Speculating new Skyrim DLC improvements

Love it or hate it Skyrim is a great game and while there have been one or two issues, fans have been pretty pleased so far. The developers have been working hard to resolve a few issues (mostly with the PS3) and the latest 1.4 patch looks to have done the job, although there are a few gamers who still report their lag issue still persists. Now that this problem is all but eradicated and Bethesda has now made their official Creation Kit and Texture Pack available we now look to the new DLC and what improvements they can bring to the game.

We are not certain when the new Skyrim DLC will be released but we do know the developers are working hard to come up with something special, and there is no shortage of fans speculating what improvements we are likely to see. One advancement that has caused a bit of a stir last week was the dragon riding rumor, as there was a mixed reaction in regards to how such a featured would affect the immersion of the game.

While some gamers believe there are many downsides to flying one of these mythical creatures, others believe replacing fast travel with a dragon would be greater fun. Speaking of faster travel there have been suggestions of Waygates, which is said to allow for even faster travel, this could be far better than what we currently have in the game, as it would cut down travel time and allow you to get much further in the game in any given time.

There’s no denying that the guards in the game are a bit linear because they all seem to say the same thing, so having them converse differently will improve those little chats you have with them. They could also react to their surroundings, so when the sun goes down you might see them light a torch so they can see who is approaching them, it’s the small details that can make a game like Skyrim even bigger.

We have also heard of a few suggestions for improved combat but improving this could be much harder than some of the other wanted features in the upcoming DLC, we know combat is very limited and being able to pull different moves off would be fun but this is not likely to happen.

Some Skyrim fans are asking for stories to be expanded because while there are great ones within The Elder Scrolls V, some of them seem to stop short and leave you wondering what it was all about. It has been widely rumored that DLCs will make this game almost endless so surely this means we can expect some new missions?

One of the most interesting possibilities is time travel because we know Bethesda has showed that it’s possible, and could open up the world of Skyrim in a far bigger way than we could imagine. While the thought of this sounds a little strange we cannot help but think how cool it would be to see what happened to some of the races that are no longer in the world of Skyrim.

These are just a few ideas fans have had for the upcoming DLC but what would you like to see?

  • Gregathor

    I think they should implement time travel and make it so that you can go and visit dwemer cities or meet the snow elves before they became those annoying falmer

  • Michellecmaec

    Here is  just an Idea when I was in black reach I noticed in the Market that there is a door which leads to a blank wall and nothing else any thoughts on wether this could be a dlc

  • Princeofelim

    Or mayby some nine divine quest

  • Mick Md1

    The problem with DLC for Skyrim

     is that the scope  is
    too broad, where do you start?


    Dragons ,weapons,storyline,gameplay!

    Just to list a few : } )

  • runes tales on amazon kindle

    I would like several things,

    I want there to be a strong gameplay reason to be either werewolf and vampires, both are fun but I think they are both a little week. All my companion missions I did in human form, I would like the ability for the wife to open a proper shop/stall. I want to build my own house, and be able to do it anywhere.

    I want npcs to be able to move towns or change trade,

    I think it would be great to have a child and pet dog, I know really this is cosmetic but adds more depth to my character.

    I would like to become a jarl either of an established town or be able to rebuild a ruin and npcs could settle in my new town.

    I want to be randomly attacked by someone wanting to usurp me in the darkbrother hood, or a thief to steal from my weapons rack in one of my houses.

    I would like to change my appearance.

    And would like to craft new items and design style and colour.

    • Houkis_54

       You can already get a dog companions in Skyrim, I believe you can get three actually. You can buy the War dog in Markarth, Find Meeko in Meeko’s shack and also the Stray dog.

      • runes tales on amazon kindle


  • Spaz318853

    It be nice to see what gamespot posted on their website regarding when the developers completed the game and went on a modding spree for a week or so. They came up with a lot of things that are surprizingly not in game or listed as a mod. I bit they will include the following in the DLC:

    Fighting on horseback
    riding on dragons
    epic giant monsters
    kill cams for bow&arrow, and magic
    more quests

  • Lickme

    Fishing skill, ability to make arrows. And I know this won’t happen but.. Online play! or any sort of online features such as comparing stats (there’ll be more to think of but I’m tired)!

  • Aaaleafman

    but when it gets dark, the guards do light torches…. 

  • Rossmtaylor

    Show us what happens after you choose sides. Fight the thalmor???

