Skyrim creativity meets Creation Kit problems

Certain PC users only bought The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim for modding and their creative ideas began the moment they started playing, which are now being put into action thanks to the Skyrim Creation Kit being released earlier this week.

Having spent over 400 hours in Skyrim now we’re sold on how good the game is, although it’s also easy to understand the desire to shape this world the way we want it, which is where the Skyrim Creation Kit comes in and makes the game a modders paradise. Like other users we’ve seen a number of things that could enhance Skyrim, although we love what Bethesda gave us out-of-the-box but now is the time for a little customization.

Creating your perfect Skyrim – every player has a different vision of what makes Skyrim better, and the modding community are busy creating their masterpieces right now although it’s not plain sailing for everyone. Some modders have a wealth of experience and wanted the “same creative freedom that the actual developers had“, although other people are new to modding and want to start with Skyrim. These very people could experience a few more problems than seasoned modders and we’re seeing evidence of issues arising since the release of the CK.

Would you prefer to sit back and enjoy mods created with the Creation Kit, or do you like to get your hands dirty even if it means hours of solving problems? When your new to modding it can take many hours to learn simple things, and going over the same issue can take a ridiculous amount of time without a little help or insight from those that know a lot more than you, although that can sometimes kill the fun of learning.

Problems we’ve seen Creation Kit users having so far include placing mannequins in corridors of a new house, which are aligned fine but when the modder enters Skyrim they randomly appear. Other users are stating that the “Navimesh problem in Fallout” is showing itself again, although we cannot confirm this so if you’ve experienced the same problem feel free to share your thoughts. Another modder created a new NPC that hit them once or twice and then just stood there with their weapon drawn, although this was an issue with custom created NPCs only. Sadly some people give up the hope of ever making a mod when they run into issues, would you give up with the Creation Kit if you hit a brick wall for too long?

Some people love change and others fight it – the Steam Workshop has delighted certain Skyrim modders and others hate this change, although it’s worth pointing out that Skyrim Nexus has done a good job for some time now and modders will continue to use their service. How do you feel about Steam Workshop and Skyrim Nexus following its launch?

Console owners want to mod – it’s understandable why modding is built for PC users with keyboards and a mouse, although we’re seeing a growing number of PS3 and Xbox 360 gamers that want to mod via their consoles. Some people are asking for “consoles to become more open ended” with the ability to create their own content, but this very idea has some PC users rejecting even the possibility. We’d have to agree that consoles do support keyboards and can act like the PC with the correct software and approval from Sony/Microsoft, although it might take a new generation of console to really help console modding take off. Would you like to see modding on consoles?

How are you finding the Skyrim Creation Kit? Have you come across any problems while getting creative? We’ve embedded the CK preview video below for those of you that haven’t seen it yet.


  • firestorm79

    I want mods on ps3. I’d like to create mods, but failing that, just being able to run PC mods would suit me fine…

  • Kim Jolicoeur

    The problem with console modding is the legal implications. Each mod would need to go through certification.

    For example, a PS3 modder could be using XBox 360 terminology or images, even without knowing it, and this is a big no no with consoles.

    On console, each IP must always go through a rigorous QA process specifically designed to pass certification, no matter if it’s a full downloadable game or a simple avatar for an account.

    This is the current brick wall for would-be console modders imo.

  • SnapNat

    I agree with Kim Jolicoeur’s statements about the console modding.
    I would also like to include that, not only the legal implications are very rigorous, but console modding would not be as simple as it would be com the computer to mod.
    Maybe, if there were a file sharing option, where you can mod on your computer, and be able to transfer it over onto your console, it would be simpler.

    • Kim Jolicoeur

      The file sharing option is a great idea, however the mods would still need to go through certification.

      A good modder could theoretically change all the textures to make all the characters look like Marcus Phoenix. This is ok for PC and XBox, but a mod like this would never make it on the PS3 without a lawsuit.

  • KA

    Don’t get me wrong, the CK is almost the best thing since bewbs, but it’s got problems which need fixing very fast.

    As mentioned custom NPCs are pretty buggy, might hit you a couple of times then stand there gormlessly. something like this also seems to happen to NPCs flagged as essential (they will function normally until they enter bleed-out then, after getting up, will either get stuck in a hand to hand state or even act as if they are holding a weapon which they don’t have).
    Alongside this there’s the tint-mask bug which prevents warpaint/makeup etc being shown on the NPCs in-game model.  -.-

    And the landscaping features… can’t import RAW, insta-CTD; having to mark most of the objects in a new world-space as full LOD or they just disappear and reappear at will; and more often than not, statics failing to display in the render window whilst you’re working on a cell.
    I’m also a little confused by the GUI… my monitor only supports 1366×768, but i’m pretty sure some views like the ‘reference alias’ menu, for example, would only ever show it’s entirety if you had your monitor set to portrait orientation, even on a higher resolution. Bit of a pain to keep switching orientation, especially if you have a laptop. 😛

    ^Just to name a few^

    I follow TES series on PC myself, but i have no qualms against console modding, would be an awesome idea imo, potentially great console games can be far too linear to be enjoyable sometimes, user content could change that. The more the merrier ^_^As for my opinion on this Valve Steam workshop thing… slap in the face to the community that’s been running the TES modding scene for all these years