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Celebrate this Valentines Day with the release of Twisted Metal on the PS3 and get behind the wheel of some amazing weapon clan vehicles to challenge in a race to the death. See the changes that have been implemented since the 1995 edition and witness the great gameplay contained by viewing the weapons training and vehicle tactics in the videos below.

Designers David Jaffe and Scott Campbell discuss the car combat-based video game on USA Today and the idea of having a vehicle loaded with an array of weapons came to them when sitting in L.A. traffic back in 1993. Dreaming that they had a rocket launcher on was part of the fantasy that influenced Twisted Metal along with the speed in NASCAR and nasty characters that you would see in a Stephen King movie.

Taking part in a demolition derby to the death that results in a last man-standing race has been likened to a mix of Mario Kart battle mode and fighting FPS games, and this helped them create vehicles much in the same way you would a fighting character. The multiplayer aspect has been given a more satisfying appeal to make a game that allows the player to stay alive long enough to get involved in some amazing chases in which the enemies can get their comeuppance. As the consumer interest is good there is news that in the pre-release Twisted Metal has settled in the top 5 best sellers on Amazon and top three recent online pre-orders at Walmart.

In other related news Co-Optimus talks about the videos that show details of the vehicle combat involved and the first one highlights the multitude of weapons with information on how to get the best from each one, the other adapts on this with vehicle profiles and the tactics. On PlayStation Lifestyle they write about the videos informing gamers about the energy attacks as well as the side-arms and the video begins by teaching users about the unique armory and weapon pick-ups, although it will take more than just these to win a race.

The Energy attacks can be used for both protection and on the offense and this feature is initiated by press up, left and right on the directional button, these attacks have varied strengths according to how much energy is used and regeneration time can be changeable as to what vehicle you are using. Single and multiplayer modes have features that allow users to unlock new energy attack although they all have their ups and downsides. Driver controlled side-arms are accessed by using the L2 button and can be changed in the single player campaign’s garage and the multiplayer’s vehicle select screen as well as respawn screens.

You will start with an unlimited ammo machine gun but the submachine gun has better firepower, the shotgun at close range inflicts more damage, and the Magnum is the most powerful sidearm you can get. The Mega gun sidearm is a powerful rapid weapon that comes with 150 rounds but once that is used it is finished, so understanding the capabilities of the weapons can go a long way when it comes to the actions used throughout the game.

Only last week we posted an article informing gamers of 118 minutes of Twisted Metal on the changes regarding this game and its initial first encounter. Do you think this game will also be enjoyed by the casual gamer as the controls are seen to be quite complex? Will you be getting Twisted Metal today?


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