Expectations for Street Fighter x Tekken on PSN

As two massive games come together for the crossover fighting game that will feature characters from both the Street Fighter franchise and Namco’s Tekken series the expectations for Street Fighter X Tekken is bound to be high. Therefore, we aim to find out what the thoughts are regarding its arrival to the PSN as we look forward to this highly anticipated release.

The appearance of Street Fighter X Tekken on the PlayStation Network is reported on Ubergizmo and information is given to those that want to place a pre-order on the PSN shall receive a Boost Gem Trial Pack 1 bundle when it arrives. With this pack users will get the opportunity to bump up their cross gauge meter build-up speed, vitality and defense along with more content coming next week. In addition if 10 challenges are all completed in Home a chance to unlock Kazuya and Ryu outfits is available.

Some key features for Street Fighter X Tekken are also mentioned on the Worth Playing website as the characters from both sides come up against each other for the first time and their signature moves and personalities are put to the test. In similar style to the 2D gameplay in Street Fighter IV, there will be fully realized 3D character models that will compete in various modes including Tag Team combat where players select two fighters and swap between the pair for more advantage.

The controls will be familiar to those in both the original games and fighters like Poison, Ryu, Ken, Guile, Chun-Li Dhalsim and Abel will be available from Street Fighter as well as Steve, Bob, Yoshimitsu, Kazuya, Nina, King, and Marduk from Tekken. A Juggle System will allow users to throw their enemies into the air with Tekken-style juggles and with online features from Street Fighter X Tekken and SF IV, there will also be some Tekken features and some fresh surprises.

A preview of Street Fighter X Tekken is documented on Game Guru and straight from picking up the controls, they noticed a difference, which was the fluid responsive controls and gameplay although it does seem to be more Street Fighter orientated. The arcade feel is reminiscent of the old arcade games with great combos that can be taken advantage of in the Tag Mode, as fun is to be had by calling over your partner to finish the juggling side of the attack. Enjoying all the modes, they found the Scramble mode the best with up to four players up against each other on and offline, overall they feel that in the short time they experienced playing this they found it to be a game that the fans will enjoy even though expectations of Capcom will be high.

Can you envisage this to be more popular than the individual franchises? Are you looking forward to this eagerly awaited collaboration?

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    Paul vs Guile fight game twins,

  • Alouiniest

    -_- ofcourse they found the scramble mode to be fun… what did ya expect -_-

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001813844790 Kendall Hughes

      dnt like it? dnt play it bc i know ima love it and so will others. go player regular 1 vs 1. i dnt see the problem with have extra game modes to try, or u want everyone to be forced to play 1vs 1 or tag out?