the choice: buy or don’t buy.

    If you bought Final Fantasy XIII-2, then you have the full game already. Whether or not you want DLC is up to you. Get used to it.

    • Lyle Anderson

      I think you’re the only person I’ve seen speak sense on these types of forums. I couldn’t agree more.

      I don’t understand why people feel they shouldn’t pay for added content of side stories for characters such as Snow, Lightning, Hope etc. when they weren’t the focus of this game.

    • Merton9999

      I agree with this too.  It’s not the linearity and odd ending that ruined these two games it’s the constant whining by the entitlement-minded.

      I loved both XIII and XIII-2, after playing this series for 20 years since 1 was released in the late 80s.   The only thing I care about is that there is some sort of Return of the Jedi to this Empire Strikes Back, the-bad-guy-wins episode.  Come on, a main villain that started out a good protector bro, then turned to the dark side because of his obsession with not being able to save the woman he loves from dying?  It can’t get any more Star Wars structure than this.  I think it’s hilarious after years of Biggs and Wedge cameos that they finally went full-on Star Wars.  I’m excited to see the star fighter pilot with the furry cohort Sazholo appear, and ultimately will be happy when Noel Skywalker gets daddy Cauis to turn back to the light side just before he finally dies.

      Whether the third installment comes as DLC or XIII-3 I really don’t care.  DLC would be nice because it would bring a resolution sooner, but a third game would be more likely to contain new areas to explore, and all around more content, so I could go either way.

      Square has always taken advantage of the new systems.  Cutscene additions to VII that the SNES addicts swore was raping their childhood by turning their FF into a movie.  Voice acting in X that people thought made the story less believable instead of more.  I actually agreed with that one.  FFX was awful.  DLC continuation is just the next step, and I’m frankly excited to see how they pull off.

      As far as the Lightning and Amador addition, the only “problem” I had is that the descriptions led you to believe beating them added them to your party immediately.  I didn’t ultimately mind that I had to beat them 15 times to get both crystals, but I wish the descriptions had indicated this, simply because I thought my DLC was broken for a couple hours!

      I was disappointed that I couldn’t use Lightning more in the game in that amazing Paladin outfit.  But that’s just because I like her – I certainly didn’t feel cheated by it.  Maybe they can add a DLC adornment for the Paladin costume.  Right now I have her sporting some sexy shades.  

      Oh, and mog jumping around with a lightsaber would be sweet.

  • Fjfj

    the story ended, you dont have to buy any dlc, its more the set up to a sequel or sequel dlc

    • Shadowkngbne

      The conclusion of the game is a to be continued? That’s not an ending, that’s square asking for an extra 10 bucks to see the real ending later on. DLC explaining Lighting’s battle, Snow’s journery, Hope’s project, and a certain other’s character’s travels is understandable as its not necessary to conclude the game. But the actual final boss + ending as DLC is just wrong. If you look at Mass Effect, each was a standalone game, plus on PS3 there was a Digital Comic to expain the first game and make the important decisions. The DLC added characters and bridged the gap between the second and third games, not necessary to enjoy either title but nice to have.

  • Drew

    I have played every single FF and some numerous times, and in all honesty I think Square needs to wrap FFXIII-2 up in DLC for a few reasons.  I felt FFXIII-2 was a decent game, but it just doesn’t have that classic feel to it at all.  Ten years from now it will be long forgotten while games like FFIV, FFVI, FFVII, and FFX will continue to stand the test of time.  I would much rather them go back and revisit one of the classics then continue with this watered down FF story.  After FFX it just seems like the things that made the series great went dramatically downhill.  These things include memorable/likable characters, compelling story, immersive soundtrack, engaging battle system, innovative character development, and a vast world that you feel a part of.  If I knew nothing about FF and was asked to play FFVI and then play FFXIII-2 I would think they are two very different games (minus the chocobos lol).  FFXIII and FFXIII-2 have lost almost every signature staple of the series.  In addition to all of the job classes being different names, you can’t even learn all of the skills that should be in that class before reaching level 99!  I mean does anyone really want to play another game with the characters of FFXIII?  Noel is alright, but not even close to characters like Cecil, Cloud, Sephiroth, Cloud, or Tidus.  FFXIII-2 is a vast improvement from FFXII (I struggle to remember anything exciting about that game lol) and FFXIII, but there definitely needs to be serious overhaul to get the series back on track.

