Undivided Twisted Metal reviews, deserves respect

After yesterdays release of Twisted Metal on the PS3 we aim to find out what the thoughts are from a collection of reviews to give us an overall perspective, and with gaming evolving by the minute we are interested to see how far Twisted Metal has come since its first appearance.

Popular characters like Mr Grimm, Sweet Tooth, and Doll Face are back from the last games along with their henchmen for another encounter in the long running series, and a review on AttackOfTheFanboy talks about the return not being without issues. Twisted Metal takes everything that has made it popular throughout the series and adapts on this with the familiar dark and crazy backdrop that makes it stand out as a unique franchise although the online connectivity and limited character choices seem to disappoint.

The story mode strays from great force behind the game and the boss battles and the checkpoint races are not brilliant either, as one race was found to be too hard to complete and a couple of multi-stage bosses were quite annoying. Other than the few issues mentioned Twisted Metal was viewed as a fun title that has plenty to offer as far as weapons and customization are concerned, it also makes the most out of the console’s power when measured up to the previous games. With extensive maps and loads of destruction on offer there is plenty to keep players occupied and the online multiplayer is where it all comes together nicely.

A review on GameInformer celebrates the return of Twisted Metal and comments on the gameplay, which they regard as the best in the series and the addition of two special attacks makes the user think more about their actions. The way the energy attacks are implemented has been well received although some may find the more linear single-player story mode as imposing limitations to the game. Comments referring to the lack of character choices were highlighted here as well as the story although the multiplayer mode was given the thumbs up, and overall it is recommended as a game that embraces the Twisted Metal series.

IGN has scored separate parts of the game to give us a decent view of what to expect and the presentation was the lowest at 7.0, as the storyline was also not rated highly. As far as the lasting appeal is concerned the campaign was quick but there are plenty of unlocks to keep your attention so a score of 8.0 was given here. The graphics and sound are rated at a decent 8.5 as the vehicles and effects are great along with well-designed stages, including a fun soundtrack that suits this game’s style. Overall a brilliant 9.0 was awarded and Twisted Metal is viewed to be a fun, enjoyable title with a great multiplayer and a demanding single-player campaign.

Only yesterday we wrote about the release of Twisted Metal with information on the gameplay and videos of the weapons training and vehicle tactics, today have more of an insight with opinions amounting to Twisted Metal deserving due respect. What do you think about the return of Twisted Metal?

  • Audiafour54320

    Very fast paced.  Weapons are small and hard to read.  It much more advanced then prior twisted metals and will take some time to get good at.  

  • Augsteyrblackops

    Yes, the HUD is bad, but epic fail on multiplayer.  If you can even get into a lobby, you’ll find yourself waiting 3, 5, 10, or 15 minutes for the host to wake from their nap to launch a match that favors them, while they win 9 out of every ten matches.  Just buy it at launch, use the DLC code, snag a few trophies, and sell it!  “Changes the face of multiplayer gaming,” indeed!