  • Stuartleland

    expansion for the stormcloak/imperial quests… Become a jarl of a city. Make strategic battles against other towns

  • runes tales on amazon kindle

    I would also like to leads armies in a rts style abit like fort condor in ff7

    • Niceonesteve

      FF7 Was amazing. I remember fort condor :)

  • Chandlettes

    I wanna visit the Black Marsh for a DLC

  • Desertfox171

    maybe a PVP arena online!  One v one, two v two, group v bots, etc…

  • Cooldude65

    i think it would be great if they added other things such as different pots, plates, cups etc …..lol jk fuking DRAGON RIDING BITCHES

    • Turial5401

      You are an idiot

  • ChrisS196

    The ability to kill young and defenceless kids in the game… Joke I’d like the expansion of the Civil War questline and it becomes a war with the Aldmeri Dominion. There are so many references towards it in the future, the Empire says it to you albeit quietly and even some Thalmor claim it’s “a calm before the storm” meaning the current peace and the White Gold Concordat so… Like I said I wanna kill many high elves because they may as well be children.
    Other than that I’d likely pay for anything that Beth brings out and slaps a sticker on it as long as it’s full of content.

  • M_Snipes

    Building a home anywhere in the game from scratch 

  • Tyler

    I think Bethesda should really focus on adding more skill points.
    I’m almost level 81 and I can’t buy that many more perks.
    So that should be added for sure.

  • Nativethug1989

    I want to visit hammerfell checking out a desert in elder scrolls would be amazing

  • Bl33d The FifTH

    I would like to see more weapons, armour and skills

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000893217654 Zach I. Fluke

    high  rock storyline

    • Tylerl4444

      This.  Is smart.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001461531639 Arch Henderson III

    i seem Bethesda going along with the Eragon books. after you defeat Alduin, you for a peace pact with the dragons and the dragon riders are formed, some dragons dont like it, so the dragon riders hunt them down

    • Tylerl4444

      That.  Is stupid.

    • The Grey Rider

      No matter how similar those two are, it won’t happen.
      Particularly with the Blades around.
      Cool as they are, killing Paarthurnax is something a lot of players probably don’t want to do, as you both lose the buffs he grants, and you lose favour with the Grey Beards.
      Not to mention that Paarthurnax is just too cool to kill.

  • Laurieradvice

    Put some aedric armor in it

  • Naugty lil moo cow

    Let us pull a Tiber Septim!!!!! :3

  • funicky

    elseweyr i feel like i didnt spell that right but the khajit homeland would be awesome. i wanna become an elsweyrian skooma lord

  • Sarah

    I Definitley agree with the time travel bit. If Bethesda decides to make it happen, then I think that the story line should be about the Falmer; and how they were driven into Blackreach by the Nords. 

  • Turial5401

    You are all idiots, Bethesda will not let us ride dragons, anyone thinking otherwise is a fool, Todd Howard is just a gigantic tease, however epic the man is. They may release spears and kill cams and other smaller things for free in a patch, but no dragon riding, they let us do it once in the main quest, they won’t let us do it again, why do you think we didn’t get to actually see ourselves riding the dragon, it was just a loading screen for a reason you fools. Oh and to anyone who actually thinks that adding any form of multiplayer to any elder scrolls game (especially skyrim) is an absolute tool, it will never, ever happen

    • TGator86

      This is the most realistic post. Amen.

  • Elloganoman

    I think the first dlc will be in hammerfell, were the redguards are fighting the dominion, and ally with the stormcloaks or empire. After this do one in high rock, then cyridel, then finally in against the dominion

  • Elloganoman

    i WOUld also like to see, a way to port pc mods to the consoles, like ps3 or 360, and not be accused of jailbreaking your system

  • Harry DownUnder

    You can’t beat the request for more clutter. Seriously, though, we can’t pick up our clutter and move it out of the way? No moving dead bodies that are stacked on top of each other? Is that just an xbox thing? Seems like a major oversight to me.

    • kiafax

      just hold down the A button and you can pick stuff up

  • Cleetonbob

    O please they arent adding any more regions/multiplayer. Skyrim multiplayer would be completely dumb. Time travel seems reasonable, especially if you’ve done the arniel gane (probably spelled wrong) quests in the college of winterhold. Goin back to the dwemer. Id also like new mounts like the ability to tame and ride bears, sabre cats. And mount-top combat.

    • http://twitter.com/TVsCHACHI johnny_bot

      Word, so does that mean you get to interact with Dwemmer and see them alive and thriving?  That is encouraging.