    • Zxoronto

      ONE HUNDRED PERCENT ON THE MONEY!  You can’t be more correct!

  • Randall Peralta

    I think the DLC market for a Final Fantasy game can be kind of a pain for the older gen guys…..seeing as we are used to a complete game shipment. 

    I personally won’t want to get the DLC. 

  • Seb Russell

    I really hope they do a massive side story, at least for Snow and maybe Lightning. From the story, Snow would make an excellent DLC character storywise, although I am worried about the available tactics in a single character story, since much of the planning required in fights needs at least two, if not three, characters. Frankly, I prefer story DLC to pretty much any other sort, and in a story driven game like this, that really needs to be their first objective. I also hope they have interns trawling all the blogs and things finding out what people want.

    • Mavusi

       I enjoyed Snow and Hope’s dynamic in FF Xiii. That could be a great partnership for a your game.

  • Allysha

    I say do the DLC please or another game. leaving it like that is like…. a slap in the face really? haha. Im hoping they will do it cauussee i wanna know the real ending

  • Candice

    That ending was ridiculous. All of them were. Most of the time the human mind is programmed to want a happy ending. You get engulfed in these character’s lives and you want them to succeed, and you spend 40+ hours to save their world only to not save it.The Final Fantasy’s haven’t always had perfect endings, but at least they are satisfying ones… this one just left me with resent. At least make another one to wrap it all up, or a downloadable to fix the story. 

  • Tekatto

    I feel that if I just dropped $67.00 on a game, please give me an ending that means something. I beat this game in 30 Hours it took me 70 to beat XIII, plus XIII was much more challenging. The only challenge in this game is the last boss. Boo. I got destroyed in the first one, this is just a shame on the franchise. Xlll was my favorite installment. Don’t charge me extra to finish the story I already gave you $67.00 I think i’ll just sell it and buy Mass Effect 3 instead when it comes out.


    Sad and disappointed gamer.

    • FF xiii-2 DLC SUCKS!

      SO TRUE. I would really hate wasting more money on DLC. And who knows? Square might take forever to end so that they can make money. I would so prefer another sequel!

  • Shahzaib

    I thought the Lightning and Amodar battle was way too easy.  It only takes a few minutes to down them. The only thing that sucks is that ive beat them like 50 times and havent gotten their crystals yet lol

  • FF xiii-2 DLC SUCKS!

    Really, I don’t want dlc at all, instead a third sequel to wrap it up. I would not want to waste even more money after buying a game worth 67 bucks. And have you noticed? All the people who agreed to DLC have been getting comments back on how excellent that idea. This is all planned so that Square gets an extra few bucks. Square, if you keep this up, you’re going to lose all your good and unique aspects that differentiated your games from other games. Really, you disappoint me.

  • Cloudffvii

    First off Lightning didn’t lose to Caius she chose to stop fighting because she saw no hope of winning. Basically she kill herself, It has nothing to do with this article but it was annoying me. Anyways I was only dis-pointed by the fact that when get all 160 fragments that you only unlock a five minute video ~_~. Square Enix should not never make 3rd sequel, even making a 2nd is pushing it, because it is nearly impossible not to ruin the first title’s story. If Square Enix had a final boss fight made for FFXIII-2 but decided to cut for a dlc then I would be piss. DLC is supposed to be additions to the story, not scenes that were cut out that were key to the story. Like this Sazh DLC, it was likely originally part of the main game but was cut,because the team was busy making Final Fantasy Versus XIII :), so they removed it so they could lunch the game on time. Plus this is the first time Final Fantasy had DLC so we can’t blame them if there not the greatest things in the world. For $4.00, is a small price to pay when looking at COD $15.00 per set of the 3 new maps. Each Final Fantasy stands on it’s own so having everyone die that the end was a great! made the story really stand on it’s own. I say leave the ending alone.

  • JW

    I dont care about having to pay to complete the game.

    As a die hard FF fan this just adds more excitement to the story and allows us to explore just what else square has done to the free roaming which eas lacking in the previous game.

    Still 10/10 for me!

  • Flip_blaze_pinoy

     I really hope they dont make a XIII-3. I have been waiting for XIII-2 for too long and I dont want to wait for another game. I would pay at least $20 for a true ending for a DLC that would come out in a couple months rather than waiting a few years and paying $70