    • Dickcheese

       time travel sounds much more ridiculous than adding more regions

  • The Grey Rider

    This keeps coming up and as the debate over bringing in Morrowind and Cyrodiil has fallen fairly quiet, here’s an in-game hint ‘for’:
    Vilkas, the Companion who trains you in Two-handed weapons, actually says:
    “I’ve killed one of every living thing in Skyrim; I think it’s time for a trip to Morrowind.’
    That, to me sounds like Bethesda acknowledging the possibility.


    i would like to see dragon bone wepons

  • DLC

    More Skill Points!

  • Joe

    Id love to see new dragon shouts;
    meteor storm like alduin used.
    Ressurect dead dragon another one alduin used.
    Summon spectral clone like the greybeards used.
    Dragon riding would be pretty dope.
    Along with adding some more skill points for the level 81 players.

    • http://www.facebook.com/xstevex84 Steve Padgham

      I agree with all of this. Great suggestions. Hows about they make it so us level 81 players can go further to like level 100. That way we get a chance to master more things.

      • Joe

        Yes! I agree 100%
        Level 100 would be a nice change up.

  • http://twitter.com/TVsCHACHI johnny_bot

    Ulfric’s corpse is still on the ground in Windhelm, in front of the throne. I reckon that will start stinking soon.

  • runes tales on amazon kindle

    I cant wait to see what it’ll be. I think most people are calling out for multiplayer, i dont know if that will happen, and if it did how would it work, it could be like white knights where you have separate multiplayer missions, or like borderlands where when someone joins your game it makes the enemies harder or maybe just an arena to either pick enemies you faced or against friends.

  • Niceonesteve

    How awesome would it be to time travel back 200 years ago to maybe help the deadra invade cyrodill when the oblivion invasion happened? Or maybe just before so you can actually see what kvatch looks like. Or a bit of both so you see what kvatch looks like as it gets invaded. And later in the mission you could maybe fight whoever the hero is to close the gates. 

  • Alex:]

    How about finding the last stronghold of the dwemer, kind of like Blackreach. Its whereabouts a mystery, somewhere deep underground.  Or maybe two underground strongholds, Dwemer and Snow Elves(pre falmer)  duking it out. Or going back to the Frozen Isles! or Introducing a Colloseum, like in Oblivion.

  • Paul Swietek

    They need to make the plotlines WAY longer. The Dark Brotherhood questline was the best thing in the game IMO, but it only had like 8 missions… WAY too short. The main plotline sucked, and all the other plotlines (College of Winterhold, Thieves’ Guild, Companions, etc.) wer similarly stunted, leaving me feeling underwhelmed, even though I thought each of those plots were really good. They just weren’t fleshed out enough, especially when compared to Oblivion (it took 8 mission just to get into the Mages Guild in Oblivion, and the Dark Brotherhood had 34 missions, which is cut down to 16 in Skyrim) and I hope that with the DLC they really open up the stories more.

  • DragonTurd

    I’d like too see a new perk tree and some new armors like bonemarrow i think it was in morrowind and maybe a oblivion gate pop up here and there

    Maybe also and new story line or a add on to the story line either way works for me just………….HURRY UP WITH THE DLC ALREADY 😛

    • Oh dang :)

      We need more story lines.

      Maybe a few new guilds.

      OR even bring back the arena.

      i like the MOD the Dovahkiin Hideout which is amazing and should become a DLC for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

  • Althalos

    I would like to see new weapons, armour and more avaiable perks or perk trees. Even new races or enhanced racial abilities. Also maybe replacing perks or something like that. Dragon riding would be sweet and multiplayer arenas would be awesome! Like PVP in a colliseum or multiplayer quests. Even new achievements/trophies to get players to do more in the game. More land would be nice as well, like maybe hot weather, or a large maze, or even building homes in new places. What ever the case, new content is always nice and I think we all agree when I say we can’t wait until the first DLC!!!

    ALSO: New creatures to fight would be fun, as well as different ways to kill them (enhanced combat). Enhanced crafting would be nice too; like making deadric arrows.

    The video on how Bethesda worked a week and got a lot done was stunning and I like every single part of that video, so they are on the right track for sure!

  • Davecorkey17z

    hammerfell. . . . . thats it, elderscrolls V hammerfell

  • Davecorkey17z

    or high rock

  • http://www.facebook.com/KirbaeKun Kristopher Scott Brown

    1. Maybe some crossover weapons/armor. Something like Being able to customize armor by picking certain parts of the armor and either using different materials, or colors. Making it so that you can have a mixture of high armor and lighter weight, as well as aesthetic appeal.

    2. Destructible environments would be kinda fun too, but would require the game to load everything, Something like making it so the cities aren’t the load points, this might only work on higher machines sadly.

    3. Maybe having an enchant that lets the item “Level-up” so that you would be able to use certain items longer and not be forced to suddenly change your current weapon just because you leveled up to high.

    4. Maybe some sort of countering system. Not one that lets you auto-kill enemies, but one that lets you reduce the incoming damage, and damage the enemy, would be especially helpful for those who like to use magic either only or on the offhand.

    5. Giving spells that are different special characteristics when used together.

    6. Shout mixing, similar to the idea above

    7. Some sort of indicator of when a stealth kill is available. I kinda hate when i have to reload a quick save and it works the second time lol

    8.More incentive in smiting items other than iron daggers in order to level up. I mean as much fun as it is to see the level upper zoom up, it kinda takes me out of the experience when every other item is useless. Maybe have level requirements for the certain items, and have lower level items be worth less and less, until they aren’t worth anything at one point (as far as experience goes)

    9. Maybe being able to hire someone in-game to make a house for you. Not entirely sure how it would work, but would add more to the experience. Possibly make it a questline.

    10. Speech either needs to give more experience, or a completely different system, because it’s far to slow to be useful otherwise. I’m not saying it should be able to level up to 100 super easy, but it seems to level far slower than logic would permit it to.

    11. Incentives to using the smaller gems. And over fulling system, where if you use soul trap on a big enemy, instead of wasting the soul, it fills lower ones until it it matches the soul size. Grand(Highest)-Greater(Half of grand)-Common(Half of Greater)-Lesser(Half of Common)-Petty(Half of Lesser)

    12. Being able to use the dead bodies of creature you kill as either trophies, or decoration for your house (would be an addition to the making a house idea)

    13. Better class stat/ability incentives. Because lets face it, it really only feels like picking the same character, but having different colors of the same shiny spoon.

    14. Some sort of indicator of how much your follower can hold.

    15.[b] FUCKEN AAAAAAHHH QUICKSELECT [/b]I don’t mind the favorites, but there needs to be a quick selection. This was the biggest problem i had, pausing every 5 seconds to change my weapons gets a little tedious. There needs to be a quick select on the numbers. Something like each number butten would allow for a different character configuration on armor, weapons and magic. I don’t want to press “Q” or tab every time i find a situation that doesn’t fit my configuration. Or at least being able to switch between weapons without pausing would be nice :

    Sorry if that was long winded, but tis some things that would be cool to haz.

    • runes tales on amazon kindle

      Loads of great points, I think for the time everyone is putting in, you get to a stage when really you character can’t really evolve as a person any more, I want new NPC dialogue that changes as you do more quests and also now that I’m married the wife is pretty much useless, I want to see that change otherwise what’s the point. My character and companion are both stocked in good armour with good weapons, I really hope they add more depth to the characters.

  • AlienFirefox

    I’d like to be able to design my own arrows
    as an archer i feel it is a nessessary feature.
    to be able to design it the way i want to  design it give it the arrow tip i want the colour i want and to be able to design it to be a poison arrow or whatever. so far most the arrows  seem to similar to me they all look different but theres not much damage relevant betwen them. even a glass arrrow hasn’t got much on an iron arrow and yet a glass arrow is supposed to have twice the damage.
    sorry for bad spelling im trying to type fast here.

  • Joe

    Custom made houses seems a bit out of range
    But new houses would be an awesome add in.
    Like one in falkreath and dawnstar and all the other holds.
    Maybe even some in towns like ivarstead or rorikstead.
    Kristopher Scott Brown’s (commenter below) idea of being able to take
    dead bodys of animals and use them like taxidermy or decorations
    also seems like a great idea.
    Also dragon bone weapons would be pretty sweet.
    I’d like them to make a set of weapons better than deadric though.
    Because iv been using those since level.. Atleast 20 something.
    A Dragon bone bow would be quite a sight.
    Along with like a Dragon Bone Mace.
    All great ideas!

  • Matt

    I really think bethesda should look into the time travel and how Tiber Septim became a god from a mortal nord…

  • Joe

    I have been reading up on some of the latest skyrim DLC news
    Something about gamejam, And I stumbled across some possible
    Ideas the team came up with in the article such as;

    Building a house. That would be odd but I could see the fun in it.

    Kinect Dragon Souls. I’m guessing they mean putting dragon souls together,

    New Mounts such as; Dragons and a ” skeletal flaming demon horse ” Lol

    Vampire Feeding. I thought you already could feed, I never digged into being a
    Vampire due to the stats and whatnot I read about.

    Snow Foot prints.

    New Creatures I guess such as; Goblins, Outdoor Draugr, Werebears and Giant Mudcrabs.

    Possibly the return of spears. I’d only find that useful if you could throw them 😛

    Mounted combat.

    New Killcams.

    Water, Ice and Fire arrows? Sounds good to me.

    More Follower options..

    The option to adopt NPC children.

    Theres more I left out, But that’s the majority of what I found interesting.
    I feel they left out a CRUTIAL component though.

    They need to add more skill points however they decide to do it.
    Suggestions iv ran across such as;
    Trading 5 dragon souls for 1 skill point/perk whatever it’s called.
    The option to reset a skill tree and use the points on something else.
    Level 100 cap.
    Anything, As long as they add more!
    What about the level 81 players Bethesda?
    Just something to think about.

  • Rob_Wilko

     I have done all guild and main quests, and have concluded that some quest lines, especially the college of winterhold and the main questline, were a bit short, and shold be extended?! Also i see an advancement into high rock or hammerfell for DLC. Also, maybe the rebuilding of Helgen, then you become Jarl!

  • Sugarhighgamer

    The time travel idea i know wouldn’t make too much sense for bethesda to put in dlc. That said, ever since i’ve explored my first dwemer ruin in the game, i’ve always wanted to see what happened to the dwarves, and explore a non-ruined dwarven city. I mean all the dwarven ruins in this game have at least 2 or 3 absolutely goregous areas, so seeing a dwemer city in the dwarves’ timewould be freaking amazing. And going back in time would be the best way to make that happen.

  • runes tales on amazon kindle

    Is their a confirmed release date for the dlc yet? I’ve got it on the ps3 so I have to wait even longer which is annoying.

  • Eliot

    SkyRim DLC should expand into allowing the user to become Jarl and then maybe someday high king and create a separate Questline for each royal position obtained.

    • http://www.facebook.com/xstevex84 Steve Padgham

      Great idea!!

  • AlienFirefox

    I think it would also be a nice addition to be able to create your own staffs and able to dischant staffs and create new stronger ones. also being able to use human skeleton bones would be good since there useless really. to be able to summon your own skeleton warrior would be nice and keep him until his defeated.

  • http://www.facebook.com/xstevex84 Steve Padgham

    From what I hear the main DLCs for this game are going to be BIG. On that note because of there size bethesda will release them quite far apart so they can work so well on them. On the plus side there will be a few free smaller DLC in between though. So does sound promising and will give the game a longer life span and will keep newer and older players of the game returning to skyrim.

  • Taylor Stewart

    Make it more hardcore – potions only heal over time (health, stamina and magica), armor cannot be changed in combat, enemies do not simply give up and deaggro after being sniped from afar, penalties for casting in armor, better trees with actual worthwhile investments at the end, remove +enchanting/smithing/alchemy enchants and potions (except as maybe a rare reward), make smithing require use of the higher level ingredients to level up (ie: shouldn’t be able to level smithing all the way making the iron daggers).

    More unique and fully-fleshed-out stories would be welcome to all.  I do not wish to see anything that would make the game easier than it already is or to cheapen the dragons by allowing us to ride them…there’s just no need for that.  I would also like to see the invincibility of all NPCs that are invincible removed, talk about a total break from immersion…if they cannot die for some reason then give them some cheap overpowered move like the Grey Beards have (damaged, frozen, rinse and repeat until dead).

    • http://www.facebook.com/xstevex84 Steve Padgham

      I think riding dragons would be awesome. Its something different from just fast tracking. Also how could you possibly complete the game properly if you could kill someone like the Jarl of whiterun before any dragons come? If that was the case there would be no dragons what-so-ever for as long as you play that game. It wouldnt make sense. That’s why you cannot kill all NPCs. However I do agree with the smithing side of it. I think for example if you smith daggers that should be say up to level 10 and then has no effect and then to level up again you should need to create another type of weapon to level 20 and so on. What do you mean by fully-fleshed-out stories? And the bit about the grey-beards doesn’t make sense. There meant to be these all powerful NPCs so why would it be easy to kill people so powerful on the other side how would someone who’s a master of shouts not be able to kill you without using there most powerful ones.. Anyway my point is if you love the game then why change how it works? Leave that for the next Elder scrolls. In the mean time I love the game as it is and if Bethesda offer expansions of that then ill be more than happy. 

  • Kaaydizzlee

    All I want is for you to be able to have your own Hold where your the Jarl. That’s it we’ll obviously some more quests :) & your be able to have your own store if you can’t have your own Hold.

  • Dan

    is it true u can ride a dragon if so how do u do it ???